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The most popular question I get on my blog, is about the beadboard ceiling in the basement.
Do you think that it would be possible to attach a square of insulation to each removable section to help cancel some noise from above? I’m a new homeowner looking to class up my current (extremely uneven, warped, and ugly) circa 1980s drop ceiling. We used a miter saw, drill fitted for installing screws, table saw for cutting the beadboard (althought the thin beadboard panels could be cut with a jigsaw or handheld circular saw pretty easily). I have noticed lately, that when I am on Pinterest, looking at fancy home ideas, I am attracted to beautiful, unique rooms. I didn’t start out this way, but our house is old and already had a good bit of beadboard, and I have had to patch some over the years as well as installing new. Ceiling Option 1: For our Dining Room Ceiling and the Ceiling in the new basement Bathroom we used a thinner beadboard product. We used 1×2 with a groove cut for the panel and notches out on either side for them to sit on the 1x4s running the other way. Because everything is pretty snug it definitely takes a little adjusting to get them into place.
For the 1×4 T shape, I screwed them to the floor joists above (diagonally up from one side) at each floor joist. Since these are nailed to the floor joists above at each one we don’t have to worry about sagging.

Beadboard and wood planking comes in all sorts of sizes and dimensions and range in price from totally affordable to kind of expensive. Most of the cost is in the labor, for installing the upside down T-pieces (while dodging pipes), cutting the panels to fit and making the cross-pieces. How high is the finished ceiling in the basement, and the dining room where you installed the beams?
I actually like the look of the beadboard even more at a lower ceiling, since it is more visible.
This required occasional shimming as my old floor joists aren’t very level, but it worked pretty well.
Please join me in the adventures of renovating old homes while trying to raise our young modern family. I’m interested doing this in our living room but I fear making the low ceilings feel even lower! If you don’t need access to the ceiling you could alternately install bigger sheets of beadboard and nail them in place, followed by installing the trim below with screws. However because it is so thin it will tend to sag, so we had to be careful about not making the spacing too large. I stood there for about a half hour with my contractor and a piece of paper trying to come up with an acceptable pattern. Alternately you could glue regular ceiling tiles to the back, since they have a pretty good noise reducing factor.

One option I was considering was still using a wood frame but then filling the panels with cheap drop ceiling panels that are covered in beadboard wallpaper. The basement already had some of this board on the walls, so we actually salvaged what we could for re-installation. Another option would be to use regular ceiling tiles and apply beadboard wallpaper to them. Since we were installing straight to the underside of the joists that is actually more straightforward (and requires less cutting). A There are so many beautiful ways that you can dress up your room and add class with a little ceiling makeover. A My husband happens to be pretty dang handy, so most things I find on Houzz, or other sites, can become DIY projects for my home.
This is also what is installed on our porch roof (which is what this type of board was originally meant to be used for). However this isn’t a good option for a removable ceiling since the piece are flimsy and have a tendency to warp if not attached to a substraight. A What a lovely way to fancy up our bedroom!A  Here are some really great ceiling makeover ideas that are {relatively} inexpensive and will give your room a pop.

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