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How to Paint and Clean High Vaulted CeilingsWhat's the best way to deal with dusting, light-bulb changing and painting in a house with high ceilings that are all but impossible to reach? Power-fed rollers are a good alternative for painting large areas in hard-to-get-to places.
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We made the unfortunate decision of having a ceiling fan with lights in our two story family room, so the ceiling fan is about 20 feet above our heads. I'm not sure how much room you have to work in, but an option would be to rent a 16 foot step ladder at your local tool rental center. If you are uncomfortable with working at heights you can hire someone to change the lights (and clean the fan). Beware of the other electronics in the LED bulbs, they (or their soldering) may not be able to take the vibration from a fan. While it might be a bit expensive for just changing light bulbs you'll need it when you come to paint the ceiling in this room. You can also buy your own lamps and have the electricians just do the labor only, but if the electrician supplies the lamps then they might warranty them and if a product failure happens, then you don't have to mess with it again.

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How do I change lights bulbs that are 20 feet off the ground and pointing up (in a vanity fixture)?
It saves having to go back and forth to a paint tray from a ladder, which means less drippage and spillage. They're still very expensive for general use, but even a half dozen years ago they were replacing traffic lights because their lifespan let them crush the competition when doing the replacement becomes a major factor. I had a house once with several very high ceilings, and I already had a nice paint extension handle. As such, using them in traffic lights was far less of an innovation then most people think. Bought something like below and the suction cup worked great for changing all kinds of bulbs.
The only way to prevent this from happening is to get a second person with another pole to try and hold the chandelier in position while you spin the bulb loose. Failing that, you'll need either a tall stepladder or a hybrid stepladder that's designed to articulate over a staircase and into corners that are hard to reach by conventional means.

Little Giant makes a number of ladders that can be configured in this way.That leaves painting. Dust off the high areas before beginning, because you're liable to knock dust loose as you work. The best way to paint tall ceilings and walls without setting up scaffolding is to get some help and set up an extension ladder. Use the ladder to get up to the ceiling-wall corner and cut in the line where the two meet using a brush and a rapid little tool appropriately called a mini roller. Next, paint the ceiling with a long extension pole and a roller (I admit, the job can give you a workout). Finally, paint the walls using the extension ladder to reach the ceiling-wall corner and the extension pole for the high parts of the wall.What do you think?

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