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Basement drop ceiling ideas will come into use when you want to refurbish your basement and make it into a completely separate room, one that you can actually use instead of one that you just dump things in.
The Drop Ceiling Tiles Basement photograph that we give bellow, was a cool and also innovative design. Shop hundreds of drop-in ceiling tiles (metal or PVC), nail-up ceiling tiles (metal), or glue-up ceiling tiles (PVC). Check out photos from our dear customers of their projects with our ceiling tiles in their living rooms. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a basement, don’t let that extra space go to waste.
If you have an unfinished basement, chances are good that it’s drab, drafty, and damp.
Color in your basement ceiling tiles is a great way to lighten up a dark basement, and we offer you the option to buy tiles in bright primary colors as well as pretty pastels. Even if you use it only to do laundry, you can still make your basement an enjoyable, stress-free place with our beautiful decorative ceiling tiles for basements. Remember to send us any questions you may have about basement ceiling panels and we will do our best to get you an answer fast.
I have an Office which went under renovations and we neede to keep the ceiling accessable, since there is plumbing pipes above on the next level. Smooth white ceiling tile, extremely easy to clean, used in restaurant kitchens and food prep areas.
Available (2x4 on Back Order 2-3 weeks) ships next business day, takes 3-7 business days depending on weather.
Embossed, decorative, white ceiling tile, used in Lexus service centers, Hatachi and many other companies. Embossed, stucco (plaster), decorative, white ceiling tile, used in offices, retail, and residential areas. Smooth Printed ceiling tile to give appearance of standard ceiling tiles, without the issue of water stains, mold growth, or sagging.
Revealed edge (tegular) embossed, rib look, white ceiling panel used in homes, theaters and retail. Back Order 3-4 weeks ships next business day, takes 3-7 business days depending on weather. Decorative white ceiling panel, extremely easy to clean, used in restaurant, retail, hotels, homes any where there is a drop ceiling. Decorative white embossed ceiling panel, extremely easy to clean, in use in residential, commercial, any where there is a drop ceiling.

Decorative Coffered white ceiling panel, extremely easy to clean, in use in residential, commercial, any where there is a drop ceiling. Decorative white ceiling panel, extremely easy to clean, in use in residential, commercial, any where there is a drop ceiling. Meets all codes, Class A, ASTM E84, UL 94, ASTM D, Shipping is 3-7 business days, weather permitting. Rust Proof - Class A - Flame Retardant Chip Proof - Washable - Waterproof Never Replace Your Grid Again! Genesis Grid was created to handle high humidity rooms, with a ceiling grid system that installs easier than conventional metal systems and offers more options.
A simple, clean, low-cost alternative to ceiling replacement, grid-covers easily install over existing metal grid, changing the look of a room at a fraction of the cost of other refurbishment solutions. Here is your chance to have a worry free Drop Ceiling that looks great and is easy to maintain. A basement is often such a room – that is used as a receptacle for items of the house that can neither be used nor can be thrown away.
Spruce it up with ceiling tiles and you’ll have a beautiful living space literally at your feet.
You might even be able to put that unused space to work earning money for you as a rental apartment, with the proper plumbing and permits, of course. These basement drop ceiling tiles are moisture-resistant, so mold and mildew won’t take hold easily. In use in offices, retail, hospitals, hotels, homes, any where there is a suspended ceiling.
However it has to be said that a basement has far more potential than just a dumping ground, it can be easily transformed into a room to reckon with and it can serve the purpose of a practical and bona fide room in the house. With decorative ceiling tiles for basements, you can set aside space for playing, working, or just relaxing. With a fully furnished and decorated basement, those teenagers who have been begging for their own room (or your “boomerang” offspring who have moved back home) can even have a separate area all to themselves!
All of that ugliness should be your inspiration for some great basement drop ceiling ideas.
I'm putting this ceiling in a basement (I hope) and might have to have some pipes moved because the ceiling height is an issue.
Many people have latched onto this idea and are now turning their basements into a child’s room, a nanny’s room, an extra guest room, a personal home theater, a study, a spa or even an indoor swimming pool. You can gather Drop Ceiling Tiles Basement guide and see the latest Basement Drop Ceiling Ideas and the Installation Process in here.

But you need the right ceiling tiles for basement renovation projects, and that is where we come in! Our decorative drop-in tiles are perfect for disguising the hanging pipes, air ducts, and wires that are commonly found dangling from basement ceilings. As a finishing touch, add some recessed light fixtures and your basement ceiling will really sparkle! If i can get the pipes removed, the resulting ceiling will almost be coffered, which will look great.
However, before you do anything to your basement, the standard safety and security measures must be taken to ensure that it is in perfect working order. Check out our online selection to see which panels appeal to you and see how we help create the best ceilings for basements all over the world. Grid cover kits include wall angle, 2' and 4' cross-tees, and main runners to complete 100 square feet. In this case, the ceiling must be checked, as should the ventilation as well as the wiring and the pipes.
If the basement is to be made into a room then these aspects need to be taken care of and most definitely the ceiling needs to be refurbished or replenished with basement drop ceiling ideas.When to consider basement drop ceiling ideasWhen must one consider basement drop ceiling ideas? When you want to change the basement into another room then the ceiling must be checked to be in perfect and working order. Often the ceiling is subjected to a lot of decay and damage thanks to water and moss and fungus formation so it is necessary that it be changed into a proper and habitable one.
Sometimes when the ceiling is beyond repair or it has been repaired so often it cannot be done up nicely, drop ceilings or suspended ceilings are considered because basement drop ceiling options are many. They also make the room a neat and cozy one because they bring the ceiling down and make the room somewhat smaller. This can be a hindrance if the basement is small to begin with but it can be worked around to suit the space if you consult professionals of course.
Have professionals check out the installation of the ceiling and also ensure that the wiring is all correct and in its place. When buying tiles or panels for the suspended or drop ceilings, ensure that you buy beautiful and white plastic ones if you want the room to look larger and for the tiles to remain longer in good shape.
Else there are other materials like PVC or metal to choose from – each which come with their own pros and cons, which you can weigh before buying.

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