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Read an article on webbie about SLH & they had good reviews so we decided to give them a try. Great Customer Service , i request to postpone the delivery of my purchases last minutes due to unforeseen event and the respond from "Sembawang Lighting House" was professional. Very good experience with SLH; Staff were patient, explaining and demo'ing anything I was not clear on. I have been a regular to Sembawang lighting house for 10 years ever since i located my home in Sembawang. Great friendly service :) patient with us even when we couldn't decide the dining light we wanted at the third visit! Needed lights+fans for place, SLH turned out to be my one stop solution for all my needs, great service frm the lady who attended to me.
My family and I bought 2 ceiling fans for our home, and we were impressed by the excellent customer service provided by Sembawang Lighting House.
We got a total of 4 fans from SLH slightly cheaper than other places and they were delivered and installed promptly within the week. Served by friendly staff Esther Teoh, she gave us good recommendations on the product we intended to get. The installer(andrew chan) recommended by SLH was punctual, helpful and even assisted us in rectifying an existing problem with our switch.

29 of May 2013 i been here the second times because i keen their price are reasonable and low comparing to some other places, between not only that and they are very helpful to help us carried items to our's vehicle and i remember the first time in 2012 while my house was having renovation i did bought a lanyard light from SLH and it's cracked and we suspected the contractor make crack it while trying to fix it, but he don't admit it and push the fault to the shop owner! Little did I know that there are countless light cases, bulbs and drivers to choose from and the price differs greatly.
Fuss-free delivery, all boxes came labelled with location information, so it's clear to the installers! Always feel glad and happy to be served by the bosses Mr & Mrs Chia with their kind and considerate customer service, though not all the time I may buy things with them during my visits, somehow they are willing to give their best to solve the doubts of customers. Walked into Sembawang Lighting House and picked out everything I needed including a ceiling fan. Fret no more and visit Sembawang Lighting House because they carry a huge range of lightings and ceiling fans!
Service at the store was great and informative as I made my selection of lights and ceiling fans. They have quite a large variety of ceiling fans, and Roy was very patient in explaining the various brands and types of fans.
Delivery was prompt, Roy was very helpful and patient in answering whatever questions we had.
We hope those pic arouse you to be applied in your beautiful house.There are 9 stunning pics more that you can see below including Matthew Gerbar Ceiling Fans image, Fanimation Palmetto 2 Section 220 Volt Ceiling Fan Model image, Artistic Ceiling Fan In Wooden House image, Beautiful Ceiling Fan Design image, Minka Aire Ceiling Fan With Six Blades And Light Kit image, Fine Art Ceiling Fan Design image, and other.

But Sembawang Lighting House Lady Boss offer us a one time exchange to let each another happy.Thumb Up for the way she handle this case. After installation, I realized I ordered some lights with the wrong color and they were willing to do a one-for-one swap for us. Mrs Chia completely blew me off with her patience, sincerity and empathy for a 1st time home owner like us.
We made a mistake in ordering the wrong size of fan for our dining hall, and we called in to change the order. Hee eng was able to straighten my thoughts n provide me with professional advice before i make my purchase .
But today is one of the rare occasions I made a big purchase on the spot without any comparison and walked away happy and confident.
The installation guy was also very professional and friendly during the installation process. I want more new house owners to benefit and I want this small humble light shop to prosper because they deserve it!

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