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As I said that the two room is sharing power, will 15 amp breaker enough to run both room? I have to take off for a few hours so I'll post this diagram showing the daisy chain method, others here can help you if this is still confusing.
Those combination devices usually have a single common screw for the power in and three separate screws for the controlled loads, so only one power connection is necessary. Ok that being the case you will just connect the single pigtail you already have to the common terminal of the combination device then just connect the switched wires as shown in the diagram.
You can run from the switched receptacle to the ceiling fan location provided the receptacle isn't one of the forbidden ones located in a bathroom or kitchen and a few others. Pull out the switch, take a look at the wiring, climb into the attic with a flashlight and come back with these answers. Yes, I would like the receptical to be constant hot and the light controlled by the switch. Ceiling fans are nothing short of a blessing especially in rooms or areas of your home where air conditioning is not possible. Carefully climb a ladder and take a hold of the power supply cable emerging emerging from the outlet. Connect the power supply wires to the leads emerging from the ceiling fan’s motor by twisting them together. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I am in the midst of a lighting project where I am installing 4 new can lights in a room that has an existing ceiling fan. I have wired all the lights in parallel, not in series and now just need to run the power and the switches everywhere.
This follows the standard method of using a 2-conductor cable for a switch loop where the redesignated white brings power to the switch. Code note: Beginning with the 2011 version of NEC with minor exceptions you must have a neutral at each switch box even if it isn't needed. The simple way to do this and be in compliance with the 2011 code revisions is to run a second cable, a 3-conductor, between the fan box and the switch box.

The wires in the existing 2-conductor cable would be spliced to the wires in the cable bringing the power in, color-to-color.
Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control. However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. You can do that on a combination type switch either by daisy chaining from from switch to switch using the backstab holes in the back or by adding two more pigtails to the black wires and connecting those to the two switches for the light and fan. Also assuming this all worked before you added the ceiling fan you simply miswired something and the breaker tripped. If you chose to add pigtails to the wire nut (6 wires total) it will get rather difficult to get all the blacks into one wirenut for most DIY.
The black wires I show connecting the switches will not be necessary so just look at them as internal to the switching device.. Determine which half of the receptacle is switched and remove the wire coming from the switch. The most important thing you will need to do is interrupt the flow of electricity to the power outlet from where you will supply current to the ceiling fan.
When you have pulled out the wires, you will need to screw the downrod into the motor housing by hand.
Use a utility knife to peel away about 6 inches of the cable sheathing and thus reveal the bare copper wires.
The hook to which you attach the motor will temporarily hold the motor sideways so that you can easily wire the ceiling fan without having to worry about supporting the weight while you are working. Be sure to take the colour coding in to account as you will have to connect white to white, black to black and bare copper to copper. In the switch box, the white wires would just be spliced together if you don't need a neutral there right now. Wire the existing 2-conductor cable to the switch as a switch loop - power down on color-tagged white wire and up on black - to control the lights. Incoming power is one of the black wires connected in the wirenut that has three black wires in it.

But if you reconnect all existing wiring back to the new receptacle (except the switched hot) as you found it on the old receptacle you should be fine. If you are not confident at working with electrical appliances, it will be wise to hire an electrician for this task.
To make the process easier, peel away the top sheathing and then treat each individual insulated wire.
The white wires of the switch loops must be redesignated as ungrounded conductors (hot) by coloring both ends by remarking with tape or felt tip marker. The black in the 2-conductor would be pigtailed to feed both switches, and the black and red wires in the 3-conductor would be connected to take the switched power back up - say black for the fan and red for the lights. However, if you have the skills and some basic knowledge about electricity, wiring a ceiling fan can be easy. Just to be sure, use a non-contact circuit tester to check for flashes or chirps which in turn indicate the flow of electricity through the circuit.
Slowly twist wire nuts in a clockwise direction onto each of the wire pairings and complete the process by folding the pairs into the junction box. Connect the red of the 3 conductor cable going to the ceiling fan to the switched hot wire at the receptacle box in a wirenut.
When you install your combination switch in that single gang box you need to get incoming power to each switch. You can do that by getting two more pigtails and adding them into the wire nut with the blacks then connecting them to the other two switches along with the existing pigtail. Connect the bare ground with the others and to the green screw on the receptacle and to the box if the box is metal. Or you can connect that one pigtail to a switch and then use the backstab holes to daisy chain (connect together) the other two switches to that single pigtail.

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