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This is where you'll find answers to the most common questions regarding ceiling fans as well as a bit of history and some buying tips.
Ceiling Fan Airflow - Federal Regulations mandate testing and publishing of ceiling fan CFM. For every degree you raise the air conditioning thermostat above 78 degrees you can save 3 percent to 5 percent on cooling costs. However you won't save it all if you use a ceiling fan do not raise the air conditioning thermostat or if you leave the fan on when you leave the room. Choosing the right size ceiling fan for any room is important for both looks and performance. Our most important recommendation: Choose the largest fan that will fit into the space without overwhelming it visually.
The vast majority of the cooling effect you feel from a ceiling fan is in the column of air directly beneath the fan blades.
Here's a scenario to consider: Let's say you have a small room that has a normal height ceiling. So each room has its own considerations when it comes to choosing the right size and style of ceiling fan that fits best.
One of the most commonly asked questions people have when they visit this page is how to install a ceiling fan, or how to balance a wobbly ceiling fan.
For general reference purposes, we have included the downrod recommendation chart published by Casablanca Fan Company. The following are just a few considerations that are not taken into account with any downrod size chart, which is why we suggest that you give us a call.
However, before you go and buy just any ceiling fan light fixture, you need to make sure that you can use CFL bulbs in it.
We suggest that you give us a call before you make your purchase so that we can help you find the right light fixture and fan combination and help you determine if CFL bulbs are an option. The following information is provided by the EPA and is taken from the Energy Star website. To choose the ENERGY STAR qualified CFL with the right amount of light, find a qualified CFL that is labeled as equivalent to the incandescent bulb you are replacing. Most people simply try to balance their fan with a blade balancing kit if their fan wobbles. Remove the canopy from the top of the fan at the ceiling and try to wiggle the junction box to see if it is not loose.
Be sure that the screws holding the blade holders to the fan motor are tight, as well as the screws that hold the blades to the blade holders.
Hold a yard stick near the end of a blade and measure the distance from the bottom edge of the blade to the ceiling.
If you suspect that you have warped blades or bent blade irons, we suggest that you remove the blades from the fan by loosening the screws that hold the blade holders to the motor. Once you have checked the blades and blade holders, put them back on your fan and tighting the screws. QUESTION: I am looking at the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco 72 (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan Model CF788VNB, however regarding fan blades for an outdoor-damp location, would these blades tend to warp over a few years in a humid environment? ANSWER: When you click on the orange button for blades, look for blades that say "(Outdoor Damp)". ANSWER: I am sorry to report that Halsey went out of business several years ago, so finding parts for them is difficult. QUESTION: The location I am considering was wired only for a light and no fan (1 wire pair).
QUESTION: How far down from the ceiling does the Seaside fan hang when installed with the flushmount option? ANSWER: I am sorry to report that we do not have any of the Hunter light fixtures you are looking for. ANSWER: Regarding the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco, it is one of the most powerful and efficient fans we sell. Per the information on the site, the new DC motors, the Emerson K55XL, and other "induction" type motors are considered best quality.
The Minka Aire Concept II was the very first remote controlled unibody style flushmount ceiling fan with a built-in light fixture. It comes in 44" and 52" versions as well as a similar style standard mount model for higher ceilings. The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is a large 60" remote controlled ceiling fan has 6 speeds in both forward and reverse. ANSWER:We do not have a picture of this fan shown with the light fixture attached that is included with the fan, so we cut it out from another fan which was pictured with the light just so you can see what it looks like. QUESTION:Everytime I see this fan on the internet from different fan companies the dimensions are different. ANSWER:OK, sorry about the delayed response here, but I had to go back and forth with Emerson to the correct answer. QUESTION:I was considering placing one of these in a stair well of our three story townhome. QUESTION:I have a harbor breeze fan with remote we never use the remote on the fan just occasionally but keep having to replace the batteries in it why? QUESTION:i received a fan second hand, can you please tell me how to reverse the direction of the fan blades. ANSWER:You will find the reverse switch just above the light fixture on the bottom cap of the motor.
QUESTION:Does the motor reverse or is this the system where the blades are individually reversed by pushing in on the blade and rotating it about the axis of the bracket? QUESTION:I have a harbor breeze fan, it's running alot slower than it was when we first got it, what could be the problem?
QUESTION:I bought a montecarlo fan (mini 22") and can't change the light - no owners manual.
ANSWER:Noramally, the wires coming out of the ceiling are white and black (and there us usually a green or copper ground wire as well). QUESTION:I have a casablanca ventura fan and recently the wall light switch is not turning on the lights, however, the fan is working fine.
QUESTION:I bought Hampton Bay remotes (model UC7083T) for two ceiling fans that were already installed in a home I bought. ANSWER:Any fan that is not installed in a closed room must be rated for use outdoors because there is more moisture in the air. QUESTION:The 2007 MinkaAire catalog I have indicates that the WC210 remote control is included.
QUESTION:I have a Casablanca Inteli-touch fan that the W11 Wall Control power switch turns both the fan and light on maximum speed and maximum light when switched on. ANSWER:There are many light fixtures to choose from that get attached to the bottom of the fan. QUESTION:i'm looking for a fan with a light that i can put in a pergola, so it will be rained on but not directly on the motor since it will be mounted closely to the beam. ANSWER:If you are referring to a hugger style tiffany fan, such a fan does not exist from any of the reputable brands.
ANSWER:Basically, you want to feel the air blowing on you during the summer, so run your fan in a counter clockwise direction (looking up at the fan). ANSWER:The Ellington Utility ceiling fan comes with a 12" downrod that puts the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the blades at 19".
ANSWER:Best bet is to have the fan repaired for probably less than half the cost of replacing just the motor (which you cannot buy without the glass). QUESTION:I own this lamp but want to get new light bulbs and really want to make sure I buy the right one.
ANSWER:The Casablanca 19th Century ceiling fan uses standard fan light bulbs which are medium base appliance bulbs up to 60 watts each. QUESTION:Is the Brown finish on this fan is more like a plain brown paint(like the ceiling fan from 1980s) or something textured and bronzed like the contempoary finish or toady? QUESTION:I have a few FOUR WINDS 54" ceiling fans models ( 420-396 ) or ( 421-533 ) HAMPTON BAY-and one them malfunctionned. QUESTION:What difference would I notice if I choose to pay for for the larger motor version of the Minka Aire Concept II - the 172 mm motor VS the 188 mm motor? ANSWER:The difference is noticable such that we always recommend the wet version over the indoor version.
QUESTION:I have owned many Casblanca Panama fans and have easily installed all of them with no problems. ANSWER:The standard Casablanca Panama fans are not rated for use outdoors and will not hold up to the moisture, as is true for most ceiling fans.
QUESTION:What is the MINIMUM installed height of the Hunter Palladian fan #21578 INCLUDING THE LIGHT FIXTURE from the ceiling to the bottom of the light fixture? QUESTION:I'm looking for a budget-priced celing fan for a cathedral celing or a cathedral celing adapter. ANSWER:Well, you will need to give us a call to discuss this one because meeting your needs will require special attention if you are to get a fan you are happy with. ANSWER:Vent free logs "MUST" be used only in conjunction with the specific burner that is designed for the specific logs. QUESTION:I would like to purchase this fan with a hand held remote instead of a wall mount remote.
ANSWER:Select any ceiling fan then click on the link for Lights under add or modify options. QUESTION:Please confirm that the glass are the colors as pictured on your website - I don't want the other colored glass that this fan is sometime pictured.
QUESTION:I have an older model Hampton Bay Littleton 42" ceiling fan model #AC-742 (sku) #270514 "AA" "YL", SN 007383. ANSWER:No, the Minka Aire Craftsman Ceiling Fan Model F840CF only comes in the craftsman finish as shown. ANSWER:There is no default setting for the dip switches in most remote controlled ceiling fans. QUESTION:ok, so im trying to set up this fan that i got from walmart, yet i cant figure it out.
ANSWER:I am not surprised you are having problems trying to install a fan you purchased from Wal-Mart.
ANSWER:Please supply the brand name, model number, age of the fan as well as where it was purchased.
ANSWER:My recommendation is generally to use as large a fan as you can in any room without it appearing overwhelming.
ANSWER:If you email me a picture of your room, I will be able to make a good recommendation.
QUESTION:Need to replace a Litex ceiling fan that i've had about 10 years - 52" with remote control - where are retailers in Central VA? ANSWER:Litex manufactures fans that are sold under various brand names at various mass merchants and department stores across the country. ANSWER:The fan that is best for your outside porch would be a wet or damp rated fan (depending on if it will be exposed directly to rain) that has the highest performance level you can afford, yet is in the right style and finish (and control functionality) to fit your personal desires. QUESTION:My Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is about 4 years old and the moto for the fall will not work. QUESTION:We bought a Minka Aire F518-WH Concept II 44" Fan about three months ago, which we love, but we would like it to provide more air. ANSWER:If you are referring to this particular fan, The Casablanca Trident, just give us a call and we will gladly help you. ANSWER: After selling tens of thousands of ceiling fans, I can remember only a couple times when an Emerson K55 motor failed or made noise. ANSWER:Most pull chain fans have some type of plastic or metal sleeve that scews on to the actual pull chain switch. ANSWER:You will need to give us the brand and model number of your fan, or email me a picture of the switch so we can determine what type of replacement switch you need. ANSWER:There are a few other blades you can order for the Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fans.
QUESTION:I have a ceiling fan with an ID # E81964 model 5135G and no brand listed anywhere. QUESTION:Our Hampton Bay ceiling fan will turn on and off without us controlling the remote. QUESTION:Why does my fan work fine in one direction, but when I change directions it wobbles like crazy? QUESTION:So the Panama 4-speed pull chain is back with the Stack XLP-2000 motor instead of the Skeletal XTR-200 motor?
QUESTION:You don't have the Ventura fan in Bright Brass with the 3-speed pull chain control, only Inteli Touch? QUESTION:Is there a hunter remote or wall switch that works with this fan (with motor reverse function)? ANSWER:The Hunter universal remote control model 27185 will work with the Hunter Paramount XP, but it cannot reverse the fan.
ANSWER:Almost always, this is the result of some other remote control device that is programmed to the same frequency. ANSWER:Ceiling fans must be installed directly to a junction box in order to meet current building codes, so the answer is no. ANSWER:Never heard of LGE ceiling fans and the model number you have supplied is most likely a UL number of some sort.
ANSWER:I am sorry, the number you have supplied is not a model number for any of the over 2,000 ceiling fans that we supply.
ANSWER:It depends on the fan you purchase because some drop down more than others simply because of the dimensions of the motor.
ANSWER:Can you please give me more details such as the brand and model of your fan as well as how old it is and where you purchased it? ANSWER:You will need to purchase an angled ceiling adapter for a ceiling that is over a 30 degree angle. QUESTION:We live in the mountains of Mexico and require fans only a couple months of the year and then only part of the day. ANSWER:We have had good success with the durability of the Emerson Designer Remote fans, and the demand that you will be puting on the fan is minimal compared to most applications. QUESTION:HI is it possible to use a hub off of the bourbon street(4 or 5 balde hub)on theses fans?
ANSWER:Unfortunately, Fanimation does not cast a 4 or 5 blade mount for this particular fan.
How to Start a Decorating Project12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room BetterDo It Yourself or Hire a Pro?How Much Is This Going to Cost Me? Before you update furniture, replace floors or remodel a living space, consider whether your lighting works. Bright idea for unexpected lighting: Look for opportunities to install light fixtures in alcoves, tray ceilings and wall niches to trace interesting lines. In this dining room, the colored LED lights in the tray ceiling and alongside the stone wall add dimension and visual interest. Another example: Highlight the silhouette of a cabinet with undercabinet and in-cabinet lighting. Bright idea for layered lighting: Think of the functional and decorative purpose of each light source.
This kitchen features several layers of light: The recessed cans provide overhead illumination, the pendant lights above the island illuminate the workspace and undercabinet area, and above-cabinet accent lighting gives the space a burst of savvy style. Bright idea for dimmed lighting: To make the most of your lighting, install the highest-wattage lightbulb possible, then dim it down to accommodate the mood and lighting needs. Crystal remains a popular choice for lighting fixtures and is used across the style spectrum.
Lighting choices can also take cues from transitional style, defined by clean lines and lighter finishes. A hot look in light fixtures right now is mixed metal, dulled gold, and foiled silver over gold, as seen here. Bright idea for focused light: Pick focal points that you want to highlight, then direct a light source toward them. If you want the room to mimic daylight, the ALA recommends using a bulb rated 4,000 Kelvin or higher. Use high-K halogens for a bluer light in task-intensive areas such as places for doing homework or crafts, or paying bills. I pretty much only do that on days when we're in the single digits or below zero though. Here in the south eastern US, it still gets chilly in the winter, so we usually reverse the fans at night, or chilly days. Reversing the fans keeps them from blowing on you while still recirculating air to bring the warm air down. Yes, but the same reason you do - we live in Mobile and it's not that cold here most days. Since the fans are always running, we do notice an uncomfortable draft when the house is cold (such as after we've been away), but once we build a nice fire, everything evens out again.

Because there is no definitive rule of thumb or building code standard for determining what size fan you will need for a specific area, you will find numerous charts online with recommendations that differ widely. You must also consider the layout of the room, where the fan will be positioned in relation to the area where the airflow is most needed as well as how high the ceiling is. If you have walnut furniture and choose a bronze colored fan with walnut blades that matches the decor in your room, the fan will look and feel like it is barely missing your head as you walk under it, so you better purchase a smaller fan to help alleviate this feeling. Our response to that is that most hugger fans don't move much air, and really don't save but 2 or 3 inches in head room.
If you have any questions that we have not answered here, just give us a call and one of our ceiling fan experts will be happy to help you choose the right size fan. Although there is more information regarding this lower on this page, we have posted some do-it-yourselfer videos that have been very popular that show how to install a ceiling fan and how to balance a ceiling fan.
Often times, when a pull chain switch breaks in an inexpensive fan, the entire fan becomes useless because a replacement switch is most likely not available. However, we suggest that you give us a call before you purchase any ceiling fan for a high ceiling so that we can discuss your individual needs and make sure you end up with the correct combination of ceiling fan, hanging system and downrod for your application. However, as of now, there are very few Energy Star qualified ceiling fans that come with a light fixture, and there are even fewer add on ceiling fan lights that are Energy Star qualified.
Light bulb manufacturers include this information right on the product packaging to make it easy for consumers to choose the equivalent bulb. This, combined with the use of precision made components such as the blade holders and motor rotars, help insure that more expensive fans will not wobble when they are newly installed.
This can be a frustrating challenge because often times, a combination of the above problems is what causes a fan to wobble. This way you can remove the blade holders from the blades once you take them down and then perform the next two checks. Be sure to line up the base of the blade holders so you can check the angle that each blade holder (blade iron) is bent to.
If you discovered warped blades or bent blade irons and were not able to fix them, at least now you know if you cannot balance your fan with a balancing kit, there is a reason why. If your fan still wobbles after performing the above maintainence, then the next step is to use a ceiling fan balancing kit. Emerson specially makes the damp rated blades from solid hardwood (instead of cheap plywood) that is treated to resist cracking and warping from being outside. It is not a brand that we ever sold, so we would not have any fixtures on hand that were made by them. If you give us a call, we will be happy to help you choose the best fan for your needs and make sure you can install it. The bottom of the fan cage hangs 16.3" from the ceiling when installed with the 8" downrod. Hunter only made the triangular fixtures for a short period of time and they discontinued them several years ago (too many problems). When installed with a standard downrod, the regular Velo hangs down the same distance as the Velo Hugger, so the airflow is the same.
A 5 rating is not just based on the motor inside the fan, but the overall consideration of the quality of the components and performance.
Although shown in Polished Chrome, this great fan is also available in White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Mahogany. When operating in the forward direction (counter-clockwise) on higher speeds, the super efficient DC motor generates lots of airflow for maximum summer cooling.
I have the receipt, one of the fans motors stopped working and I don't know which serial # on receipt it is. Fanimation fans are generally considered to be used for decorative purposes since the wide palm leaf blades do not move much air. If the light fixture was purchased separately, I also need to know the model number of the fixture. Furthermore, I cannot answer your question without knowing what brand and model fan you are trying to install as well as whether it came with the remote control or if you are trying to add a remote control that may or may not have been designed specifically for your fan. If you have not yet purchased the fan, then just give us a call and let us help you find the perfect fan for your application that does all you need.
I might have recommended the Minka Aire Concept fan since it is similar in style but comes with a built-in light. The control includes both ivor and white inner and outer face plates, so basically you get both colors in the box with the fan. If this does not fix the problem, then the computerized module inside the fan needs to be serviced. Click on the link that says Lights under Add or Modify Options to see the selection and further details. However, sometimes they are available as a special order replacement part depending on the brand and model of the fan. Is it possible to buy just the motor (not the glass and metal pieces) and if so, how much would it cost?
Same socket as a typical lamp, but the smaller bulbs like what you would put in a refrigerator. The transformer or voltage controller as well as the mechanism where the chain lingers from are melted and it is totally fried. We suggest to the big wigs at Minka Aire to simply drop the indoor models from their line, but they responded by telling us that they were afraid that many people wouild not want to spend the extra money for the more powerful motor, so they decided to keep them both in their line since they were already in production. I also will need to know the brand of your fan, the model number, and where you purchased it in order to be of any help. After attempting to find the information you requested, I was informed that the Hunter Palladium has actually been discontinued. I cannot diagnose the problem in this forum, so I suggest that you simply call Emerson directly and talk to them.
I purchased the fan "as is" from Home Depot Expo as the store was going out of business in Bedford, Texas.
Every brand makes their downrods a bit differently, so I cannot begin to tell you where to get one except to return to the place where you purchased your fans. The blades themselves are not indicated as an item that is sold separately in the Hunter price sheet.
All things equal (aside from blade count) a 3-bladed fan will move slightly more air than a 5-bladed fan. You should use only light fixtures that are designed for your specific fan made by the brand of fan you own. Furthermore, it is not necessary to have one since the dip switches simply need to match between the receiver and the transmitter in order for the fan to work. Fans sold at Wal-Mart are about the lowest quality fans you can buy, so not only can they be difficult to install, they will not offer you very good performance or durability.
So, what appears overwhelming depends on the height of the ceiling, style of decor, color of the fan chosen, and what is in the room.
You can also use the link belolw to view all Victorian Style fans that are Energy Star rated sorted by best airflow.
Some are sold under the Litex brand name, others are packaged and sold with a brand name chosen by the mass merchant.
Basically, there are too many questions I would need to ask you in order to find that particular fan, or make the correct recommendation in one answer. I want to install one in the kitchen but fear that it will be subjected to steam and cooking oils. The motor inside the 44" version is smaller that that of the 52" fan, so it cannot handle the torque required to push the larger blades through the air.
The Maui Bay fan has this motor in it, which has sealed bearings that never need to be oiled. On rare occasions, I have seen a groove worn into the sleeve from wear and tear over years of use. Fans made by this company are generally mass produced and then imported by places like Wal-Mart or the like, who do not generally offer options for their fans. Can you email me a picture of your fan so I can see the installation as well as the type of fan? The pull chain version is now only available in: Antique Brass, Snow White, Architectural White and Brushed Nickel. Although some people will ignore building codes and install a fan using a swag kit designed for a chandelier, there are no parts available that are specifically designed to do so.
I am not aware of any ceiling fan brand that offers galvanized blades on a traditional ceiling fan. Regardless, the fan you own is not made by any major name brand and is not the type of fan we can offer support for. Please locate the label on top of your fan and give me the Brand Name and double check the model number so I can see if I can help you.
The industry standard with an average size fan, you would use a 1 foot pole on a 9 foot ceiling and a 2 foot pole on a 10 foot ceiling. If so, the Casablanca Capistrano ceiling fan is a pull chain operated ceiling fan, so there is no transmitter. The angled ceiling adapter model 27980 will allow most Hunter fans (including this model) to be installed on ceilings pitched over 30 degrees up to 45 degrees.
There is a substantial difference in performance between the Apollo series and the Designer series. I intend to mount this fan in a gazebo, and I know the fan is wet-rated, but is the wall control? I must say that I am not certain, but I am going to give it a 95% shot that the wall mounted control cannot be installed in a wet location.
However, there are various finishes available for the Indoor Only cast iron Hunter Original fans. The 2 blade version is more authentic to the style of the original fans it was crafted to resimble and the components fo rthe Bourbon Street fan are completely different and will not work with this model.
Lighting is a telltale sign of design quality and one of the most affordable ways to update your home without busting your budget. Am I Lighting Unexpected Places?As you evaluate the status of your lighting style, keep in mind that lighting also functions as art that helps define your style, set the mood and perform practical tasks. Notice the hidden lights in the ceiling alcove above the cylindrical fireplace mantel here. Here colored LED lighting with toe kick lights underneath the island and cabinets creates dramatic appeal. Does My Lighting Have Layers?A perfectly lit room has three basic layers: overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. For example, in this entryway the wall sconces are a decorative touch, table lamps function as task lighting and a chandelier provides overall light. Do My Fixtures Reflect Current Styles?One of the quickest ways to update the look of a living space is to swap decorative lighting fixtures for more up-to-date styles. In this contemporary bathroom, the crystal chandelier has a modern presentation, drawing attention to the underlit wave ceiling.
The finish is popular with the transitional style because it has an antique yet contemporary look.
Is My Lighting Focused?Lighting design is all about the strategic placement of light and matching the perfect light source to its intended function. Hanging overhead lighting fixtures such as pendants should sit 30 to 36 inches above the island work surface.For flattering kitchen lighting, bulbs with a color output of 2,700 K for a sightly red cast are recommended. The lights can be individually adjusted to pinpoint light for tasks.Tell us: Have you updated your lighting lately? If you move it up when your fan is off, it will reverse the direction of the fan pulling the air.
Maybe it makes things more efficient, but if it makes you FEEL colder then it's not worth it in my opinion.
We run ours occasionally to pull down the hot air from the vaulted ceiling, but mostly we run them just to stir up the air. What some northerners may not realize is that most houses in the south have the climate control vents in or near the ceiling.
So after over 35 years of dealing with ceiling fans, we have devised the one and only Ceiling Fan Size Recommendation Calculator, which will give you as close an approximation as you can hope for to help you determine the best size ceiling fan for any square or rectangular area. There is a significant drop off in airflow just outside of 2 feet from the tip of the fan blades.
Because we are not aware of any limiting factors you may have in your situation, we cannot say for sure that the largest fan we recommend will actually be appropriate for your room.
There are some exceptions to this, but you really need to know the fan business to know what they are. Selecting the appropriate downrod length for a ceiling fan is not a cut and dry decision, so we do not like to go by charts. Cheaper brands do not go through this process, so it is likely that the blades are either warped or do not weigh the same as each other, so lesser quality fans will almost always need to be balanced even when they are newly installed. So we recommend going through the following dyagnostics before you actually use a blade balancing kit. For fans other than hugger fans, there is usually a ball at the top of the downrod that fits into a bracket that is mounted to the ceiling. Although this is not a problem with most better quality fans, some of the cheaper fans seem to have a chronic problem with blade screws, so if yours are loose, you should check them regularly just to be safe (so you don't end up with a blade flying off). The ceiling fan blade balancing kit should consist of a plactic weighted clip and some lead weights that have double stick tape on them. They will hold up much better than what you have experienced and are in fact rated for use in outdoor damp locations by the manufacturer. In reverse direction (clockwise) for winter, the lower speed ranges will draw warm air off the ceiling without cooling you off. Without knowing any more info (such as brand, model, how old it is), I can be of little more help. In most cases, the white wire connects to the white wire of the fan and the black wire connects to both the black fan wire and blue fan light wire.
If your lights still do not work correclty, then you will need to have the computerized brain inside the fan serviced. Damp rated fans can be installed where they will not be exposed to rain (such as your sunroom) and wet rated fans can be exposed to rain.
Give us a call next time you need to order a fan and we will be happy to make sure you end up with something that works for your application.
When the computerized module needs service, it is always recommended that the control be replaced as sell, so by trying the control first, you will not be any worse off. If you can you tell me the brand and model number of your fan as well as the finish, I may be able to help you get what you need. If this does not help, just give us a call and we will shoot you in the right direction and make sure you are taken care of.
For starters, there are very few outdoor fans on the market that are smaller than 52", so you have limited yourself from the start just by the size. If the fans will be exposed directly to rain, then you need fans that are rated for "Wet Locations" (of which we have plenty to choose from). If 2 fans is not practical, I would still suggest this fan in a 52" size over a different fan with a larger blade span. If they cannot help you, then I might suggest giving us a call so you can go about replacing your fans with a brand that has the accessories you need. It appears that this option is now showning up on our site in the downrod options, so you simply need to request it when you call to place your order.
If you are trying to get an internal wiring schematic that breaks apart the components inside the fan, that is a different issue. The reason for this is that with most vent free systems, the flames cannot touch the logs, so they must be stacked in an exact manner so that the flames produced from the burner goes where it is supposed to. You can view the various control options by clicking on the link for Xtra Controls under add or modify options. I myself prefer larger diameter fans because they move more air and I do not need to turn them up as high. Whatever the person at the factory set them to during the production or your particular fan would be the default. We do not recommend them or offer support for them since it would take up all of our time and we have better things to do.
For example, I personally would use a 54" White Casablanca Stealth fan in a room your size even if the ceiling was only 8 feet tall.
The kitchen area gets so hot when I am working in it that I am considering replacing the light fixture with a 3 or 4 light ceiling fan. There are various levels of quality with these fans, so you need to be careful which models you consider. Please give us a call during our normal business hours so we can discuss this with you over the phone and help you pick the right fan. If you notice greese accumulating on your ceiling, then you may wish to consider an alternative. The Casablanca 19th Century fan would be a prime example of a Turn of the Century fan that has a specific light fixture that will only work on that fan.

Technically, there is little to no advantage to a 6 blade fan because the extra blade actually puts more drag on the motor and causes it to move less air. For optimum performance, the blades should be at least 12" from the ceiling, so this rules out most flush mount fans.
It is more likely that the rubber flywheel that the blades are attached to has come slightly loose and is rubbing on the bottom cap of the fan. But unless your fan is a high quality fan that is over 20 years old it is not likely the case.
There is no way for us to know if in fact any remote controls are compatable with this type of fan. You will need to locate the receiver inside the fan and change it to the a different frequency by rearranging the dip switches. That reverse function only works via remote control with Hunter fans if the fan has a built-in remote control. However, I personally do not like using standards, I prefer to select the downrod based on other variables as well, so depending on the application as well as the fan chosen, I might recommend using no additional downrod on a 9 foot ceiling and only a 1 foot pole on a 10 foot ceiling. If you have added a remote control to the fan, then there is always an access panel on the back side of the remote transmitter where the batteries go. As far as airflow, as you see on our site, we give the Hunter Bridgeport fan an airflow rating of only 3, which is pretty average. I mean, can I mount the wall control to a post on the gazebo where it will be exposed to the elements? I will check with the factory and email you the definative answer as well as update the response on our website as soon as I get a reply.
So you can double the total available downrod length limitation of 6 feet to up to 12 feet.
This bedroom pulls all those together a€” the chandelier for overhead, bedside reading lamps as task lighting, and accent lights above the headboard and artwork. A dimmer is an inexpensive ($20 to $25) and essential tool that puts you in control of the quality and quantity of light. Notice how in this room the star motif overhead a€” a look that is trending now a€” the night table lamps and candle wall sconces mix styles. With it blowing down, its pushing the warm air down to be cooled off which is the opposite of what you want in the winter and can cause the heater to run longer than it should increasing your heating bill. Although we rarely have to run the heater, it gets stuffy inside and it helps to just get the air moving. But between those ceilings and the vents being way far up, if I didn't run my ceiling fans, it would be pretty chilly in the house most of the time. This is a real surprise to many consumers who install a fan in the center of a room when their seating area is 4 or 5 feet away.
Just keep in mind that the larger the fan blades are, the more area the fan will cover and the closer you are to the fan, the cooler you will feel. So a good alternative would be to purchase a normal size fan that blends in with the ceiling. If you have an attic above the ceiling fan, you can reinforce the junction box simply by nailing a 2x4 between the joists above the junction box and then screw the junction box into the 2x4. If one or more are obviously different, you can attempt to bend them back, but you must be careful since some of the cheaper fans use pot metal for these parts and they can break easily.
The clip is the same weight as the lead weights and is simply used to locate the blades that are out of balance.
If you can email me some pictures of your fan along with the model number (located on a label on top of the fan housing), I may be able to come up with an alternative that will fit. If you can only install a single fan, then I would recommend an even larger fan (up to 84") such as the Fanimation Odyn.
The 6 speed remote gives you ultimate control over your comfort level during all seasons (smaller versions are also available). I did not believe this myself, so I pressed them on the issue and they found that it was in fact misstated in their catalog.
I would like to replace the fan motot, because I like the fan, and they are supposed to be under warrenty.
If you are interested in this model, you may do well to call us and see if it is still available as I am not in the position to check stock. Now, to get the particular style and finish you require is pretty much going to be a compromise.
What you will need to do is give us a call and have our customer service department contact Hunter to see what the availability is, what styles you can choose from, and what they will cost. Even more, if your fan was purchased at a home center or department store, they may not have even matched when the fan was produced since many of the less expensive brands do not include this extra step in production to save a few exta pennies in cost. I apologize if this sounds brash, but I would seriously suggest that you reconsider your purchase. It can be located in the canopy at the ceiling, inside the motor housing itself, or in the bottom cap of the fan depending on the brand and model. But only if the ceiling is white so it would blend in with the ceiling and be non-obtrusive. Although I cannot tell you where in Virginia to shop and find a good fan made by Litex, I am happy to inform you that we carry their Ellington fans, which are the higher quality models.
However, if your ceiling looks clean, then not to worry so much because the blades will pretty much accumulate cooking oils similar to how your ceiling does (at least on the bottom side which you see). The best fans for moving air are either 3 or 4 blade fans, but most people do not realize this thinking that more is better. When the blades are too close to the ceiling, the air does not move as freely around the blades and the fan will suffer in performance.
If this is the case, you need to remove the blades, push the flywheel back up until it is snug, then tighten the allen nut that holds it in place.
What you are experiencing more often occurs with low quality fans where they use cheap components.
Change the dip switches in your transmitter to the same setting and see if your problem goes away. There are two sets of lights 4 on top of the housing (ORANGE WIRE) and a light kit on the bottom with 2 lights (BLUE WIRE).
There are many fan manufacturers in China that make generic ceiling fans and sell them to mass merchants. We always recommend fans that have an airflow rating of 4 or 5 for the best airflow, particularly if you have a higher ceiling. However, you should be considering the Premium series rather than the Apollo if you are interested in an uplight, which the premium does have.
Casablanca is the only company that has downrods longer than 6 feet that are all in one piece. Without it, important architectural details, artwork and focal points fall flat and unnoticed. And consider using light in unconventional ways a€” such as using hanging pendant lights as reading lamps. You can install a dimming system either as a whole-house lighting control or by adding a wall box dimmer in each room and lamps with dimmer switches.a€?Think of lighting like a radio.
Our calculator will give you a range of sizes that may be appropriate for your room, but the largest is the size we recommend most. Most 4 light fixtures will accept CFL bulbs, but you must be careful with single light globes that use more than 1 bulb, or very low profile globes that simply do not have room for a CFL. You might even find that your problem has been eliminated before you ever balance your fan.
There are special expandable fan brackets available for applications where there is no attic space. Make sure that the set screw is tight and that the ball does not wiggle on the end of the downrod. You can visually inspect the blades by standing on a ladder and looking at them down the length. Finding replacement blade holders is difficult or impossible for cheaper fans, but not so much for the more the higher quality fans. Once the out of balance blade (or blades) is found, you will need to stick a lead weight on the top middle of the blade in the same position you had the clip. This is a special motor that Savoy House had designed for this fan and the performance and quality of the motor are excellent. The correct dimension from the ceiling to the bottom of the light (which would include the little finial in the center) is 18".
To add an outdoor rated light fixture that fits your style and finish as well has taken your request to new limits.
We do not have the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish showing as an option for the outdoor panama at this time, but we do carry it. This is because that extra 2" makes a big difference in the way a fan performs because it does not allow the air to flow around the blades in an optimal manner.
There is less drag on the motor with 3 blades, so the motor runs at a slighly higher RPM at a cooler temperature, which makes it run more efficiently. Do you have a log set that is compatible with this burner or will I have to buy a complete burner and log set? So, my suggestion is to give us a call so we can provide you with a compatable vent free log and burner system. So for smaller rooms where you want to use a larger fan (50" to 54"), pick one that blends with the ceiling. You may or may not need to remove the fan from the ceiling in order to access the receiver. However, the same Stealth fan in black or some other darker color would appear too large for the room. So, simply look at the Ellington fans on our site and we will gladly ship the fan of your choice to your doorstep. The top side of the blades, which is generally not visible, will in fact get dirty just like any other fan.
When fans were introduced with 5 blades, the general public bought them because people think that more is better. However, this is only a fair statement if you are comparing two fans that have the same exact motor and blade pitch.
It is also possible that some of the blade holders or other mounting screws are simply loose. It could be that the sleeve has actually broken off and the pull chain is now rubbing against a rough edge of plastic, or it could be that your pull chain is simply not good quality and it is sticking. Although it would be possible to make wood blades like this, the cost would be extraordinary and the consistency would be poor, which would likely result in a wobbly fan. Is there anything we can do to fix this other than leave the power switch off unless we are home?
If this does not solve the problem after a couple of changes, then it is likely the receiver or transmitter that is defective.
However, the higher rated fans are substantially more expensive because all of the components used must be made to higher tolerances. Please call us so we can help you find the right fan and downrod combination for your room. When done right, lighting functions as a carefully tuned orchestra, creating a pitch-perfect composition of light, layers, direction and flow.If your lighting choreography consists of a single flip of the switch, then perhaps ita€™s time to illuminate your mind. Also, you cannot use a CFL bulb to replace a Halogen bulb since halogens use a special type of socket.
Ultimately, your fan will operate safer, perform better and be much easier to balance if all of these things are first checked.
To install one of these, you will need to remove the existing junction box from the ceiling.
Please call us at: 1-800-201-1193 and we will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you make an educated decision.
Also, if the style of decor in the room is not contemporary, a fan like this would not be appropriate.
However, for a dining room area, an Energy Star qualified light fixture may not produce enough light, so you may need to use a non-energy star rated fixture, but use CFL bulbs in place of incandescent.
You will most likely not find the Ellington fans for sale at department stores since they are a step up from what is normally sold there. If you owned a Homestead fan, your success was not so much because of the 6 blades, but more likely because they were pretty good quality fans. I would first check to make sure all screws are tight, then check the flywheel if it is still squeaking. If there appears to be nothing wrong with the switch from a visiual inspection, try a small shot of WD40 and see what happens.
The convex shape of these blades is one thing that makes the fan very unique as it increases the airflow. This is common with fans sold at home centers and department stores, but not common with the major name brands that we sell. It will give you 6 speeds in forward and reverse with separate full dimming control of the uplight and downlight and many other great features. The fan will feel like it is higher up over your head, so you can purchase a slightly larger fan that has better performance features.
Slip the expandable fan brace up through the hole in the ceiling, then twist it so that it expands until it is wedged between the joists. If the fan does not come with a set screw, then it was poorly designed and you may not be able to solve your wobbling problem.
Thank you very much for asking this because we probably would not have caught the error ourselves since it was based on the published information we received from Emerson. I created a special image for you that comes as close as I can to fitting your description. I might suggest we use the word "Value" so that you get the best deal on the best fan for your application.
If your ceiling is 10 feet high, you can use a fan up to 56" in pretty much any style or finish. However, if you decide that the real blades are not for you, then the best alternative would be the Minka Aire Gaugin, which has plastic palm blades. Problem is, so many people believe this that fan manufacturers pretty much must make their fans with 5 blades, or they will not sell.
You can take a cheap pole mounted fan that you buy from a home center and put it up against one of our high quality flush mount fans and our flush mount fan will outperform the cheap pole mount fan by a long shot. If you can afford the difference in price, the Emerson Premium fan with an Air Design remote control is probably one of the all time best ceiling fans ever built.
So you want vents in the ceiling so that the cold air coming out will sink to the floor and be more likely to cool the whole room. It is just a basic 42" outdoor fan made by Montecarlo called the Weatherford II and is shown in what they call Old Chicago finish, which is not truly a bronze color, but as close as you will find in an outdoor 42" fan. If the ceiling is only 8 feet tall, then you can use a fan up to 56" providing the fan you choose has a low profile and is in a finish that blends with the ceiling. So, this is why we have given all of the fans on our website an airflow rating, so that you can compare their performance regardless of the type of mounting system. I have seen the specifications for some Avion fans posted on eBay, and I can tell you that they are quite unimpressive (not good). Keep in mind that you can choose whatever light fixture and blades you want with the Apollo or the Premium series fans. The American Lighting Association (ALA) estimates that a dimmer switch saves $30 a year in utility costs. In the image, I digitally inserted an outdoor rated light fixture that is somewhat craftsman in style. If you choose a fan with a style that has a taller profile, or has a multiple light fixture attached to the bottom, and you prefer a fan that contrasts with the ceiling (ie. The most important thing for performance is the power of the motor and the quality of the components used to make a fan. You will not find this picture anywhere else online or in any catalog, because I created it just for you.
Ultimately, the most deciding factor in choosing a fan is the motor inside the fan, not the amount of blades. Your best bet is just to call us during our normal business hours, because we can help you find the best fan for your needs in a matter of minutes. The Casablanca Marrakesh fan has a 188mm x 20mm motor which is about the second best motor on the market, which is why we have given the fan a rating of 4 out of 5 for airflow. Your best bet is to give us a call so we can discuss your particular situation and help you find the right fan.

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