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So many of our customers have inquired about our beautiful new dining room fan that we decided to put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. The fan is manufactured by minkaAire of Corona, California, an innovator in decorative lighting and ceiling fans.
We searched far and wide for a fan that would comfortably move air throughout the dining room without the problems normally associated with restaurant ceiling fans. In winter, the fans are adjusted upward at medium speed to gently circulate warm ceiling air downward to maintain a constant temperature throughout the room. If your fan will be installed outdoors or in an area that is exposed to a lot of moisture, you can begin by viewing all of our Outdoor Ceiling Fans Here! QUESTION: I am looking at the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco 72 (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan Model CF788VNB, however regarding fan blades for an outdoor-damp location, would these blades tend to warp over a few years in a humid environment? ANSWER: When you click on the orange button for blades, look for blades that say "(Outdoor Damp)".
ANSWER: I am sorry to report that Halsey went out of business several years ago, so finding parts for them is difficult. QUESTION: The location I am considering was wired only for a light and no fan (1 wire pair).
QUESTION: How far down from the ceiling does the Seaside fan hang when installed with the flushmount option? ANSWER: I am sorry to report that we do not have any of the Hunter light fixtures you are looking for. ANSWER: Regarding the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco, it is one of the most powerful and efficient fans we sell. Per the information on the site, the new DC motors, the Emerson K55XL, and other "induction" type motors are considered best quality. Casablanca Fan Company – Outdoor Ceiling Fans, Lighting Ceiling Fans – at the Lowest Prices.

Shop antique ceiling fans that have intricate detailing giving these fans and antique style. In our dining room, we recently installed a unique combination of classical design and high-tech indoor environmental technology.
They’re known for progressive engineering, innovative design and superior performance. In summer, they’re positioned downward with one fan angled-in to cover nearby tables and the other angled-out to cover tables at a wider radius. It’s modeled after gyrofans designed from 1900-1930 — the types that could be found on the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express luxury train in Europe, in Grand Central Station in New York City and on the Queen Mary ocean liner. However, choosing the right ceiling fans for your home is probably best approached by first selecting an Appropriate Fan Style. There are 2 types of outdoor ceiling fans: Damp Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans can be installed outdoors, but must be in a covered area like a porch or patio. Emerson specially makes the damp rated blades from solid hardwood (instead of cheap plywood) that is treated to resist cracking and warping from being outside. It is not a brand that we ever sold, so we would not have any fixtures on hand that were made by them.
If you give us a call, we will be happy to help you choose the best fan for your needs and make sure you can install it. The bottom of the fan cage hangs 16.3" from the ceiling when installed with the 8" downrod. Hunter only made the triangular fixtures for a short period of time and they discontinued them several years ago (too many problems). When installed with a standard downrod, the regular Velo hangs down the same distance as the Velo Hugger, so the airflow is the same.
A 5 rating is not just based on the motor inside the fan, but the overall consideration of the quality of the components and performance.

We wanted a solution that would cover the entire dining room but provide an intermittent breeze every few seconds. Two 42″ triple-bladed twin turbo fans rotate around the base at a constant 3 RPM, delivering a delightful intermittent breeze to every point in the dining room every 20 seconds.
Although Ceiling Fan Size and Ceiling Fan Performance are equally important, you most certainly want your ceiling fan to fit in with your decor.
They will hold up much better than what you have experienced and are in fact rated for use in outdoor damp locations by the manufacturer.
Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans can be exposed directly to rain such as under a gazebo, lanai or open beam patio. If you can email me some pictures of your fan along with the model number (located on a label on top of the fan housing), I may be able to come up with an alternative that will fit. If you can only install a single fan, then I would recommend an even larger fan (up to 84") such as the Fanimation Odyn.
Further down the page, we have also sub-categorized some of the most unique ceiling fans into various Ceiling Fan Themes. This is a special motor that Savoy House had designed for this fan and the performance and quality of the motor are excellent.
Please call us at: 1-800-201-1193 and we will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you make an educated decision.

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