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Can it be true that their circular motion and blades create “killing chi,” harming us with their downward spiraling energy? No — in fact, quiet, unobtrusive ceiling fans keep healthy Chi circulating and create good Feng Shui in homes and offices around the world, with the additional benefit of helping reduce the need to over-cool or -heat your space. From a Feng Shui perspective, when a fan hangs too low it creates unseen pressures, similar to those of beams or a slanted ceiling overhead. By contrast, the large fan in the photo above is mounted nice and high in the space: the occupants will never feel threatened by its twirling blades.
I heartily recommend the installation of ceiling fans in your home or office, asking you first of all to make sure it can be hung high enough to be unobtrusive. Well, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that Wind carries with it a thousand diseases, so I suspect that’s where the prohibition comes in. WWell I know feng shui has journeyed since leaving China so there’s not necessarily a one to one correspondence with medical thought. What an interesting question — yes, Punkah-style fans would be good Feng Shui for exactly the reasons you cite.
Whether in extreme climates or hazardous work areas, Stem Mounting pendants allows for added durability when used in outdoor or commercial applications. A collection of hand-spun and vintage-inspired porcelain enamel shades that feature chain mountings for a classic look. These RLM light fixtures make the perfect industrial lighting products for outdoor commercial lighting, office lighting, or restaurant lighting. These light fixtures are excellent for extreme environments where temperatures range from 130?F to -20?F.

Inspired by neo-industrial factories and French industrial tables, our collection of Vintage Industrial tables and stools are hand-crafted from durable steel and locally salvaged wood.
Featuring designs from the early to mid 20th century, our Vintage Ceiling Fans bring the style of that era into your space plus the added bonus of remote controls and energy-saving features. The stylish fixtures in our collection of Modern Ceiling Fans will create a functional piece of art in the center of your room.
Our collection of industrial-sized High Velocity Fans have the power to deliver maximum airflow over wide areas. To ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. Few designs can match the timeless and sophisticated aesthetic of the Dynamic Dual Rotational Ceiling Fan. I’ve seen other comments that ceiling fans are not good, but I agree that circulation is good and now I know I need to keep the fan high. Get 10 Quick Feng Shui Tips for free when you subscribe to my monthly Feng Shui newsletter!
Originally used around industrial factories, gooseneck lights later made their debut within the agricultural scene. Available in numerous shade sizes, styles, and colors, each pendant can be customized to fit your home’s decor.
Reminiscent of early 20th century factory and warehouse lighting, these American made shades are hand crafted to last for generations. Consider highlighting your office building or storefront for both aesthetic and security purposes.

A gasket and lens is a standard feature on most of our high bay lights, allowing them to be damp rated and to be sprayed down for easy cleaning. An assortment of modern finishes and blade options help you place the perfect finishing touch in your modern home. These rugged fans are perfect for non sound-sensitive areas such as commercial settings, barns, factories, warehouses and breezeways.
Fan guards give you maximum protection while our speed controls provide in-wall adjustable convenience. The motor heads of this vintage ceiling fan can be infinitely positioned in 180-degree arcs for optimum air movement; the greater the angles of the motors to the horizontal support rods (up or down), the faster the axial rotation. It  was totally passed it on to the next generations, it is a big help in designing your houses, properties and gardens. As far as I understood slow pendular movements help to move the Chi in the room, and bird’s feathers are in general a positive feature. A slow, controlled axial rotation is achieved by both motor head position and fan blade speed. Therefore I guess those fans should be “better” than rotating fans, is that correct?
The standard finishes for the Dynamic are polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished copper, bronze or black.

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