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Imagine a ceiling fan that can help clean up the air you breathe and work wonders with children's allergies and and respiratory problems in adults and children. Lamps Plus offers hundreds of choices for Ceiling Fans Even Custom Build your own Ceiling Fan!!
We offer a wide range of contemporary ceiling fans with exquisite metal and wood detailing.
There's nothing better than getting home from work on a sweltering afternoon, switching on the ceiling fan, and relaxing in comfort with that fan passing over your head, cooling down your hot, stressful day. Ceiling fans can make life a great deal more comfortable, and they can save money on cooling bills as well.
The Nimbus ceiling fan features a standard light as well as an innovative top-mounted rotor for easy blade installation. In fact, if you've got good ceiling fans in a few rooms of your house, you probably don't even need an expensive, bulky air conditioning unit. If you're in the market for a simple and versatile fan for your favorite outdoor space the Patio ceiling fan by Craftmade will do the trick. The Monte Carlo Old School ceiling fan features transitional styling, included custom blades and integrated light kit.

The Nimbus is powered by a high silicon steel motor incorporating 16 poles and using sealed bearings to insure long life and cool running. This outdoor wet fan offers a variety of finishes and blade options making it suitable for any outdoor decor.
The five blades and the balanced rotor give the Nimbus a turbine-like smoothness of operation. Not only do they cool down rooms, but a beautiful ceiling fan in the right style and color can change the entire ambience of a room.
The unique canopy design eliminates unsightly screws creating a sleek and uncluttered presentation.Special!
A ceiling fan is defined as a mechanical fan, usually electrically powered, that is suspended from the ceiling of a room that uses rotating paddles to circulate air. But does that really explain what a happens in a ceiling fan that brings so much comfort to life?
Just as with air conditioning, water was the means of powering the first known ceiling fans. This was used along with a turbine, and the whole thing worked together to drive a system of belts that turned blades.

The first ceiling fan that was powered by electronic parts was invented in 1882 (and later patented in 1887) by mechanical engineer Philip Diehl, who was a contemporary of Thomas Edison. There are other electric components involved, but these are the main parts needed to make a ceiling fan do its magic. The metal arms, or 'blade irons,' are what hold the blades and connect them with the electric motor. The inner ring of the flywheel is locked to the shaft by a screw and the blade irons to the outer ring by bolts. The rotor, an alternative to blade irons, secures the blades and bolts to the motor, which helps to eliminate balance problems.
The switch housing, or 'switch cup,' is a cylinder that mounts below the fan's motor and is used to conceal and protect various electronic components such as wires and capacitors.

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