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One common question: My fan's remote is broken, can I just convert it to a 3 speed pullchain like other fans?
Some fan remote systems are not built into the fan, they were an option added by the installer at an additional cost. Where can I find a 6 speed ceiling fan remote?My ceiling fan has six speeds, and I have lost my remote. How to program a universal ceiling fan remote (or other) with a TVHow to program a universal ceiling fan remote (or other) with a TV?

This feature offers full operation of the fan (and any light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. Usually they consist of a remote receiver wired to the fan inside the ceiling canopy, and the fan will still have a pullchain that is not used.
It can be done but there are no universal directions, it varies drastically from fan motor to fan motor, and requires a fair amount of technical and electronic skill. A few exceptions: If the fan has a "remote bypass" switch you can select it and then use a wall control (or pullchain if there is one attached to the fan).

Learn how to program a ceiling fan universal remote, or any remote really, with your TV set.

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