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I was in one of the big box home improvement stores yesterday and thought I'd take a look at ceiling fans while I was there. In this blog, I've talked about air flow in duct systems and bath fan air flow, but I've only written one previous article about ceiling fans. Air flow, whether you're talking about duct systems, bath fans, heat recovery ventilators, or ceiling fans, is measured in cubic feet per minute, usually called simply cfm. If you look carefully at the two labels above, you'll see one other thing there that I saw on nearly every label: a money saving tip.
Now you're ready to head off to the store and buy yourself an energy efficient ceiling fan. Just finished the installation in mid-January in my two-car, attached (and insulated) garage. The heater was easy to install and the single point of attachment on the top center and front louvers give you the ability to easily change the direction the warm air is blowing.
Heater is doing just as I set it up to do.Feeding the heat it puts out into my furnace return system. Ten years ago when I was building a house and buying a bunch of ceiling fans, it wasn't so easy to figure out which fans were energy efficient and which weren't. That one was about what a waste of energy it is to leave fans running when no one's in the room. We can go with either rates or quantities when we look at energy efficiency of ceiling fans.

If you're looking for fans at the really high end, you'll probably need to look somewhere other than the big box stores. I have cooperated with LucPearl for more than 2 years for the good quality panel lights and table lamp. Installation is easy, I was able to mount it to the ceiling by myself, it's not that heavy. I do plan to add a wall mounted thermostat to be able to control the space temperature better.
My small woodworking business practically had to be shut down on the coldest of winter days.
While I knew it was more than I needed to maintain 40 degrees continuously, I wanted the ability to quickly heat the garage when I needed it in the coldest MN winters. That's not the case anymore because every ceiling fan I looked at had a label on the box that tells you how much air movement you can expect for each watt of electricity you put into the fan. Today I ameliorate that deficiency as we take a quick look at the energy efficiency labels on ceiling fans. Energy usage can be a bit confusing because of the whole rate versus cumulative quantity issue. For example, we could give the efficiency in terms of the rate of air flow per unit time (cfm) divided by the energy use per unit time (watts), which in fact is what we do.
In addition to showing the numbers for high speed, they also showed the air flow, energy consumption, and efficiency for low and medium speeds.

The label says you can get a large fan that gets up to 176 cfm per watt, but 106 cfm per watt was the highest efficiency at the store I visited.
May be mounted horizontally wall or ceiling using supplied brackets or vertically using 4 threaded rods, not included Hardwires into a 240V single phase circuit. The range of efficiencies for the larger fans, according to the label, is 51 to 176 cfm per watt for fans that are 49" to 60". Product Style Permanent mount, Blower CFM 700, Heat Settings Adjustable, Remote Included No, Dimensions W x D x H in. It really keeps the garage evenly heated I would suggest this as a great application for this situation.
18 x 19 x 16, Watts 10,000, Amps 41.67, Product Type Forced air, Thermostat Included Yes, Thermal Cutoff Safety Device Yes, Plug Type Hardwired, Blower Included Yes, Volts 240, BTU Output 34,120. For commercial halls, warehouses, stairwells and factories Durable stainless steel tubular heating elements Thermally protected motor, mounted in cold compartment Enclosed, factory-lubricated ball bearing motor Factory-installed contactor Ceiling mount allows 360 rotation 1 phase 8ft. Using a thermometer I figured out what settings will keep the garage at the desired temp both day and overnight.

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