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Your choice in combination switches was once limited to a switch and a receptacle or switch and a switch.
When you replace a light with a ceiling fan, the old switch will still turn the fan off and on. This hardwired switch lets you adjust up to four fans and their lights from a single switch.
A combination switch like this is handy at places like the top of the stairs, where the single-pole switch can control a hall light, and the three-way switch works in conjunction with a downstairs switch to control the light above the stairs. Best Answer: the first thing is to replace the outlets with new ones if you want both outlets to work. In the Switch box the power source is used to connect to either one fan wall switch, Installing Ceiling Fan Wiring and Switches: Wiring double switch for new ceiling fan. There are a multitude of ceiling fan manufacturers and there are as many methods of ceiling fan light combination wiring. To be sure that rebent wires do not break, cut and restrip the wire ends before you connect them. These days, you have many more possibilities: Remote controls, switch and dimmer, fan and light controls to name a few.

Make a white pigtail and connect it to a chrome terminal on the side of the device that doesn't have a connecting tab.
To control speed and light levels without significant rewiring, however, you can use a remote switch. Because GFCIs don't work if they're switched on and off, the switch on these units is meant to control other things, such as lights or exhaust fans in areas that require a GFCI. Combination switches are always installed with through-switch wiring and never with end-line wiring. A wall-mounted remote looks like a normal switch but lets you adjust both fan speed and light level without rewiring. The switch and module allow you to adjust fan speed and dim lights without having to run new wires from the fan to the switch. The switches are available in a wide variety of styles, including a device with two switches and a GFCI.
Traditional double switches cut the space consumed in half, but triple switches are even better. Is the on-at-dusk light going to come on at dusk or did you accidentally flip the cutoff switch?

Wall Controls Hunter Three Speed Dial Ceiling Fan Wall Control Installs in standard two wire wall switch, Ceiling Fan Switch 5 wire complete with button and pull Returns: Not accepted. I recently bought a new ceiling fan and light kit to replace one that had been in my sun porch for over 20 years.
Attach the black wire from the switched fixture to the brass terminal with no connecting tab. Attach the black feed wire to the brass terminal that is not attached to the connecting tab. Attach the outgoing black wire to one of the black terminal screws next to the connecting tab.

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