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We’ve slowly been working on updates, home improvement projects, and redecorating ever since we moved into our new house a couple of months ago. I realize we could have just changed out the bulb and made it work for awhile, but – well, it seemed easier to just turn the light portion off at the time. At the entrance to the lighting aisle there was an endcap display with one type of ceiling fan and light combo.

We saw plenty of the candelabra-type bulbs, but couldn’t find any energy-efficient ones.
When we returned home, my husband was anxious to start the project of replacing the old ceiling fan.
More GE Energy Smart bulbs (both for the fan and the regular 60-watt equivalent), plus a package of the Reveal CFLs. While hubby was putting up the new light I noticed on the light packaging that in addition to showing you which incandescent bulbs you need, it gives you the details on which CFLs you could use.

Plug your electronics into a power strip, and then turn off the strip at night or when you leave the house.

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