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This is just a file photo I took about 6 years ago at my old university in a staff tea room where there were 4 56" Crompton parkinsons.
Acquired just a few days ago, two DEMC 36" fans brand new in original boxes, just $25AU each. Here is a picture of how the Airflow motor looks sittings in the plastic housing, and following is a photo of the old motor once pulled out. Some more Weatherite fans, the type found in schools in our state of NSW, and which my fan friend is absolutely obsessed with.
The Crompton Greaves High Breeze on the left seems to be exactly like the early 1980s versions they have in the States.
Very special how those National fans are made with the plastic motor shell that covers the actual motor.
With such close proximity to Sutherland, this ground floor villa style garden unit boasts easy access & has been recently re-decorated with quality floating floorboards throughout; & freshly painted in neutral tonings. Every precaution has been taken to establish accuracy of the information but does not constitute any representation by the vendor or real estate agent. If you wish to contact the owners via email please fill out the form below and click the submit button. Ben Boutros made my first property sale stress-less, a process that other friends have told me was something that they wanted to forget as it was so ghastly. Dependable agent Ben was professional and friendly in the manner which he constantly displayed in the selling of my home. From the get go, Ben has showed great balance between professional and mateship client relationships. When I met Ben, I had to choose between several local real estate agents who were competing for the sale of father's unit in Macquarie Park. We would like to thank Ben Boutros for being an amazing agent who helped us acquire our new home. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you did and made the experience of purchasing the property through Ray White North Ryde a very pleasant one.
After considering a number of agents, we chose Ben to sell our property as we felt Ben was enthusiastic, personable, professional and had a strong insight of the local area. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ben for all his help and guidance with selling our home in Trevitt Road. I found Ben to be very responsive and kept me updated the whole time throughout the sale of my home. We felt we were given excellent advice regarding the presentation of the property & followed through on suggested painting and re-carpeting. Ben made selling our property an easy and effortless experience, even though we are living interstate and he got us a great price too! Find out how much your property could sell for in the current market – free and without obligation.
Kitchen (adjoining dining area) with electric stove and oven, as well as a large pantry cupboard. The park fees for 2009 are $102 per week; this includes water, sewerage, security and use of the parks amenities, including a community hall. Grafton has hospitals, schools, sports facilities etc and the river is deal for fishing and other water activities. It offers a quality lifestyle and is close to the benefits Grafton offers to its residents. I have been very lucky lately with the various things I have purchased or been given, and thought it about time I show them off.
I recently found the fan motor on the left on ebay and bought it, just thinking it was the same as the one on the right, and would be nice to have a second one. When I initially saw this on ebay I thought it was just a metal one which the blades had been wrapped in some adhesive vinyl. These are quite rare in Australia, hence all the effort made to buy one at great freight cost from New Zealand.
I was buying an old ex-school heater from a guy on ebay and knowing that he did contract work in schools, asked if he had any school fans.
His sociable personality and professional manner made us feel comfortable and confident, but more importantly he was open and honest with us throughout. He communicated regularly with me informing me of offers and gave advice which was helpful.

His knowledge of the local area was superior and he gave accurate advice about the value of our property. Overall satisfied with the result, definitely recommend Ben to prospective buyers or sellers! I found Ben to be totally engaging & understanding of my requirements & my father's requirements. I particularly liked that he talked to us about what they "would" get, not what they could get, or starting prices, etc (as we had discussed with other agents), and then delivered on the price he quoted to us. Extremely personable and professional, we appreciated his passion and excitement for selling our home. It was quite daunting for us as it was our first experience at selling after 52 years in the one place. I would recommend him to anybody who is wanting to sell their home who whats a knowledgeable and very helpful real estate agent who is passionate about what they do. He kept us up to date at all times, was always available to us and showed compassion and care to my mother who was nervous about selling her unit after 35 years of living there. If I rang him and he was unavailable at the time, he was very quick to respond to any questions we had. Ben is exceptionally professional, very courteous, attuned to our needs and a real pleasure to deal with.
The unit was sold very quickly and Ben kept us informed as he managed to negotiate between serious prospective purchasers to obtain the maximum sale price on our behalf. I chose to sell my property with them because I knew that they had some great success in my area and I must say that they certainly lived up to, and exceeded my expectations. Ben advised us of likely value of the unit and the degree of refurbishment required to achieve the highest possible price. Ebay has been the source of many, and a friend who shares an interest in ceiling fans was the very fruitful source of the remainder. You can just see the controllers with the funky orange knobs on the column to the right hand side.
I don't normally go for these wooden non-industrial fans but something about this one attracted me. Unfortunately it has rather rough bearings and so I got a bit rash and replaced the whole motor in it. The 56" Martec most likely had it's controller replaced with the omega one, or the Martec replaced a different fan and they didn't switch the controller over. He always was contactable and turned up when he said he would, and rang you when he said he would.
He didn't create unrealistic expectations nor tried to influence our decision, he was there to give subjective opinion when required, but was also courteous enough to give us the time required to make our decision. He achieved the price range he originally gave us and kept us informed throughout the process. He gave good feedback after each open house and explained everything clearly and concisely.
Ben made a number of predictions (regards to time and sale price) and sure enough, it happened. He took the time to explain several options about the sale & was always acting in a professional manner without being over the top.
He was more than willing to answer all our questions and always kept his word about calling us back if he needed to get more information about the property! I am very glad to secure the property prior to auction as the current market condition may impose un-necessary risks if I have not act quickly enough. Ben had dealings with the owner of the unit previously and when it became necesssary to sell, Ben was her first choice. He put us in touch with local service companies who carry out the refurbishment and assisted us in ensuring the work was carried out properly. Please remember to use your first name and last initial when registering; no handles please. I do like the motor on these in the 3-blade metal industrial version so i guess that's why. I don't like the nut on the bottom of the motor so this picture shows what it looks like without. These fans are quite unique in the way the motor cover is just plastic and unscrews very easily.

Again I didn't like the look of the nut on the underside so have removed it from this one and covered the hole with some masking tape, however it is a bit translucent so need something better. The yellow matches the aged appearance of the canopies, and bright white of new paint wouldn't really go so well with that. Ben was compassionate to our family during this time, was honest and open with us and made my family feel comfortable with the process. His local knowledge was very precise & through the course of the quick sale process, he was able to offer sound advice that made sense & added value to the sale.
We feel very confident recommending him to our family & friends, & hopefully have the pleasure to engage with him in a future date ourselves! Ben was there to guide us with the advertising, presentation and strategy to obtain the optimal results for our property. Once the refurbishment was completed, the unit was advertisied for sale and sold within a week at a price above what we had expected.
The rello's were offered a princely sum of money to have it replaced with a modern one, and hey presto it was mine ;-) It goes very nicely although does make a slight pulsing hum on each revolution at lower speeds. I found a plain boring 'Airflow' fan motor and it fitted quite well in the space vacated by the National motor. There were many of these produced without the nut light attachment things and just smooth white on the bottom, but haven't found one for sale yet. During the advertising period Ben was always available to assist with questions and queries and provided support and feedback during this time in a timely and professional manner. Given the location & high market demand in the area, the sale time was extremely quick, & the process went extremely smoothly.
Thank you Ray White North Ryde Team for making our transition from being a tenant to home owner seamless! I have no hesitation to recommend you to my friends and would be pleased to deal with you again when the time comes.
They were respectful of my home, my time and the fact that this was a very stressful period for me.
Throughout the whole period, Ben kept us fully informed of developments by phone, email and meetings at the unit. Unfortunately because the National motor was 89watts and the Airflow one is only 60 watts, it doesn't turn as fast as it used to, but still fast enough for me. The auctioneer that Ben secured for us was outstanding; he made us feel comfortable with the process and made the auction run in a smooth and relaxed atmosphere.
The sale process was supported by sound marketing from Ray White & I have no hesitation in recommending Ben Boutros to other potential vendors within the North Ryde area. They put me at ease and, because of this, I had absolute faith that I had picked the right team to sell my home. I am happy to recommend Ben to anyone considering sale or purchase of Real Estate in the North Ryde area.
His genuineness is a first in Sydney, where impersonal business relationships are the rule.This, with his knowledge and expertise in the property field, made the experience actually positive! Overall I was extremely impressed with Ben and Ray White North Ryde and I would recommend them for both the selling and buying experience. On top of everthing else, Ben & Adam achieved a sale price higher than what I was hoping for. He also was an unfaze-able expert in negotiation and obtained for me a very much better-than-hoped-for price. The Lever family are grateful for the way in which the sale process was completed, & with a minimum of fuss. Not only did Ben exceed our expectations by achieving a record price for the block but he did it within a few days of the first opening. From an older person's and first vendor's point-of-view, to use a quaint term, Ben is also a gentleman; a very rare quality. His market knowledge, contacts, people skills, negotiating skills and overall attitude, make him the perfect choice to entrust your property.

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