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You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. Do you ever wonder if your ceiling fan is providing any added benefit or how you can best utilize ceiling fans in your home? Some believe that running your fan counterclockwise, or reverse, in the fall and winter to push warm air down from the ceiling is beneficial. In contrast, others believe your ceiling fans should run clockwise, causing a more directed downdraft, especially with the fan running slightly faster.
2) Using a fan during extremely hot weather can help you feel comfortable at a higher temperature. Since ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, if you choose to utilize them, it is important to ensure you are being economical. Andy Wyckoff is the third generation of the Wyckoff family to own the business and is the grandson of the founder, Don Wyckoff Sr. This entry was posted in Air Quality, Cooling, Efficiency Tips, News, Seasonal Tips, Uncategorized and tagged air conditioning tips, ceiling fan, comfort, fan.
Indoors and outdoors, ceiling fans keep air moving and help keep your home comfortable in summer and winter. When selecting a new ceiling fan or a replacement ceiling fan keep in mind the ceiling height. The look of a ceiling fan’s blades is actually more of a design feature than a matter of efficiency or utility.
Shades – Ceiling fan light shades typically come in glass, though new innovative designs are featuring the fan hidden within a fabric drum shade. Ceiling fan accessories allow you to modify your fan or enhance it, depending on your needs.
Angled ceiling adapter - Attaches to the outlet box to help mount ceiling fans on angled ceilings.
Good to KnowBe sure an outlet box is available in the ceiling before beginning your installation. From running your fan clockwise or counterclockwise to saving money on your utility bills, there are several factors to consider.

The truth is, this depends on the location of your vents – some are located near the floor, while others are located toward the ceiling.
This causes a wind-chill effect because the skin evaporates slight amounts of water from the sweat glands and thereby provides cooling through the skin’s surface. If a ceiling fan allows you to do so, you could save a significant amount of money on your heating and cooling bills (up to 15 percent). For example, remember to treat ceiling fans the same way you treat lights – if you go into a room, turn it on – and when you leave, turn it off. In his free time he enjoys hunting, cheering for the Hawkeyes and spending time with his family. Widely appliable to water pump, cleaning machine, washing machine, single-phase motors, having long life and good self-healing ability.
Air conditioners chill air, but ceiling fans push it around, which means they're useful for both cooling and heating. The fan’s ability to move air is determined by the pitch of the blades, so pick the one you like the look of best. Most fans have adjustable speeds and a reverse airflow function to help with heating during cooler months.
The adapter works with a longer downrod (sold separately) in case you have a high ceiling, too. Check the packaging to see if the fan is compatible with a light kit in case you want to add a light in the future. Refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual for step-by-step directions, safety and warning and caution information.
If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. If you have the capability to utilize ceiling fans upstairs, it may be beneficial to push warm air down. Keep in mind, this may only be a temporary solution as air is simply being moved, not cooled. On the other hand, if you maintain the same thermostat level and use ceiling fans, you may actually increase energy usage in your home.

If there are no people or pets in the room, you can save energy my keeping them turned off. Many fans have multiple mounting options, allowing them to work almost anywhere in the home.
Many fans come with reversible blades so if you get tired of one finish, you can reverse them later to change the look of your fan – talk about an effortless design update. If the door handles and cabinet hardware are all in brushed nickel, choose a ceiling fan in a complementary finish.
If your fan doesn’t come with one, or you need a longer one, they are available separately in a variety of sizes and finishes.
You may also increase the fan speed so the warmer air reaches the living space as long as it doesn’t create an unwanted draft. You may find that you can turn your thermostat down a degree or two and save more money on energy costs vs. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. On an open or screened porch, a ceiling fan can create a refreshing retreat - just be sure it's rated for damp or wet locations. Measure the height of your ceiling to determine the mounting option that will work best for your space.
This is a matter of preference, as some people do not want to feel air from a ceiling fan when they are already cold.
Some fans have as many as nine blades, for a helicopter style; however, the traditional four- to five-blade ceiling fans remain classic.

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