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Starlite Acrylic Direct Current (DC) series feature one of our newest fan designs equipped with the latest energy saving DC motors for maximum cost-savings from operational and electrical consumption. I just bought a new ceiling fan and will be mounting it in a place where there is currently no fixture. The wires running out of the right side of the junction box go to the outlet on the other side of the room. The black and black with stripe at the light are for the fan and light to be individually controlled.

I also want to add that you will not likely get enough slack in the wire that goes across the ceiling to make a splice. Back to the switch of concern: I can't tell whether the outlet or switch is the feed from the panel. In note 3 of the switch info, it says, "This control requires separate wiring for the ceiling fan and fan light kit.
I am looking through the fan assembly directions to see if they specify with more clarity the wires that come out of it and attach to my junction box.

Unparalleled in operational efficiency, the fans are also fitted with 20 Watts LED lights for your illumination comfort.
As shown in my initial post, the blue switch wire is for the fan and the red switch wire is for the light.

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