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Starting from the top this beautiful fan fitting is fitted to the ceiling with a glossy white rose. Comes with an infra red remote control (the IR receiver is hidden in the fittings ceiling rose) which gives you the option to change the speed of the fans remotely. IR controller also has a timer option which has four different set prefixes 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. Whilst this ceiling fan has a modern look it would look great in contemporary or traditional rooms especially garden rooms, bedrooms or even an office.
Can you get an extension for this fan?If you mean a drop rod to lower the fan and not have it so close to the ceiling, then yes. This unexpected ultra-modern ceiling fan design is the new Enigma single blade fan from Fanimation.

The Ball ceiling fan represents a return to the Company's roots deriving from a minimalist approach to ceiling fan design. The Eclipse ceiling fan features an elliptical body attached to the ceiling by a 3-piece structural column. This hugger configuration of our popular Ball fan is an improved solution for use in low-ceiling environments. A perfect sphere provides visual simplicity while houseing all of the components required for exceeding the EPA's EnergyStar guidelines for air movement effeciency. The four blades are held in place by a single-piece rotor which is integrated with the shape of the fan body. The teardrop shape makes a graceful transition from the fan to the ceiling conveying a sense of fluidity and connectedness to the space.

The Ball fan is available with options for direct or ambient lighting and in a gloss white or brushed aluminum finish.Special!
The Eclipse fan is available with an optional ambient light and in three different finishes.Special!
The Ball Hugger fan is available with options for direct or ambient lighting and in a gloss white or brushed aluminum finish.Special!

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