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It doesn’t seem like a bedroom-type fixture, but I would put it in my kitchen for sure.
Since I live in the South, I cannot live without a bedroom ceiling fan: stylish or not, I hate being HOT!
Suze over at Dwellers without Decorators had a great solution to add a drum shade to her ceiling fan.
Thanks for having these pics online, as you can’t find it online on their site anywhere. Perhaps, since I am not wicked house proud, I can’t really understand those women who hate ceiling fans.

Ive been wondering how long it will take these companies to get on the bandwagon when it comes to this topic.
We’ve been debating eliminating two fans in our house for something prettier and this MIGHT just be the compromise! I’ve always had a nice ceiling fan in my bedroom, and I really think that it helps put me to sleep at night, but sometimes it can get so noisy. I like how the drum shade creates relaxing lighting by diffusing the light from the bulb and making use of the patterns to give off a dramatic effect. Of course, I live in the Northwest so the heat is only an issue a few weeks of the year, and we have table fans that we bring out.

But we do have an ugly air purifier in our bedroom to help with Ryan’s allergies – the white noise has grown on me though! It was supposed to come in yesterday (6 days after ordered) It still isn’t here (now 7 days).

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