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Every year about a month before Halloween, I am confronted with the same challenge – a Halloween costume. 2. Ceiling Fan - For those of you with a good sense of human and a confident spirit, this is the costume for you!
Download and print these paper gift tags to print and attach to the projects you make from Generation T and Generation T: Beyond Fashion!
Sure, a lot of the looks that you can choose from at Wholesale Halloween Costumes might make you laugh this Halloween. Do you want to represent your favorite book this Halloween without being arrested for public indecency? Turn an umbrella inside out, attach some loose paper and a leaf or two to your outfit, and complete the ensemble by pretending to struggle. You’re caught in a storm!
From the cinematic to the everyday, from the historical to the commercial, from the sweet to the oh-so-punny (scroll down to #10)….

Mask the parts of the T-shirt that are still visible, and spray over the stencil with black paint. Let the paint dry completely, then try on the T-shirt and go find a pumpkin patch to haunt!
Paint yellow seeds on a red shirt, and use green T-shirt scraps to fashion a stem with leaves to sit a top your head. Start with a plain white T-shirt and use a black permanent marker, stencils, and red and yellow paint to embellish it.
A great way to show some skeleton on Halloween, use white paint on a black T-shirt (and the painted parts will show up gray). Infuse your cultural expertise with your love of rock and roll by becoming a beloved play on words this Halloween: French Kiss.
For those not well-versed in the sports or gambling worlds, you might see a bunch of wizards throwing around the pigskin, kind of how this costume emulates.

Insert a sheet of newsprint between the layers of the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through. And if you get tired at any point while wearing the costume, simply lie down adjacent or end-to-end with a matching number on  a friend’s shirt! Go solo or meet up with friends to make blueberries, watermelon — a whole fruit salad!
This costume is super creative, and really easy to make, but it comes at the expense of so many of our loved ones.

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