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Before purchasing an air conditioner, it’s very important to figure out the space you need to cool and the size of the unit ideal for such area. Depending on your preference, you can install the unit on an existing window and then just cover the other parts. When you already have your air conditioner ready, the first part you will have to install into the window opening are its mounting brackets. Once you see that the unit is properly positioned and secure, lower the window on top of the air conditioner. Then take out the extensions situated on both sides of the unit and make sure to attach them to the window frame. Seal the gap between the window and air conditioner as well as the sides where the sashes overlap using a strip of foam.
It shouldn’t be difficult to install a window air conditioner these days as the more modern units have become lightweight. Walls in any interior space are best covered using drywall sometimes referred to as sheetrock. Installing sheetrock should be done by at two people as it involves lifting heavy material. Before ordering your material, the initial step to take is to measure the surface area beginning with the ceilings followed by the walls.
To determine how many you will need, you have to get the total square feet and then divide it by 32.
Once ready with your sheetrock and other working tools, you can begin installing starting at the ceiling. When installing the sheetrock on the ceiling, you have two options for holding the sheets in their proper place while you’re screwing or nailing them to the joists. When securing the sheets to the ceiling, nail or screw them in a recessed manner and at least every 8 to 12 inches on every stud.
Another thing to remember is that when you install the panels, their rows should be in a staggered fashion.
Experienced installers also recommend that for the doors and window openings, using the large sheets is more ideal. Before you start your work, remove fixtures and other accessories attached to the countertop. If your countertop is going to run through the sink, trace the hole using kraft paper and then cut out the hole shapes. Once you have the measurements, mark the size on your laminate and use masking tape to determine the lines you will be cutting. The next step is to cut the laminate according to the appropriate measurements you’ve taken. Another option is to order your countertop from a local home improvement store or cabinet shop with your exact specifications.
At this point, you have to check that the original base cabinets are solid, level and secure.
If you’re installing very close to the wall, do the same initial steps and when placing the laminate countertop, make sure that you align it close to the wall. To keep the countertop steady in its position, clamp it and then use a scriber compass to mark the wall’s outline on the laminate. Finally when installing an L-shape countertop, first apply carpenter’s glue on the edges where the two pieces will join together.
When installing drywall on the walls or ceiling, it would make your work easier and faster if you have another person helping you. Nail the drywall using the right size of nails and make sure to space your nails every 7 inches. For a vertical installation of the drywall ideal for wall heights more than 8 feet and 2 inches, the long edges of the wall board should be placed parallel to the framing members.
Although putting up a fence may look quite a major task, it can actually be accomplished as a do it yourself project.
Set up first the corner or end post and then create a line using a string from each corner post to keep the others aligned. Insert the post in the hole and make sure to add concrete around it to keep it steady in its proper upright position and secure.
Even after the concrete has cured, you may want to provide additional bracing in two directions to the corner posts to make it sturdier. It’s also important to note that the head of a fence post should be capped, slanted or rounded. Your needs are the most important consideration when choosing the type of fence to install in your home.
The first step in the installation process is to turn off the supply line for water going into the house. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer that came along with the unit your purchased.
An electric water heater should be plugged into a standard power outlet that accommodates voltage ranging from 100 to 240.
If you bought a gas tankless water heater, you will have to install a ventilation duct or exhaust system unlike when having a regular unit with a tank. Have your plumbing and electrical systems checked by a licensed professional before installing your tankless water heater.
The good news is that if you no longer want the style of your existing closet door or if it gets damaged through the years, you can always change only that part and choose a sliding type instead. Whether you’re building a new closet or replacing your old closet door, the most important step you’ll have to take is to get the right measurement.
With a track guide in place, the closet door is always on track when it is opened and closed. Keep in mind that you need to leave the proper clearance when you measure the door opening. If you’re replacing old doors, all you have to do is lift the existing ones out of the track. The top frame should ideally be 85 inches depending on the recommendation of your manufacturer.
Pocket door kits can be readily purchased today from your local hardware and home improvement stores.
Enjoy your pocket door after installation but be sure to use it properly so it can stay useful for a long time. Many homeowners now recognize the usefulness of a ceiling fan whether in summertime or winter. Check that the electrical circuit above the area has sufficient capacity to handle the fan. Before installing the ceiling fan, do turn off the power to the light’s circuit breaker or fuse. If your fan comes with a decorative ceiling cover or medallion, you need to install it next. From there, thread the down-rod pipe into the top part of the motor and tighten the screw on the pipe’s side.

The last step is to plug the housing of the light fixture into the wire coming from the fan motor’s underside. A gutter system needs to be installed properly to avoid cosmetic and costly repairs in the future. Rain gutters are made from various materials but aluminum is the most widely used in homes today. Assuming that you’re doing a replacement work, first remove the existing gutter from the edges of your roof.
Before purchasing your new gutter system, do determine first the type that will suit the weather condition in your location. Mark the location of your downspout on the gutter and to create a hole, first drill starter holes on the marking. To connect your downspout pipe to the gutter, apply a sealant to the pipe’s lip and place it into its proper position. The final step is to connect the pipes for the downspout and insert them into their proper place.
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Other than attracting more clients, the aim of this is to make people aware of the professional service and the reasonable fees you provide. This will guide you on how much earnings to gain for the different services your offer for the week or for the entire month based on the hourly rate you charge your customers. There are many types available today but the window unit is still the most preferred by many homeowners. Determine next the place where you want to install it and take measurements of the window opening required. If you have a bulky and heavy unit, ask someone to help you lift it to the sill and mounting bracket if necessary. This will ensure that the appliance will work well and it’s tightly sealed in the window area. The term sheetrock is actually taken from a brand of drywall but is the same panel used in covering walls and ceilings.
Sheetrocks normally come in different sizes but the 4 feet by 8 feet sheet is the standard one.
Be sure, though, to add extra inches to the measurement just in case you make a mistake during the process. You may need to wear a mask and gloves as the gypsum in drywall can cause allergy and irritation to the eyes, sinuses and lungs. If you’re using the screws, you can apply them 12 inches apart as they’re considered to be stronger compared to the nails.
This is to achieve an interlocking pattern that will ensure more sturdy ceilings and walls. In this way, you save time and you even come up with walls that look clean and with not too many joints. For this part, various materials can be used such as a laminate, solid surface and stone tops. The other types of material should be left to professionals as they require special tools and to ensure that their warranty is preserved as well. Measure the space you want your counter top to cover and add another one inch for the overhang.
A jigsaw is ideal for cutting the sink hole but you will need to score the line first with a sharp utility knife and then drill a pilot hole for the jigsaw blade to fit in.
Most shops will already install fasteners that are hidden and they can even preassemble difficult sections including the corner. Keep in mind that when a cabinet is out of level, your countertop has the tendency to crack of warp notably at the joints. Align it well and then attach the drywall screws to the countertop’s underside to keep it secure in its place.
Once joined, install the countertop on the base cabinet and tighten the fasteners to hold the two parts together.
This is because strength is required especially when placing the wall and nailing them in place.
Usually, the drywall is installed by positioning the long side of it from floor to ceiling.
Should you observe the center part bowing out, drive a temporary nail until the adhesive has set.
They also keep away stray animals from entering your backyard and causing damage to your garden. Remember that corner posts carry the fence’s weight in two directions so they have to be really strong. This is to prevent water from accumulating on top of it which could eventually damage your wood fence.
Decide if you’ll use it to just supplement your main heater for a single bathroom or to replace your current storage tank. This is because various work such as upgrades and modifications pertaining to the electrical and gas systems are involved. If you’re replacing an old water heater, disconnect the supply line first and the heat source next. The presence of bubbles signifies poor connection and leakage so you need to double check and repair the problem by first turning off the gas. Some manufacturers also require that a certified installer do the work in order for the unit’s warranty to be valid. Today, there are just so many styles of closet to choose from and one of the most popular is the type that features a sliding door.
Once you have it, you can order right away and specify whether you want the finished or the unfinished type. This type of door is the one you see that slides out of sight into the wall’s pockets when opened. Be sure as well as that the top and bottom parts of the frame are level for easy opening and closing of your door. The next step is to insert the hanger pin into the plates of the door and make sure to lock all of them into position using the clip provided.
After this, the door guides should be installed at the pocket’s mouth then secure them to the bottom part and make adjustments if necessary.
As it’s going to be a sliding type that does into a wall, it will be difficult to do the painting once it’s already put in place.
A ceiling fan helps improve energy efficiency in the home by providing cool air during the hot summer months and warm air during cold weather.
Normally, this fixture is installed in the center of the living room or dining room where the main light is situated. If no light fixture is previously there, then you will have to create a hole and provide electrical power by tapping into an existing circuit.
If you need to create a hole, first find the center of the room by snapping diagonal chalk lines from opposite corners.
Apply an adhesive to the back of the medallion, pass the wires through it, position it in center and then press.

You will have to feed the wires coming from the motor through the canopy’s center and then pass the wires through the down-rod pipe. Each blade should go to the blade iron and fasten it with screws but not too tightly to damage the laminate or the blade itself. With these fixtures in place, a home can keep rain water away from its premises and therefore, help maintain a sound structure. Hanging gutters can be done by the males by following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Then once you’ve taken them off, check all the fascia boards and repair the damaged parts if necessary.
If a drain is currently in place, you can just install the outlet in the same line as the drain. Those fans are completely placed against the ceiling instead of making use of a small down rod for hanging. Another come on to customers is to promote that you can call a handyman anytime during the day should the need arises. Installing it can be done by just one person but having an assistant would make the work faster especially when lifting the heavy unit.
Angled brackets should also be screwed to the window’s upper sash to prevent the upper part of the window from opening. It’s best to start at the top part so that the panels on the walls can then hold the drywall sheets on the ceiling. After that, you should test fit the countertop first to make sure that it fits very well to the wall. Check the alignment of the corners and make sure that seam is smooth such that it cannot easily be seen.
In fact, some homeowners may just do the initial part and then hire an experienced person to finish the work.
However, it is also possible to install it horizontally if this will create lesser joints depending on what suits you. Use a T-brace if you’re working on your own to keep the other steady while you’re installing it. The amount of coating will also depend on the type of drywall tape you are using – whether the regular one or the type with adhesive on the back. Keep in mind that about a third of the post should be buried in the ground especially for corner posts.
Then to lay out of the posts’ position, you can use a tape measure as often suggested by manufacturers. There are actually different types of joints that you can apply again depending on what you like – mortised, lap, butt, slotted and grooved. You can select from the wide range of designs available or you can always create your own style. This type of heater does not use any storage tank but it has a water pressure sensor instead that functions when someone turns on the hot water tap. For a gas system, the supply valve should be closed but if you have an electric water heater, just unplug the unit from the wall outlet. But if you’re using a gas unit, install a gas supply line from the stub situated at the wall to the water heater.
Should you decide to get an unfinished door, make sure to paint it before installing it to your closet. This can be made from wood, plastic or metal and is normally installed in an L shape to the floor. Ensure that the screws are well driven so that they don’t block the rollers when they run to and fro the track. In the olden days, this pocket door was a common feature in elegant homes and they’re making a comeback these days.Pocket doors are a great feature in any home. No nails or screws should be used as they will only protrude into the pocket and create scratch marks on your door. The purpose of the guides is to ensure that the door is always centered and sliding smoothly. Painting the door beforehand will also ensure its protection from any moisture and possible warping. Check that the blades are well balanced because if not, this can cause the fan to wobble when it runs. It can even take just an hour or a few hours to install depending on the amount of gutter involved in the project. If your house is situated near trees that overhang the roofline, debris guards should be used. Starting from the end, measure six inches and attach the hanger and then hang the others at least every 18 to 24 inches for the entire length of the gutter. Those fans are made purposely for ceilings 8 feet or lower with blades placed from the ceiling in a range between 6 and 10 inches in place of the 12 and 14 inches on a regular unit. Marketing on the internet is also possible whether you want to go for the paid or the free options.
If your window sill is made of soft wood, you may need to replace it or install the unit on another window. From the bottom part of the sheetrock installed on the wall, there should be a half inch space between the sheet and the subfloor. To make a T-brace, nail a 1 x 4 wood with a length of two feet to a 2 x 4 wood of sufficient length that can reach the height of the ceiling from floor. Homeowners who prefer to use this can enjoy from 20 to 30 percent savings on their energy consumption. All you need is to create a framing around the door so that it has a pocket when it slides into the track. Then install the door bumper at least 40 inches from the bottom part of the door at the back of the pocket.
When your ceiling falls is in that height category, then talk to any local distributor and then ask for this sort of ceiling fan. If the floor is concrete, you should drill a guide hole before drilling the guide into its right position. Take care of never mounting a low profile fan below seven feet from the bottom of the floor or let it to be less than 18 inches from the inside walls.It is vital to keep in mind that due to the shortness of distance between the blades and the ceiling, proper air circulation is frequently hard to get unless the quality of the flush mount ceiling fans is really excellent. For this reason paying a little bit more for the ceiling fan is worth the more pennies in due course.
The majority of low profile fans is below a hundred dollars and as they might be sufficient enough, so as to cool your rooms suitably, pays the higher price and then get a flush mount which has the right CFM rating with guarantee that quality is high.Minka Aire Spacesaver F510-BS 26-inch Brushed Steel Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling FansMinka Aire Concept II F518-WH 44-inch Flush Mount White Blades Ceiling FanFlush mount ceiling fans can be a very good answer to a small restricted area which sometimes can turn into stuffy like a walk-in closet or a narrow hallway. When they are attached to a ceiling, it is a very good source to circulate air without making use of any extra space. You can opt for the popular and least expensive Hunter Low Profile III that have 52 inch blades.Those flush mount fans are priced slightly below $100 and being just shy of a top rating.
The line for flush mount ceiling fans are just as various as the standard ceiling fans in providing modern, traditional and intermediary with up-to-date stainless steel, the standard established wooden design and so much more.

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