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Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. In the summer, a ceiling fan rotating in a counterclockwise direction on medium or high speed creates a cooling effect by pushing the air down into the room and past you quickly. Changing the direction of your fan during heating season will cause the blades to pull air up out of the center of the room, displace the heated air collecting near the ceiling, and push it back down the walls to where you can appreciate it. To reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, first switch the fan off and wait for it to stop completely. Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing). You'll stay cool and show off your team spirit at the same time with this Collegiate Ceiling Fan. Ceiling Fans Depot specializes in offering a wide range of ceiling fans from a wide range of manufacturers. Ceiling Fan Brands: Casablanca Fan Company offers a large line of high quality, customizable ceiling fans and accessories. Ceiling fans not only add to a home's worth and beauty, they are a great supplement to the heating and cooling system. Ceiling fans can help keep heat where it will do the most good, in the lower half of the room. The way the blades are angled on our three ceiling fans, clockwise will draw the air up for Ceiling fan rotation counterclockwise makes the heat Ceiling Fans. Grand Light's design team can assist you through every step of the decision making process, from the selection of lighting fixtures, to layout design, to installation, and more.
For a free half-hour lighting design consultation, call us at 1-800-922-1469 or simply use our contact form. Exterior lighting should not only enhance the beauty of your home, but should also add safety and security. Browse through our huge selection of outdoor and landscape lighting, or call us at 1-800-922-1469 for a free half-hour consultation. Lighting above the mirror should be centered over the sink to prevent shadowing on your face. To avoid shadows when mounting fixtures on either side of the mirror or sink, mount them no further than 30 inches apart and approximately 65-70 inches above the floor.
By reversing the direction of your fan in the winter, you can save approximately 1-2% on your heating bill for each degree you lower your thermostat. For best performance and appearance, an extension downrod should be used with your Casablanca fan when installing on high or sloped ceilings. Select from 6 various fan speeds in forward and reverse for perfect comfort level and room ambience. Automatically adjusts the speed of the fan as you sleep to compensate for cooler night air for all-night comfort.
Turns lights off 30 seconds after pressing the light button, giving ample time to leave a room without stumbling in the dark. Provides a controlled lighting cycle that makes your home look occupied when you're not there. The Versa-Touch2 hand-held remote provides three forward or reverse fan speeds, full spectrum light dimming and memory, and has an optional wall plate bracket.
The industry's leading optional fan and light control, features four speeds in forward and reverse. Easily converts new or existing Casablanca 3-Speed Pull Chain models equipped with a Hang-Tru® canopy. Use one Adapt-Touch to control several fans or purchase extra controls to operate one fan from different locations.
Select from six various fan speeds in forward and reverse for perfect comfort level and room ambience. Large easy to read LCD window displays light intensity, fan speed, airflow direction, and mode of operation. Strategically locating the fixtures around a structure with pools of light in contrast with darker areas provides the interplay of light and shadow that creates stunning visual impact. Once the sketch is complete, pencil in the placement of area, path, directional, and specialty fixtures.
Area lights are indirect light sources that have a large distribution of light on the ground or on the surface commonly used for driveways, isolated planters, or perimeter illumination.
Path lights are commonly used for small pathways, walkways, flowerbeds and ground cover areas, with spacing of 6 to 10 feet.
Specialty fixtures are used for a wide variety of special installations and applications, including hanging, surface, underwater, step, and brick lighting.
It is usually more attractive when the lighting effects are spread throughout the setting rather than merely aimed for symmetrical distribution.
Uniform illumination provides a layer of ambient light typically used to provide general lighting on horizontal surfaces. Non-uniform down lighting provides the appearance of pools of light and can provide a more interesting visual appearance. For counter or work surface tasks, recessed fixtures should be placed between the cabinet face and the front edge of the counter. When lighting paper tasks, down-lights should be placed on each side of the task to minimize glare.
When lighting tasks in front of people, such as at a table or in front of a mirror, it is important to locate down-lights in front of the person so as not to cast unnatural and unpleasant shadows. Decorative pendants provide both functional task lighting and add a visual interest and aesthetic character into a space.
Accent Lighting creates high contrast between space and objects of interest such as sculpture, collectibles, and architectural details. The illumination of vertical surfaces can impact the perception of a space more than any other type of lighting. Wall washing provides an even spread of illumination for vertical surfaces such as walls, large paintings, wall hangings, bookcases and shelving, cabinet fronts, or stairwells.
By placing down-lights 6 to 12 inches from a wall, a grazing effect can be achieved on textured surfaces such as brick or stucco.
To calculate the amount of track you'll need for an organic shape, draw the Tech Trak to scale (for example, ¼" =1'). The first step in designing your Two-Circuit Monorail system is to determine what it is you are trying to light. Next, add up the wattages of the lamps you'll be using on the system; this will help you select a transformer.
There are select standoffs that will match the drop of your power feed to support the system. Note: Power extenders and standoffs are field-cuttable, so it's easy to achieve a custom drop length.
The first step in designing your Monorail system is to determine what it is you are trying to light.
Next, add up the wattages of the lamps you'll be using on the system: this will help you select a transformer.
The first step in designing your Kable Lite system is to determine what it is you are trying to light.
Different fixtures have different cable separation requirements, so make sure the fixtures you've chosen are compatible with the cable separation.

Finally, add up the wattages of the lamps you'll be using on the system; this will help you select a transformer. The first step in designing your Monorail Chandelier is to determine what it is you are trying to light. Next, add up the wattages of the lamps you'll be using on the system - this will help you select a transformer.
The first step in designing your Wall Monorail system is to determine what it is you are trying to light. The next step is to add up the wattages of the lamps you'll be using on the system - this will help you select a transformer. Chandeliers provide a key element in the décor of your dining area, and are functional as well. The style of the fixture is important to take into consideration as well as the specific activities that may take place at your table other than dining.
The heart of every crystal chandelier or crystal adorned light fixture is the crystal itself.
Swarovski Strass Crystal: Regarded by leaders in the industry as the finest crystal in the world, Strass crystals are acclaimed for possessing the highest levels of both clarity and internal flawlessness.
Swarovski Strass Crystals in Fashion Colors: Almost as famous for their innovation as they are for their crystals, Swarovski has taken their renowned Strass crystals and has added color options using a technique that does not degrade the look or finish of the crystal, but actually enhances the existing faceting, clarity, and shape. Swarovski Spectra Crystal: Manufactured in Austria by Swarovski, Spectra crystals offer an affordable Swarovski crystal option. Precision Crystal: Laser cut and machined polished, Precision crystals are manufactured with a lead content level of 30% or more.
Blending a quality look with a great price, Imperial, Regal, Gem-cut, and Royal Cut crystals are created by artisans worldwide and match some of the most flawless crystals made by high-quality manufactures. Venetian Crystal: Using the same time-honored techniques that have been perfected over generations, Venetian glass comes from the historic glass making region around Venice, Italy. Just as there are numerous crystal types, there are a diverse amount of shapes to accompany them.
The most important factors that contribute to the frequency of cleaning your crystal chandelier are the location, type of crystals, and the shape of the crystals. To determine if your crystals need to be cleaned, look at your light fixture and if the crystals seem to be dull or have a layer of dust coating on them, refer to the cleaning techniques below. Note: Prior to using any crystal cleaning techniques listed below, unplug and turn off the power source to your crystal light fixture and allow all bulbs to cool. Grand Light has been the leading source of crystal light fixtures for over 70 years, and in that time, we have perfected the art of cleaning and maintaining crystals. This technique is best used when particle and dust coating is minimal and does not require the crystals to be removed. Start off by preparing a solution consisting of one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water in a spray bottle. Crystal Removal Method: This technique is best used to remove the dust that has been building up over the years and requires a bit more effort to clear away. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Simply by reversing the direction and changing the speed, the same fan that cools you in summer can keep you warmer in winter as well!
You can get your daily dose here, by listening to—or reading—Bob’s 60-second home improvement radio tip of the day.
At that time, speed, direction of rotation, Until recently, I never really liked ceiling fans, and I would still consider a show-stopping chandelier over a ceiling fan at times. I read your article about ceiling fans (from last Sunday's paper) and agree wholeheartedly about their use all season long. Ceiling fans are an investment that can pay for Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect through the breeze it creates, this requires the blades to spin in a counter-clockwise rotation. Proper blade rotation for each season can save money on annual energy consumption by maintaining a more constant temperature Ceiling fans at the guaranteed lowest prices. Setting Ceiling Fan Rotation Until recently, I never really liked ceiling fans, and I would still consider a show-stopping chandelier over a ceiling fan at times. Lighting helps you perform tasks more easily, and makes you feel safer and more comfortable. By using a fan with your air conditioning during the summer, you can save approximately 4-8% on your air conditioning bills for each degree you raise your thermostat. Computer technology enables the system to use the two wires in your home so costly electrical work is not required; a third wire is not needed. Versa-Touch2 may be used alone to control several fans or may have extra controls to operate a single fan from different locations. Wall-mounted or hand-held, Advan-Touch combines a user-friendly design with a large LCD display and intuitive controls for fan and lighting with programmable features.
Our landscape lighting unobtrusively blends into any surrounding, harmonizing your property with both nature and architecture. Low-voltage lighting is easily installed, making it ideal for enhancing existing properties. Sketch the structure (house or office building) in context of the lot, and make note of trees for uplighting, interesting textures, signs or address markers, colorful flowerbeds, and shrubbery. With a narrow sidewalk, stagger the lighting from one side to the other; however, a uniform row of fixtures works well for a wide walkway or driveway.
Just add up the total wattage of the lamps you are using and make sure it is less than or equal to the transformer rating. General Lighting is important for circulation and functionality, and allows you to express a range of moods throughout every room in your home. It is important to note that, while useful, uniform illumination typically has the least visual impact on a space.
Non-uniform illumination is generally accomplished with par or MR16 lamps spaced far enough apart so their beams do not overlap. It is critical to allow enough light to perform your tasks accurately, efficiently, and safely.
Whenever possible, add complementary fill lighting from a diffuse source such as a wall sconce or chandelier.
Pendants can be used singularly to light over small tables such as in an intimate restaurant, or in multiples to light elongated surfaces such as residential kitchen island counters or retail cash wraps or feature displays.
For noticeable visual impact, accent lighting should be at least three times as bright as a surrounding area.
This eliminates veiling reflection (glare) from bouncing into a viewer's eye, and prevents the casting of a shadow of the viewer onto the artwork.
The diffuse nature of wall-wash illumination has the effect of flattening out textured surfaces. The last row of down-lights closest to the wall will cause light scallops, which if planned for can add visual interest to a space. For best appearance, place the last standoff 4 to 6 inches from the end of the run, and place standoffs symmetrically, altering between standoffs with connector where track sections join together and standoffs without connector in the center of each 8-foot track section. You'll need to decide where the pendants or elements should be installed to put light where you want it, and which pendants or elements will be controlled by each circuit. Remember, Two-Circuit Monorail can be shaped by hand to follow architectural details or to create an organic shape. A remote transformer with a power feed canopy provides the cleanest look, but the remote transformer must be installed in an accessible, remote location.

Power feed canopies place the rail two inches from the ceiling, while Two-Circuit Monorail surface transformers place the rail six inches from the ceiling. You'll need to decide where pendants or elements should be installed to put light where you want it. Remember, Monorail can be shaped by hand to follow architectural details or to create an organic shape. Power feed canopies place the rail two inches from the ceiling; surface transformers drop it from two to five inches, depending on the type of transformer. You will need to decide where the where pendants or elements should be installed to put light where you want it. You will need to decide where the elements should be installed to put light where you want it. For rooms with an 8-foot ceiling, hang the chandelier so the bottom of the fixture is 30 to 32 inches above the tabletop. Each crystal represents the difference between choosing a light fixture of heirloom quality that completes the room and one that lacks warmth and will soon become just part of a room. Possessing a lead content that exceeds 30%, each Strass crystal is first cut by a machine to ensure that each facet meets precisely at one focal point to achieve optimum refraction and produce an optically pure prism. Featuring over 15 different color choices, Swarovski makes it possible to match and compliment your existing color palette and still dress your crystal light fixture with the highest quality of crystals. Each Swarovski Spectra crystal is created and cut in a process similar to the Strass crystals.
Using only the highest quality precision cutting machines, each crystal is cut for optimal light dispersion and clarity. Each type of these luminous crystals are for the discerning customer who appreciates fine craftsmanship at an affordable price.
Molded and fire polished, Venetian Crystal possesses a subtle beauty-- soft and graceful-- that has a look and feel of its own. These prisms are better than machine cut crystals because each crystal has its own unique qualities. A crystal chandelier hanging in a foyer trimmed with Swarovski Strass crystals, which are finished with an optical coating that repels dust and other airborne particles, is both easier to clean and would be done less frequently, while a crystal chandelier trimmed with hand cut crystal pendeloques in the same location will show more dust and require frequent cleanings. Then again, I never had much use Fanimation Ceiling Fans: One Complete Revolution Fanimation Ceiling Fans: One Complete Revolution! Ceiling fans can be set up to rotate either way, many of them have a switch that will change the direction.
Rotation Ceiling fans should rotate counter clock-wise in the Rite-Hites Revolution industrial ceiling fans bring a whole new level of performance for air circulation and energy costs savings on heating and cooling. Donovan Not only can ceiling fans help keep your family feeling cooler in summer months, they can also keep them feeling warmer in winter months.
By using different lighting techniques, you can create a dramatic look, a soft cozy feeling, highlight artwork, or provide lighting for a work area.
Choose the correct sized fixture for the scale of your home by visualizing how the fixture will appear from the street. In addition to allowing fan speed control, full range light dimming, and totally silent operation are in your control with Inteli-Touch.
Use one Advan-Touch to control several fans, or purchase an extra control to operate one fan from different locations.
Grand Light's designers and products will help your landscape lighting design come alive with a three-dimensional look from dusk till dawn.
The design of each installation is tailored to the unique characteristics of a property's foliage, structures, and human activities. For tables, the bottom edge of the pendants should be mounted 30 to 36 inches above the counter top. Key lighting is a hard-accent light used to create shadows and to highlight an object's form and texture.
Your run must be placed so it runs directly from beneath the surface transformer or power feed, and intersects the locations of all the fixtures.
If this drop is shorter than you require, you'll need to add a power extender to your canopy or surface transformer. Your Monorail run must be placed so it runs directly beneath the junction box with the surface transformer or power feed canopy and intersects the locations of all the fixtures. Your Wall Monorail must be placed so it runs directly in front of the junction box if using a remote transformer or within two feet of the junction box if using a surface transformer. A surface transformer simply mounts to a nearby junction box and requires end or center power feed connectors to bring power from the transformer to the run.
The power feed canopy counts as a support, so begin adding standoffs three feet from the power feed canopy.
Since the significant cost of a crystal chandelier is in the quality of the crystals that will adorn it, understanding the different types and shapes of crystals is necessary. After machining, each crystal is hand polished and given an invisible optical coating that not only makes it easier to clean and maintain, but actually repels dust particles. However, Spectra crystals are different from Strass crystals as they are not made with lead, do not come with an optical coating, and are available in different shapes and sizes. Should the ceiling fan rotation be counterclockwise in the summertime or the other way around? When planning the lighting for a room in your home, begin by considering the activities taking place and the look you are trying to achieve.
Fill light is a softer light thrown from the opposite side of the object to soften the shadows, making the object appear more natural. Two-Circuit Monorail transformers come pre-wired with either two or four 120 volt input lines to allow for independent switching of the circuits.
Kable Lite surface transformers and power feed canopies have 24-inch feeds, so your Kable Lite run must pass within two feet of the junction box. Kable Lite power feed canopies and surface transformers have 24-inch feeds; if this drop is shorter than you require, or if you prefer the look of hardware, you'll need optional hardwire feeds. When selecting your crystal options, consider that the type or grade of a crystal determines the clarity, color density, and light dispersion.
To ensure buyer protection, each Strass crystal is laser etched with the official Swarovski Strass logo. Other techniques can also be applied to further accentuate the unique character of an object, such as silhouetting. You should be mindful of the horizontal location of the center of the scallops relative to architectural features such as cabinet frames, doorways, windows, etc. Also, you may add one set of end caps to each end of the run for an elegant finishing touch. The power feed counts as a support, so begin adding standoffs three feet from the power feed.
Features a convenient three speed switch and reverses direction for cooling in summer and warming in winter. You will not need to add supports to your run unless it's long (over twenty feet) or has heavier elements (such as glass pendants). Must be hung from the 2" or 4" downrods supplied as this fan cannot be installed as a ceiling "hugger".

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