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While a ceiling fan can help you stay cool in the summer, the same principles that apply to summer fan usage will also help you stay warm in the winter. Most ceiling fans have a switch somewhere on the motor housing that allows you to change the direction of the turning blades. It is important to remember that a ceiling fan is really only worth using when someone is in the room.
More even single-room heating isn’t the only benefit of using a ceiling fan during the winter. Horizon Services, the Delaware Valley’s largest home services company, is ready to meet all of your needs for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. Yesterday, we reviewed the many, many suggestions from our Energy Saving Guide on ways you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home which will cost you just a little to do. Today, we review the remaining ideas from our list which cost a little but can save you a lot on our electric utility bill through energy conservation measures. Simply select this link to access the first of two articles reviewing the more costly electricity conservation ideas.
The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series.
The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed.
In other words, the more air you get for every watt you use, the more efficient (and desireable) the fan is. Since Emerson Introduced their ECO Fans nearly 5 years ago, other manufacturers have scrambled to produce their own fans with DC motors.
ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient is a new program that identifies and advances highly efficient products in the marketplace. Although these Emerson ECO fans include the environmentally friendly DC EcoMotor, they are NOT ENERGY STAR qualified due to their higher wattage light fixtures. Because the EcoMotor does not use electricity to create a magnetic field it operates at a lower temperature, which gives it more torque and less wear along with increased efficiency. Use this calculator to figure out the cost to operate any electrical appliance based on the watts consumed, cost of electricity (in Kilowatt hours) and the operational time.
The numbers are plugged in for the Midway Eco on High Speed 365 days per year with the national average cost of electricity.
Basic Help: Our cost usage calculator shows you how much it will cost to operate the ceiling fan.
The wattage of the fan is already included (if it is known), but you can change it if you wish to see how the wattage affects the cost. This includes models from all brands of ceiling fans sold in the USA that qualify as ENERGY STAR (not counting finish variations). The 368 ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans includes models that come with lights and without lights. Based on these numbers, each of the Emerson Eco ceiling fans is nearly 4 times (or 400%) more efficient than the average ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan. Having been in the ceiling fan business for over 20 years, it is rare that a new ceiling fan gets me excited. But while researching the efficiency ratings of the latest introductions this year, one model clearly stood out among all others. The Midway Eco, a new breed of eco-friendly ceiling fans from Emerson Electric that brings new meaning to the concept of efficiency.
With these new innovations, the Midway Eco far surpassed the ENERGY STAR testing requirements established by the EPA. There are 126 ENERGY STAR ceiling fans in total, which represents all of the various finishes available for each model. I removed the finish variations to get to the actual base models since each finish is just a duplicate of the actual fan. ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans with lights available in the USA from all brands combined.
The table below represents my findings sorted by the most efficient to the least efficient. Emerson made changes to the Midway Eco DC motor in 2011 that improved the efficiency even more.
In preparation for the celebration of Earth Day 2010, I personally sent emails to customers who had purchased Midway Eco ceiling fans from us in the recent past. If you have some pictures of the Midway Eco installed in your home, please send them along with your email so that I may post them here as well. The fan has a lot of power and can really produce quite a wind, blowing papers off the table in high forward mode. I spent hours on the internet researching fans, and we visited several high-end stores that carry Emerson fans to see models in person and get a feel of their power and ease of use. I would like to be able to turn the light on and off at a wall switch in addition to the remote. I prefer to use a 13 watt 5000k light that is much more bright and comfortable than the yellowish 2700k lights packed with the fan. I arrived at the decision to purchase these fans by starting with a search for "energy efficient ceiling fans".
After extensive research on ceilings fans (I'm always looking for the best bang for my buck), I'm very pleased with my Eco purchase for my brand new condo and would do so again. My husband & I bought this Eco Ceiling fan from your company after much searching & deliberations. Comments from Greg: Emerson Electric has been in business since 1895 and made ceiling fans in the USA for nearly 100 years.

My experience with Hansen Wholesale was fine but I must say I had to call the helpline since the fan was broken. I must say I dreaded calling the helpline (I assume this was not related to Hansen Wholesale) but was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't treated as if I didn't know how to install a ceiling fan. Comments from Greg: For those reading this review, the "Older Eco" that Ken is referring to is not the same fan.
The combined styling and energy efficiency of the new Emerson motor were THE reasons we bought the fan.
Because we live in New England and we bought the fan in the winter months, we haven't had much use for it. The only product comment we have is that it would be great if there was an option to have the light capped off. We have been very pleased with our Eco fan and are even considering purchasing a second one for our upstairs bedroom. Greg - I'd love to help, but the fan is in a room that's being remodeled and we haven't used it yet. We purchased the Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fan this spring to install in our new sunroom addition. As someone who cares about the environment, it was very important to me that the fans we purchased were as energy efficient as possible while being aesthetically pleasing. Regarding your company's helpfulness - we found it very easy to place our order and the fans were delivered in a timely manner, well packaged but not overly so. I would love to write a review for the fans, but I have to say that I have not used them yet. I was recommended them by a colleague who did extensive research about fans and eco-friendly options.
I hope to have it cooling me and my family off in the coming months, but I will not be able to give it a full review in time for Earth Day. QUESTION: I am looking at the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco 72 (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan Model CF788VNB, however regarding fan blades for an outdoor-damp location, would these blades tend to warp over a few years in a humid environment? ANSWER: When you click on the orange button for blades, look for blades that say "(Outdoor Damp)". ANSWER: I am sorry to report that Halsey went out of business several years ago, so finding parts for them is difficult. QUESTION: The location I am considering was wired only for a light and no fan (1 wire pair). Lisp commands caddsolve, Acadstaircalc.exe very useful stair calculator for autocad 2000 and greater.
It rocks our world that just $8 worth of product purchases can give an outdated fan a whole new life.
We asked our bloggers to visit Nordstrom and pick out a new pair of shoes for the spring season. Are your children forgetting to turn the lights off in their room, no matter how often you gently remind them? We have these for our porch lights so them come on only when someone approaches the front steps so we don’t leave the porch lights on all the time and therefore save electricity. How often have you left the bathroom, only to discover hours later that the fan was still running? We use these in our family room, kitchen and bedrooms to allow us to adjust the brightness of the recessed ceiling lights as needed, especially to not keep them on the brightest setting when not needed to reduce their electricity consumption. If your refrigerator’s seal is broken or cracked, then all of that cooled air inside the fridge is escaping, causing your refrigerator to work harder and consume more electricity. This effort identifies the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR certified in particular product categories.
One of the biggest complaints about ENERGY STAR qualified fans from consumers is that the lighting is insufficient or not dimmable.
DC motors can use permanent magnets that always have a magnetic field as opposed to AC motors which have electromagnets that require electricity in order to create a magnetic field. By default, the calculator assumes that you will leave your fan running 24 hours a day for the entire year (which is not very likely to be accurate), so you will want to change the hours and days to be more in line with how often you think you will use the fan. If you add a light fixture to the fan, you can add the wattage of the fixture to the wattage of the fan to perform calculations with the lights on.
The fan motor uses only 18 watts and the built-in light uses four 13 watt fluorescent lamps (52 watts total) to provide maximum illumination at a very low wattage. I also requested them to send pictures of the fan installed in their home if they were so inclined. The wall mount control is next to the door to the garage, so it is easy and convenient to turn the light on as we come in from the garage.
We love them so much we wanted to put one in our kitchen - my only complaint is that it does not come in black so we had to purchase a different fan which is not nearly as energy efficient. I've received many compliments and it's nice to say it's the most efficient ceiling fan on the market.
However, like ALL other ceiling fan companies in the USA, all manufacturing is now done overseas, so there are no longer any ceiling fans being manufactured in the USA. We purchased the Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fans for our apartment which is currently undergoing renovations.
Emerson specially makes the damp rated blades from solid hardwood (instead of cheap plywood) that is treated to resist cracking and warping from being outside.
It is not a brand that we ever sold, so we would not have any fixtures on hand that were made by them. If you give us a call, we will be happy to help you choose the best fan for your needs and make sure you can install it.

Read on, readers, for the photo recap and some great pointers to tackle this easy DIY project. This reverse mode pulls air up toward the ceiling, driving the warm air that has risen naturally back down and around the edges of the room. How many times have you seen someones outdoor Christmas lights on in the morning because they did not use a timer to automatically turn them off? If you install motion sensor light switches in their room, they can still turn off the lights when they leave, but if they forget the lights will turn themselves off in a few minutes. Product categories were selected and recognition criteria were established to ensure that products that receive this recognition demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional, inspirational, or leading edge consistent with the interests of environmentally-motivated consumers and early adopters. It is for this reason that Emerson has chosen to design these ECO fans with higher output lighting that is dimmable. In some cases, when a light fixture of known wattage is included with the fan, the option to calculate with or without lights will show automatically.
It hangs at a height of about 9 feet, which is a recommended height for a 13 ft ceiling, so I read. We keep the remote on the other side of the room on a bureau so it is our control as we approach the dining area from the kitchen. It is very quiet and my husband frequently forgets to turn it off because it is so unobtrusive.
At this point I would have to go and look at it to remember the specifics of how I found it useful.
I have only had a winter and a cool spring to try the fan out ,so it has not had much use, but I can tell I am impressed at the amount of air it moves using only 24 watts of power. The Midway Ecos are stylish (we have had many compliments already), quiet, LOVE the remote controls and we are thoroughly satisfied with our purchase. I must admit I did hire an electrician to install my fans and he even said this one was "sweet". We have not had the opportunity to install the fans but are looking forward to doing so in the next few weeks. They will hold up much better than what you have experienced and are in fact rated for use in outdoor damp locations by the manufacturer.
Once determined, this reverse mode pulls air up toward the ceiling, driving the warm air that has risen naturally back down and around the edges of the room.
And the prices of CFL’s are really coming down fast making these the obvious choice for most replacement bulbs.
And, with them on, you likely won’t need to turn on the ceiling lights at night which can wake every one else up. So, if you place these appliances in the basement, the surrounding air will be less likely to cause them to run longer. Install a timer so you don’t keep the fan running for ever and waste precious electricity. This designation has been given to a hand full of fans that far exceed ENERGY STAR standards.
You can change this to use the average cost of electricity in your state, although this may vary widely from city to city. We have a pellet stove in the room (which is visible in one of the photos) which we have used a lot this winter to heat this part of the house. There have been a couple of times when it has made a noise but it has been rare and intermittent and we can eliminate it by changing the fan speed. I did run it during the winter, but as this is a newly built house I don't have a past to compare it to for savings on the heating bill.We had an open and airy house built with lots of windows to open because our family prefers to have the windows open and make it feel like we are sitting outside in the shade of a tree.
Unfortunately, as I said, we have not had the opportunity to use the fan yet but are looking forward to a breezy summer once the fans are installed.
He turned off the electricity (via our panel box) and took that fugalicious fan down and said it was mine, all mine! We use the spring based type so we don’t consume electricity through the timer mechanism itself.
You can potentially change out the bulbs for LEDs or CFLs for those who are concerned about the energy consumption of the light. We run the fan in reverse on medium or low and it does an excellent job of bringing the warm air down into the room. I liked the performance of the fan with little electricity use so much I bought 4 more to also serve as an investment to help save money for the next 15 or so years. Hansen's customer service was superb and even offered to show me how it would look in my room prior to purchase, but I had already made up my mind by then.
We bought the Eco fan for some specific reasons: the fan blades are a high angle (which might be best for running the fan in forward mode for cooling in the summer), the fan has a reverse mode (crucial for circulating the air heated from the pellet stove), and it runs on low power (important because it is on most of the daytime during the winter), the lights are flourescent, and it has a modern style and comes in nickel. The only slight negative is that the light cover on the bronze model really limits the amount of light actually produced, but that is an expected trade-off for how good it looks.
The light fixture previously used 3-60W incandescent bulbs, which were replaced with 4-13W CFLs for increased light output using less than half the wattage. They also changed the blades from a flat curved design to a convex airfoil design for substantially improved airflow.

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