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Stunning, Stylish and High Performance; these words aren’t usually used to describe ceiling extractors however with the Caple CE1105 Ceiling Extractor all three would suit perfectly. First of all let’s start with the design, and while the CE1105, with a width of 1080mm, could seem imposing and a potential eye-sore in the kitchen the two neon lighting panels actually help to create the feeling of more spac.
In terms of use, you will have the choice of 4 extraction speeds meaning you can alter the power depending on what you are cooking. All of these motors feature Perimetrical Extraction that works by drawing air through the small apertures around the main panels of the hood reducing noise and producing an increase in pressure which in turn improves the performance of the motor.
The HIB Cyclone Inline Extractor Fan doubles up as a ceiling ornament or is it the other way round.

A combination of clever engineering, simple design and durable materials help to make this cooker hood one of the leading models in this range.
A motor is not included with this ceiling extractor and instead you will need to purchase a separate motor. If you are able to use inline installation for the motor and ducting you will enjoy a quiet extraction meaning your conversations won’t be drowned out by the sound of extraction.
This ceiling mounted beauty is actually a wet room inline fan with an external fixed grill and white showerlight fascia. This means that with the pressing of a button you can control the extraction rate as well as the lighting level.

The Caple CE1105 Ceiling Extractor also comes with a timer so you can set the extractor to keep running for 10 minutes after cooking to continue extracting the remaining cooking smells. This cooker hood is an ideal installation in large open plan kitchens or those that are looking for a minimalist design. It also has a timer facility that allows a room to be ventilated after the switch has been turned off.

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