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If it is then you should proceed with the purchase, but realize that all expenses for repairs and building code requirements and upgrades will be your responsibility. The owner has the right to sell the property during this time as long as the loan is completely paid off at the closing. Auction: This is the action by which the county court seizes the property from the owner and sells it to the highest bidder, usually at the courthouse. Neither the owner nor the lender will make repairs and most states don't allow a buyer to inspect the inside of the home or building before bidding begins. You could be buying a home or other type of property that has substantial structural problems, termites, toxic chemicals, exposed lead paint, or tax liens.
Sometimes the auction doesn't occur because the owner makes the required payments or resolves the disputed matter at the last minute. You should learn about the entire process and make sure you completely understand the laws and procedures before bidding on a property.

If there was no problem when the home was bought and financed by the previous owner, there theoretically should be no problem with your purchase. These agencies will have financed the home directly, guaranteed the mortgage, or bought the mortgage from a lender, usually a bank, before the loan became delinquent. You will be allowed to tour and inspect these homes in advance and most of the time these homes will qualify for title insurance. Where inspections are allowed they may only be scheduled for a limited time on a certain day.
You also might not obtain clear title because some liens such as IRS Federal Taxes and city and county taxes are not wiped out by foreclosure. If the lender is a bank, credit union, or mortgage company they then will try to sell their REO properties on the open market, either by themselves, by listing them with a real estate broker, by advertising with a third-party marketing company, or by entering them into additional auctions. There is much advertising about the tremendous bargains available and the huge profits to be made by purchasing foreclosed properties at a large discount from market value.
There also are other government entities that specialize in certain types of properties.

You have much less risk in government auctions so the prices will be much closer to market value.
Delinquent taxes will make it highly unlikely that you will be able to obtain title insurance. It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy to buy valuable real estate for pennies on the dollar or by using other people's money. However, you should beware of bidding on or buying a property in which the lender was a private party, a relative of the owner, or a bank with legal problems. These auctions are better if you are buying a home for your own use than if you are an investor looking for a quick profit. But like all other types of investments they can bring you gains or loses depending on your timing and expertise.

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