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Sea fans are so elegantly coastal to me and when they are dyed or painted, they can infuse a pop of color into a room in such a dramatic way. Two years ago, I shared a tutorial on how to dye sea fans with RIT fabric dye that you can find here.
After I spray painted my three fans, I picked up a large mat at Hobby Lobby and cut the mat to fit my three frames. I used ready made frames from Hobby Lobby and attach the fans to the mat with a very small amount of hot glue. If you’re interested in dyeing the fans, you can find the tutorial here for dyeing them. I am in the process of dyeing a large collection of fans in a gorgeous light turquoise color that I will post when I get them finished.

On a side note, this summer I will be opening my online store and one of the items I am planning to sell will be dyed sea fans in various colors. I hope you all have a wonderful week and be sure and check back Friday morning for Friday Favorites.
This entry was posted in Art, Crafts, Decorate, DIY, Do It Yourself Projects, Uncategorized, Wall Ideas and tagged Sea Fans. I can see them in a white washed frame for a shabby look or rather a sleek modern frame  for a contemporary look.
The color seems much more vibrant and organic to me with the dye but framed and up on a wall, I’m not sure the differences would be as noticeable. This week I am sharing some amazing furniture revamps and tutorials that I think you all will love and hopefully be inspired.

The second important thing to do is to spray the least amount of paint possible and from the furthest distance. I then put the sea fans on the mat in the frames and while it’s a tight fit, I just close the back of the frame the best I can. In other words, the second the fan starts showing that it is covered in color, stop spraying!

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