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Instagram have some awesome new updates which make the platform even more kick ass than before. Taylor Swift has been criticised by Social media users and other critics for her most recent music video and how it appears to have racist overtones.
They say that in their first year they’ve paired up some big name brands with soundcloud creators to create great working partnerships. So this if the government spying on you wasn’t enough, then now you know Heston Blumenthal is too.
Recently trending hashtag #BloggerBlackmail has brought up some heated conversation around bloggers and the freebies they receive. It’s that time of the day where Likes and Fails keeps you occupied for a couple of minutes, before you realise you only have half an hour left of work!
We love it when a brand or company does something a bit different with their social media, and it looks like Target got a helping hand from an internet vigilante this week after their new gender neutral policy was announced. Anyway, one so called vigilante decided to take matters in to their own hands after they noticed that some people were deciding to boycott Target because of the gender tag removals, and they went to town with their responses. The tube strikes are happening AGAIN in London, and everyone on Social Media has something to say about it. Kristen Bell, actress and all around lovely person has now given us another reason to think she’s one of the loveliest people on the planet. So obviously, she proved that it was her by posting a photograph of her excess stomach skin which she had been ashamed of until that point.
The woman has since been surprised that her story has gone viral, but glad that her bravery in showing her skin has affected people in a way she had never imagined. Only joking you can also use it in Boots, BP, Costa, KFC, Lidl, M&S, McDonalds, Nandos, Post Office, Starbucks, Waitrose and Subway, among a few more, and more being added in the future. Nestle has been in the firing line this week after rumours spread that some of it’s products contain MSG.
There was an earthquake in Kent last night, in case you hadn’t noticed the furore on Social Media this morning. A large betting company in Australia has had to check their tweeting today after the posted a rather cruel jibe at a professional footballer and his girlfriend. There are obviously many worse things posted on Twitter everyday but if you are a brand trying to uphold an image then it’s best to not post something that feels too controversial. Nigel Farage, a man possibly never to grace the likes section of our blog has been making a bit of an idiot of himself on Twitter.
The music video shows a Hollywood movie being shot in an undisclosed African location with Taylor as the lead actress. The partnership program allows users of Soundcloud to make money from their work and uploads in the US. They have also signed upcoming artists to the service who will also get money for their contributions.
Heston Blumethal has announced that he will be googling his patrons in order to get an insight into their food likes and dislikes. The argument surrounds a blogger who asked to visit a bakery in return for a review on her blog. It seems it’s all just a misunderstanding but Twitter seems to have got a kick out of it.
A bit of background, Target announced that it would be removing gender labels on a selection of clothing from their kids line.

This was only after they’d set up their own page, making them look like an official Target customer service rep, well to the less Facebook savvy anyway. Even Facebook has got in on the action by prompting some users to post about the Tube Strike. She heard about a little girl called Avery who is suffering with an inoperable brain tumour and decided to do something wonderful for her.
Many were appreciative of her sharing the picture saying that it was very honest and open of her and that it was helping them on their own weight loss journeys. Fandoms were in their element as stars of different TV shows and film franchises hung out together and took photographs, people got into their costumes and cosplay, and the world of comics and films was celebrated.
Maggi’s clumsy damage control attempt riled Twitter fans even more and it was if the brand had no clue how to use social media at all!
After the recent Thomas Cook scandal, when faced with a serious or potentially brand-damaging issue, MAN UP!
There are people cracking jokes about the earthquake which surprisingly hit 4.2 magnitude on the richter scale. If you notice a tweet gaining traction for whatever reason then closely monitor it and its sentiment so it can be removed swiftly if need be!
Emma Watson spends International Women’s Day discussing gender equality issues and Nigel Farage sent a stupid tweet and got stupid answers. She hosted the live chat on Facebook and took time to answer some questions that women from around the world had sent in following her call a week earlier.
The politician posted a photograph of himself on Twitter and asked the public if they could name what was behind him in the picture. Though many made a mockery of what he decided to wear comparing his outfit to that of Mr Toad from the Wind in the Willows. The slightly unnerving plan means that when people call up for a reservation they will likely be googled by the restaurant team and their preferences noted. She was then upset when she visited said bakery and only received a package of 4 macarons and 4 marshmallows and a beverage of her choice. This vigilante changed their avatar to the Target logo and also changed their name to Ask ForHelp. Kristen is famous for voicing Anna from the all time biggest Disney film, Frozen, and 6 year old Avery is a big fan of said film.
A woman has been forced to defend herself online after cruel commenters bashed her weight loss journey.
There’s nothing worse than when a consumer interacts with a brand and they get a robotic response.
The internet went meme crazy posting pictures sarcastically about the effects of the quake.
People were quite obviously outraged at the the tone and suggestion of the tweet, and the account received tons of hate spewed back at them saying that it was disgraceful. This is one example where the post snowballed up so much that loads of people saw it and took offence. Of course the sarcastic comments came rolling in, though a lot of them were more straight up rude than sarcastic. You can carry on the conversation by sending text, photos and videos and add other people to the message to create a group conversation. It does seem odd that Taylor would travel to Africa and not ensure a realistic portrayal of Africa by hiring black actors for her video.
This is all for his Fat Duck restaurant, where apparently he had already been doing to keep a record of regular diners preferences. There was lots of behind the scenes action shared in the run up to the event with Rita Ora taking over the Billboard Twitter account.
She then thought it appropriate to then instead ask for ?100 worth of products for free otherwise she may not write a review or according to the bakery hinted that she would give them a bad review.

Mr ForHelp replied to no less than 50 commenters and you can see some of the witty responses below. The feature is available for all blue badge verified Facebook users, and it looks as if Facebook have got some big name celebrities on board to help promote the new feature. In fact there was probably more moaning about Facebook telling people to talk about tube strikes than there was about tube strikes themselves. Kristen sent a recorded message to the little girl in character as Princess Anna praising her for how good and brave she’d been. The world was captivated by the release of new film trailers for all big upcoming franchise blockbusters.
Pictures such as a lawn chair falling over, a broken gnome and bananas that have fallen off their hanger. Greg James volunteered to help present and act as interviewer for the discussion about women’s rights. Taylor has batted away the criticism by announcing that all proceeds from the video will be donated to African Parks Foundation of America.
He also consulted with Derren Brown to find out how to find the right information from his guests without them being too aware of what he’s doing. To be honest she did do just that, she posted some unflattering images of the products on her instagram and she even self proclaims how good her photographs normally are.
So anyway we can all delight in some terrible photoshopping skills which were very likely created by the same person and not by different designers all around the world as claimed. The tube strikes have affected pretty much every londoner, which means that socal media has turned nto a big moany mess.
She also said that her sister, Queen Elsa, had decided to crown her an honorary princess of Arendelle, which is where Anna and Elsa live and rule. Many said it was definitely not her because she didn’t have any stretch marks or excess skin from her weight loss. The story peaked around the release of new Star Wars film and their panel, the release of their themed emojis, as well as excitement surrounding the new Hunger Games: MockingJay part 2  teaser releases and again their panels. The banks available are: American Express, First Direct, HSBC, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Ulster Bank. Now I’m not too judgemental, but these memes have been used before for similar situations, like when it was super windy here. These updates come soon after Instagram changed their editing tools to allow rectangular images with borders to fit in to the square feed. She so far has not spoke out about the criticism and others on Twitter have been quick to leap to her defence. In case you’re interested here is a link to the photos involved in the article, clearly aimed at all the online news sites across the web.
The live broadcasts, once ended, are still viewable on the celebrities page, so don’t worry you can still catch up if you miss them live! To make the message extra personal she mentioned Avery’s favourite toy, Hoppy Jumpy, her bunny.
Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games franchise was the most tweeted about celebrity during the whole event.
Also please feel free to enjoy some of the whiny messages below and enjoy the y day Twitter collectively lost it’s shit about underground trains. But even more so, food hygiene and safety are huge concerns within the FMCG industry, so to handle the complaints so blase seems like they’ve completely underestimated the problem.

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