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Many people are not terribly concerned about the colour combination of their Dyson (They are more interested in buying a good machine at the right price).
All Dysons sold online still get our famous "no quibble" six months guarantee, and a courier will deliver your new Dyson right to your door within a few days. Buying a reconditioned Dyson from Manchester Vacs not only saves you money, it is green too!
Our online transactions are handled by either "Nochex" or "Paypal" (you choose during checkout) through the highly secure encrypted UK servers of Romancart. These are a just discontinued model, and they typically cost between ?293 and an eye-watering ?311 if you can still find a new one. The DC33 is the newest non-ball model of Dyson upright vacuum cleaner and a revised version of the DC14 above.
This DC24 is the small, ultra-lightweight Dyson ball featured in the video, and used by our model above, weighing in at a mere 5.4 kilos (That's less than 12 pounds if you think in imperial). About Highlands & Islands deliveries: All the couriers apply a surcharge to addresses they deem to be Highlands and Islands. If you are interested in having a reconditioned Dyson delivered to the Republic of Ireland or mainland Europe, please contact us for more information and an accurate all-inclusive price. A Dyson is a superb buy if it has been reconditioned properly, which involves dismantling the canister entirely and steam cleaning the narrow internal cyclones. If you are still unsure which Dyson model is for you, why not ask for some advice on our Dyson Discussion Forums.
The Dyson DC46 Motorhead is a compact, but powerful, canister vacuum cleaner designed for apartments and condos. All Dyson vacuums, including the DC46 Motorhead, can be used to clean both carpeted and barefloor surfaces. If the home has barefloor surfaces the motorhead easily detached from the wand and the articulating hardfloor brush can be attached. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. If you haven’t become acquainted with the patented Dyson Ball Technology there is no better time then now. The DC29 is a perfect machine for higher traffic homes with bare flooring, carpets and pets. For best results turn the brush roll off when vacuuming berber carpeted areas to avoid runs or pulls from forming in the carpet. Still powered by the new and improved digital motor which spins up to 110,000 RPM making it one of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market. For cleaning floors the Dyson V6+ has a wider belt driven motorized brush bar compared to the V6 Slim. Dyson engineers have developed a new and improved lightweight, compact cordless vacuum - The Dyson Digital Slim DC59 - that matches the suction of a corded vacuum cleaner - without being tethered to the wall. I’m going to have to spend some time getting to know these attachments and what each one does. Do to the construction of the vacuum it is easy to maneuver the Dyson Cinetac Big Ball around the room getting close to the baseboard and into the corners.
After two Dyson vacuum cleaners I just can’t ever see myself using a different brand again. Fewer new plastics are being manufactured for your Dyson, it will not be freighted from Malaysia like new Dysons are, it reduces the amount of end-of-life electrical appliances going into landfill because reconditioned Dysons are mostly constructed from recycled components. You can watch our video above to learn how versatile these machines are around the home and how easy they are to maintain. The DC24 has a ball instead of rear wheels, which in conjunction with a universal joint on the cleaner head makes it possible to steer the machine by twisting the handle to the right or left for greater manoeuvrability. The DC25 has a ball instead of rear wheels, which in conjunction with a universal joint on the cleaner head makes it possible to steer the machine by twisting the handle to the right or left for greater manoeuvrability. The DC25 is more suitable for family homes as opposed to the smaller "DC24 Ball" model featured above.

We have a limited number of cylinder cleaners, but not a steady enough supply to list them on this page. These include some parts of Scotland (Scottish postcodes include: IV1-IV28, PH19-PH44, PA20-PA29, KA27-KA28), offshore islands (including the Channel islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Arran and the Isle of Wight) and other remote places.
Many sellers do not do this and instead concentrate on the external visual aspect of the machine only.
If you still have any questions you want answered before you buy, you are welcome to first check our FAQ's on our conversation forums here: Frequently Asked Questions. It's small enough to store away with ease, but powerful enough to thoroughly clean the space from top to bottom.
The carbon filament power nozzle, which is controlled by a separate motor than the vacuum, separates the carpet fibers and the suction of the vacuum lifts and removes the dirt and debris away.
The new DC29 Absolute upright vacuum cleaner has been engineered for top performance and loaded with cleaning attachments for every cleaning task in mind. The DC29 is equipped with a motorized brush bar that provides a deep clean for carpeted areas, and can be turned off when moving to bare floor surfaces. A Lithium Ion battery is the source because it provides fade free performance ensuring you have the suction you need for the entire charge. Powered by the Dyson digital motor V6, the new Dyson Digital Slim has 2-Tier Radial cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery.
They oscillate to dislodge any particles that would typically get stuck in a cyclone that small. My husband (and son’s) only complaint was the handle is a little flimsy making it just a tad bit harder to steer.
We 100% endorse this brand and it’s products as they have worked great, long, and are of the utmost quality! I have a 30 year old vaccuum I love and see these wigh th ball and wonder if it will out do the old one. The reconditioned DC14 we supply will be fitted with a brand new motor, supplied for your floor type, and will be be supplied with the usual three tools for just ?129.99 including mainland courier delivery (Highlands and Islands must select that location during checkout). It features an auto adjusting cleaner head and the usual technology including the 16 ft quick draw wand and hose. The model supplied will be an "multi floor" top-of-the-range "allergy" model (colour may vary) and will be supplied with two tools: a stair tool and a crevice tool. If you want a Dyson cylinder cleaner, please give us a call on 0161 223 6814 (between 10am and 4pm any day except Sunday) to check what models and colours we have in stock today. If you live in such a place (and you know who you are because you will have encountered this before), we will need to pass on the courier surcharge (typically ?10) to you during checkout. As well, for increased particle separation and cleaner exhaust air the DC46 Motorhead utilizes the 2 Tier Radial Cyclone technology, which allows this machine to be certified asthma and allergy friendly.
Controls built into the hose handle allow you to turn the machine on an off, increase or decrease the suction, as well as activate the brush bar when it is needed.
By way of a plus or minus button built into the hose handle the suction of the machine can be set to low or high.
With 5 stages of filtration and inner cyclones that separate fine dust and dirt using 268,000g’s (gravitational force), this machine is ideal for any allergy sufferers and has been certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma Society of Canada. Yes women my husband was excited to try out the new Dyson Cinectic Big Ball + Animal Vacuum (and yes I’m pretty lucky). However one tool I did like was this nifty attachment which is perfect to get to high out of the reach shelves or fans! This is definitely specific to this model as our previous model was made a little different. The vacuum is powerful when my husband tried to run it over our carpet (that is actually stuck to the floor with a tacky carpet mat) it began to pick up the rug. Feel free to use the links to check the validity of our payment service providers before shopping if in doubt.
These are essentially the culmination of everything Dyson learned manufacturing the older DC01, DC04 and DC07 models.

Tell us your floor type using the drop down menu below, then click the "Buy Now" button below to purchase one now.
The Dyson DC33 Multi Floor is a lighter-weight upright for every floor type - carpet, ceramic, vinyl, wood. You can get a reconditioned DC25 from us for just ?159 including standard courier delivery (Highlands and Islands must select that location during checkout).
Stock is constantly changing, so even if we don't have what you are looking for today, we can put you in our "wants" book and give you a call when we get one. To ensure hassle free cleaning this vacuum is built on the Ball technology which allows the machine to follow behind the user with a more fluid motion and easier maneuverability in tight spaces. This allows a lower amount of suction to be used when cleaning delicate areas like blinds, drapery, and lamp shades, and the higher setting can be used when cleaning carpeting and barefloor surfaces. This machine comes with quick draw telescopic reach wand that gives an excellent reach for stairs or hard to reach spaces. Memory is not an issue for this battery and when charging you will have full power in 3.5 hours. This model has a washable filter that comes out of the top and because of the dirt separation it's very easy to wash.
I knew I needed to get a new one but honestly I don’t know a lot about vacuum cleaners. However the difference is the extension is no longer connected to the handle which makes it a lot easier to use.
This is indicative that the seller has not invested the time required to recondition the machine properly and is looking to sell on price point only, rather than quality.
Since there is a separate motor powering the brush it is suitable for households with shedding pets. The DC29 Absolute comes with an articulating floor brush for any bare floor surface cleaning, soft dusting brush for bookcases or flat surfaces, flexible crevice tool for tight and hard to reach spaces.
I hate vacuuming a room and not even being able to get across the room before you have to move the plug. Another feature I like, since my house is about 80% hardwood floors, is the ability to turn off the rotating brush so it doesn’t ruin the floors. The model supplied will be an "All floors" top-of-the-range "allergy" model and will be supplied with the correct multi-tool accessory. It takes around three to four hours to clean and recondition a Dyson properly, assuming you have any necessary replacement parts and fresh filters to hand (which we have). A mattress tool can attach to the wand or hose for cleaning pollens, dust, and pollutants from bedding and upholstery. So easy to use, hardwood to carpet in the touch of a button (makes me swoon), attachments for all the little nooks and crannies (makes me giddy!) and the fact that the hose stretches ALL the way to the top of my stairs (ALL 13!).
I have 14 foot ceilings in my house and I had no problems reaching the very high ledges in the kitchen. You can get a reconditioned one from us for just ?125 including standard courier delivery (Highlands and Islands must select that location during checkout). My only complaint so far is that the hose is stiff, however I am guessing it will relax with time.
Now five years later even though our Dyson still works my husband has been itching to get a new one. I didn’t mention that if you ask my husband about products we have reviewed and his favorite he will actually tell you it is our Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. Fast forward five years and we are reviewing another vacuum the Dyson Cinectic Big Ball + Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum.

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