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Lowest Price Ellington ASF56ABZ5RW Ashfield 56-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote and Wall Control, Aged Bronze Free Shipping !!! This ceiling fan has three blades made with white material with a perfect white finish that looks absolutely gorgeous whether it’s turned on or off. Although it only has three blades, the motor that came with this ceiling fan is also very quiet and very powerful that it can keep air flowing even in a large room to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. The one center light will surely light up your evenings with its 100 watt halogen bulb behind beautifully frosted glass. For a compact fan, it will move air pretty good in your kitchen or bedroom and the motor remains very quiet throughout the night. Aside from being packed with all of these features, this beautiful looking fan is very cheap and you will surely love the detail that it will give to any room that you put it in.

Having small blades and a compact design won’t be enough to push air in a fairly large room.
Unlike most rustic ceiling fans, this features a seeded glass fixture for its center light which gives it a very nice touch. The Reversible ABS blades in dark cherry shaded edges or walnut finish also makes this fan even more stylish.
It runs on a 153-millimeter by 17-millimeter silicon steel motor with triple capacitor that has 3 speeds.
This ceiling fan runs on 55 watts of energy and uses three Torpedo 40-watt incandescent light bulbs on its seeded glass feature.
These ceiling fans are characterized by the interplay of their metallic and wooden elements. Though the name refers to the Spanish Missions that inhabited colonial California, its aesthetics weren’t derived from those settlements but were drawn up from the American Arts and Crafts movement.
Mission Style Ceiling Fans usually consist of a motor with a dark metallic finish with wooden blades attached.
As the name suggests, the Rustic Style Ceiling Fans have a country setting in mind and wouldn’t be out of place in a lodge, log cabin or rooms that embrace a rustic vibe with its decor. Though finely-crafted, these fans usually employ an intricately-rugged look to accentuate its rural vibe.
It wouldn’t be unusual to see engravings or design elements that draw inspiration from the fauna or flora of the countryside. A kid’s world can be full of wonders and their rooms can be their virtual playground where their fantasy universe comes to life. Your ceiling fan fixture may not need to be out of place in these realms with the variety of color and designs that can only serve to further fuel your child’s imagination. Designs drawing inspiration from sports, fantasy elements to fighter planes are available to any discerning parent that wants to add some personality into their kid’s living spaces. The lines of a transitional fan are smoother and less geometrical than contemporary style fans. The design of transitional is also considered to be more modern and up-to-date when compared to traditional fan designs. Transitional style fans can also be used in both contemporary and transitional setting because of its flexible design. Best outdoor ceiling fans High end ceiling fans   Why Choose a Ceiling Fan over an Air-Conditioning Unit Man has never been as dependent to its appliances to provide environmental comfort as he is today as we begin to feel the effects of extreme weather conditions.

With summers getting hotter by the year, there is lingering temptation to turn on any device to keep us from being baked in heat and soaked in sweat. Though an air conditioner seems like an obvious choice in lowering temperatures, a compelling argument can be made for the use ceiling fans as a way of keeping yourself comfortable. Air-conditioning units come in different form factors all of which require a rather intensive setup during installation. Depending on your chosen air-conditioning model and room configuration, you might need to break down a small section of your wall, drill holes for pipes or install air ducts. Whatever you choose, it will cost you money if you hire a contractor or a lot of your time if you are the DIY kind of guy. Thermodynamic physics indicate that it will require more energy to lower air temperature than to move it.
To accommodate this increased energy consumption, your air-conditioning unit will require its own direct connection to your main panel with high capacity wiring to prevent it from overloading the circuitry.
Ceiling fans require far less electricity to operate and can easily integrate into an existing ceiling circuitry without much burden on the local grid. Ceiling fans also have swag wiring options that can allow you to just plug it into a wall socket should the ceiling be devoid of existing wiring setups. A typical air-conditioning unit will usually run on 1.2 kilowatts of electricity compared to the top rated ceiling fans that tend to consume only 30 watts while during operation.
A window-type air-conditioning unit would on average cost around $50 to operate monthly compared to the $2 cost of operating a ceiling fan.
Air-conditioning units tend to work harder when “catching up” to a certain temperature consuming more energy in the process, necessitating its extended use before the desired effect is felt or leaving it on for the entire day just to maintain the temperature. The cooling effect of a ceiling fan is usually instantaneous when switched on and you can easily turn it off when you leave the room. There are a vast array of choice options for any person in the market for them and choosing the right one for the area of installation may prove to be a tricky balance of form and practical logistics.
This guide will help demystify any lingering questions on what to consider when choosing your ceiling fan.

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