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The Shabby NestYou can find the information you need in a couple of different ways depending on how you are using Houzz. The AE3 Ceiling Fan by Aeratron is a classic and highly efficient design that merges an era of early aviation, biomimicry and advanced technology to create a stunning statement of style and efficiency. If you're looking for an efficient, beautifully designed and silent ceiling fan that is both novel in its design and effective for circulating air in your home, give the AE3 a try. Customer Service: The unit that I first received had an damaged drive shaft that would create a visible wobble in the ceiling fan that worsened with increasing speeds and created a knocking sound in the ceiling. Aeratron’s philosophy promotes harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human habitation and activity.
Inspired by nature, we fused biomimetic design with Swiss-German engineering, and created an altogether different class of eco-efficient fans. Their unique smooth air circulation system operates in silence creating comfortable living and working environments. Winner of international design awards, our technology allows up to 50% energy savings in tandem with air condition & heating systems. These eco-efficient ceiling fans are the result of technological innovation and advanced design methodologies.
Optimised 3d-aerofoil blades, an active self-balancing system and electronically controlled high-efficiency DC motors use only a fractional 15-20% of the electricity consumed by conventional ceiling fans.
For your benefit and the environment, we have carefully chosen materials and manufacture in high quality to enhance the durability and longevity of Aeratron fans. Our Swiss-German engineered self-balancing system guarantees a quiet, effortless performance: it eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling and vibration by keeping the blades in an aerodynamic equilibrium.

As a result, you and your family, friends, colleagues, customers and many more benefit directly from increased well-being and less distraction. Low waste production, eco-packaging and carbon-offset projects contribute in addition to a sustainable future. The fan has a diameter of 1260 mm (49.5”), comes with a full-featured remote control (6 steps and reverse (winter function)) and is available in three different colours (white, silver, black). A conventional air condition system* uses 100 to 400 times the energy of Aeratron fans to achieve similar cooling effects on room occupants in a typical three bedroom house! Air-conditioning and heating systems continue to be responsible for the greatest share of household electricity use.
Aeratron fans easily provide comfortable cooling effects without the necessity of costly air condition systems. In summer, the natural cooling effect on skin and Aeratron’s smooth air & temperature exchange allow to set air conditioning thermostats 4 to 8 degrees (Celsius) higher. Each additional degree saves 8% to 10% energy on air condition systems and improves thermal comfort.
In winter, the reverse function of our fans exchanges temperature in spaces evenly reducing heating costs up to 30%, and in some cases up to 50%. 30-70% of the energy consumption in commercial buildings are directly related to indoor heating and cooling. Aeratron fans support natural ventilation and cross-ventilation by distributing fresh air more evenly throughout spaces and provide additionally a cooling effect on human skin (4°-8°C). The AE3 Ceiling Fan represents a major step forward in ceiling fan design blending carefully crafted 3D airfoils, coupled to a patented self balancing system and a highly efficient DC motor.

This is the result of biometric engineering inspired by bird wings: the optimised contours of our 3d-aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to minimise air vortex, drag and swirl.
In winter, Aeratron fans disitribute warm air evenly throughout spaces and save up to 40% in energy and running costs. Their even air distribution is particularly important when large obstacles (furniture, screens etc.) block cross-ventilation paths in a room. Each additional degree saves up to 10% energy and improves the energy rating of commercial buildings.
The result is an amazingly quiet fan that uses around 10% of the energy of a traditional fans design. The light control is optional.Suitable for indoor or covered outdoor installation up to 40 degree pitched ceilings with an extension kit. Use the style and efficiency of the AE3 Ceiling Fan in your home or office.Light Kit optional (120V ONLY). Extension kit sold separately for ceilings higher than 10 feet, between 20 degree - 40 degree slope.

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