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Until Ford started building Rangers in the early 1980s, their only small pickup was a rebadged Mazda B Series called the Courier. The Courier wasn’t quite as cool as its Mazda-badged rotary-powered REPU sibling, but it was a good real-world value. I’m probably alone in this, but I love those old Japanese pick-up beds with the multiple tie-down cleats. The basic, simplistic, cheap-to-keep itty-bitty trucklets of the past were popular in the salvage yards. I will never wax eloquent about a Courier after having spent the better part of a year working on one while in high school auto shop in 1983-4.
Mazda had changed just about everything conceivable that connected to the engine between those two model years (example: 2-bolt exhaust pipe flange went to 3-bolt) which made putting the newer engine in extremely difficult.
And the brakes – it had four wheel drums, with TWO wheel cylinders per drum, with MANUAL ADJUSTMENT for each shoe. And after a year’s worth of work in the shop, it drove only so-so and I was extremely happy to see that pickup disappear from our shop.
We had mutual friend who were status oriented yuppies, and they were pissed every time he visited them and had the nerve to park it in thier driveway, thus calling thier breeding into question in the eyes of thie neighbors.

Around 1980 or so I read a newspaper article about Ford crushing a ship load of new Couriers because they had begun to rust en-route from Japan. There IS a well weathered, but mostly straight and appears to be solid old red one still floating around on Capitol Hill as I’ve seen it parked around my apartment building on the streets every so often. These, like the Chevy Luv were very numerous back in the day and I still see one every so often, but hardly these days. The Ortlieb Courier Bag with Flap is an urban styled messenger bag which is ideal for those that ride with no pannier rack. Classic waistbag from NYC-based baggage experts Manhattan Portage constructed from durable water resistant fabric – ideal for everyday use.
The Osprey Flap Jack 20L Courier Bag has been built and constructed with comfort and style in mind.
The Osprey Flap Jill 17L Courier Bag is has been constructed with style and comfort in mind. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Like so many utilitarian Malaise Era vehicles, Couriers were everywhere… until one day in the early 1990s when just about all of them disappeared. Would love to have a cherry example restored to putt around in, run to the recycling center, etc.

In Las Vegas, they didn’t rot almost instantly like they did in the land of winter salt, so they were driven into the ground. Either way, we have done our best to help you solve your Golf case, and you should find the best deal.
I don’t mean a heavily rusted floor, I mean the periphary of the floor was non-existent.
He had 2 of them still going until 2000 or so, when the last one puked a motor when he started it up one cold (For Vegas) morning.
Head gaskets went like popcorn though and the single wall bed dented easily, but a pretty useful truck for small jobs. He actually took this thing on highway drives in Saskatchewan winters, and him and his wife had to stuff blankets into the corners of the cab to keep the cold out.

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