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The issues of energy efficient climate control and acoustics have long been addressed separately by contractors and homeowners during construction.
AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles provide superior sound absorption to standard acoustical ceiling tiles while also providing excellent thermal insulation. The ceiling tiles are made of 3” thick fiberglass and are laminated with a thin white or black vinyl facing making it more durable with an easily cleaned non-porous surface.
AcoustiTherm tiles provide easier accessibility and faster installation for ceiling systems.
These new ceiling tiles are the perfect material for residential spaces such as basements, media rooms, home theaters, and studios, as well as commercial spaces, offices, schools, universities, and industrial and manufacturing operations. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Most ceiling fans are designed for homeowners and are marketed to be both useful and decorative. The biggest difference between industrial and residential ceiling fans is that industrial ceiling fans operate with less blades at much faster speeds. There are many different speed control options as well, including those that can operate 10 fans or more from one control. In industrial and commercial applications, fans are used just as much for heat destratification as for cooling.
Due to blade design, industrial fans can be mounted on higher ceilings without requiring long downrod extensions.
Once I get these dirty sagging old ceiling tiles down, it will be a happy day in this room.  I may even spray those grids white, we’ll see how they look when I start working on them. You can see the den has become the dumping ground for all the extra “stuff” in the house.  I actually spend a good amount of time running up and down the stairs looking for tools and things that I’m trying to locate.  I’m sure that never happens to any of you DIYers, does it?
I put a simple silver toned fixture with 4 white glass shades in the guest bath.  Got this one at Cherokee Closeouts for about $35.
Hard to see it since it’s lit, but it will work out fine in here with all the silver tones in this bathroom.

So, the only glitch with my bargain light fixture was that one arm didn’t work, but I got up there and wiggled the wires around and now it does!  I absolutely LOVE it in my living room, it truly makes the space is a wonderful addition to the lantern in the dining room. One more bit of news this week!  Thanks to several of YOU brilliant people, I filled out a new toilet rebate form from my local water department and when my bill came in, I was credited with $100 towards my future bills all because I listened to y’all.  That was great advice!
I am in constant awe of all the things I am privileged to do in this blogging world, it truly has changed my life in SO many huge ways and the way God keeps opening up doors and bringing so many sweet friends into my life is just so exciting!
Rhoda, I know I have told you before ,however, I would be remiss in saying if I did not tell you again what a blessing it is to read how our Savior RAINS down the blessings all around you.I get blessed each day as I read how He bestows the sweetest nuggets of love on you. Also, wanted to share some ceiling tile ideas…I will be replacing a house full of these lovelies…I found a site with some interesting answers! HI, Barbara, I actually mentioned that site in another post as a possibility and even ordered their box framed ceiling tiles as a sample, but when I got it in, it was just plastic and not very substantial. My nephew painted his basement ceiling black when he finished it out and I was a sceptic too until I saw it in person.
I never would have thought of painting all of the exposed stuff on the ceiling, but it looks great! Just wanted to say how HAPPY I am for you to see your life moving in such a positive direction!
This might be a stupid question, but did any of the paint sneak through the flooring on the floor above? Thanks to Acoustical Solutions, Inc., both of these concerns can now be solved easily with AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles.
With noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ratings averaging 1.05, the tiles absorb virtually all of the sound waves that contact them, significantly reducing reverberation and overall noise.
AcoustiTherm is also moisture and humidity resistant to ensure the ceiling tiles will not sag, shrink or warp.
Anywhere climate control and acoustical quality or noise reduction are required can benefit from AcoustiTherm. I’m so happy to have that old ceiling fan out of here and the new fixture UP.  What a difference it makes.

I want to get every single little thing done before I move in so that I don’t have to worry about it later.  That will make me feel so good when I start the moving process and know that it’s all done, at least the inside rooms. I’m so glad all of you can see all the blessings that keep on coming and I want God to get all the glory for that. The corners had gotten bent in shipping and I just couldn’t imagine putting those thin pieces of plastic up and having it work.
It looked great with the sage green color he painted the walls.( similar to your kitchen paint). After the ceiling was painted the contractor installed the hardwood floors in her family room above. The R-value, which measures thermal insulation is equally impressive at 13.6, higher than traditional thermal insulation meant for basements and 2x4 walls.
By the time the floor is painted and you work your magic on the other details, it will be a work-worthy room. I couldn’t do any of this without Him in my life, opening the doors and doing his behind the scenes stuff. Your lights are very pretty, I love your chandy in your living room , and the lantern you have hanging in your DR.
When He said the plans He has for us is to prosper us and I absolutely love how He does that for us . You probably are not aware of how you bless some of us out here who read your blog each day, but you do in a big way.So today I want to just bless you by saying I hope that today that He just fills your heart to overflowing through all He has done for you and for just how great He is in our lives.

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