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Every time hubby goes out of town, I use that time to dive into some serious spring cleaning — no matter what time of year it is. This time, it was easier because I have added 2 new dusting tools to my arsenal of housecleaning gear. See how I found the best dusters for cleaning ceiling fans and mini-blinds, and why I think these are 2 of the best dusting tools around. Well, let me tell you, the longer you “forget about it,” the worse that dust and grime gets! In case you’re wondering, my method of dusting the window¬†blinds In the past was simply to use a regular feather duster. But it got me thinking… This house is 2 years old, and (oddly enough) someone only lived here for a period of 6 months during that time.
Working from the top, I start to the left of the threads that hold the blinds together, and swipe the slats 3 or 4 at a time until I reach the bottom one.
Then, I move to the right of those threads and swipe (again, from top to bottom) all the way to the NEXT set of threads that holds the blinds together. I wanted a ceiling fan duster that was soft (wouldn’t scratch) and that wrapped around the ceiling fan blade a bit. So I just couldn’t imagine how all of these oval ceiling fan brushes I was seeing would be able to do anything other than push the bigger pieces of dust off the edge of the fan blade and onto the floor! It [this ceiling fan duster] doesn’t hold that much dust and dirt, and instead causes it to fall to the ground in clumps.
I’ve liked the material for picking up dust in those places, so I figured it should do a similar job on ceiling fans as well. This specially-shaped ceiling fan duster that I found at Home Depot combines the best features from both of the above examples.
It fits on the end of any telescoping pole (we already had one for changing hard-to-reach lightbulbs).
UPDATE: See how I use my Shark Navigator vacuum attachments to clean window blinds sometimes. Lynnette WalczakI like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time & money -- so I frequently write about "outside the box" ideas that most wouldn't think of.

The basic fact of nature is that warm air rises to the top and cold air settles on the bottom.
In a room of normal height (8 – 10 ft), you should operate your fan so that it turns clockwise (this looks counterclockwise as you are looking up), causing a more directed downdraft, especially with the fan running slightly faster. May 11, 2013 by NYCSingleMom Filed Under: Product Reviews, Product Reviews and Giveaways Leave a CommentI know there are people who actually liked to clean.
Now I think I might have mentioned a gazillion times, I live in a small one bedroom so you would think that in such a small space, I would not have a lot of dust bunnies or dust. Disclosure: NYC Single Mom received samples of Neat Home by Unger cleaning products to facilitate my review.
QuietFlo air purifiers by Hunter provide more hepa quality clean air faster than competitive models.
Since 1983, Wool Shop has become a leading maufacturer of quality lambswool cleaning products, ostrich feather dusters, and commercial cleaning supplies. Ceiling Fan Duster Electromagnetic Ceiling Fan Duster cleans both sides of fan blade at same time from where you stand.
I would close the blinds, then brush haphazardly all across the surface of the closed blinds.
At less than $5, you can afford to try this product to see if you’re going to like it.
But all the ones I’ve seen are simply long-handled straight and stiff dusters (like for shelves, knick-knacks, etc).
Plus, I felt confident that the bristles would leave tiny brush marks where they had touched the blade (or dust!) and where they hadn’t. It also needed to be washed after doing just 2 fans because of it’s limited capacity to hold dust. Also very similar to a microfiber dusting mitt that I’ve been using for baseboards and trim. Apart from that consumer should be aware about how to save energy and money while using fans. Air settles in layers from warm at the top to cold at the bottom, if left alone at equilibrium.

This causes a wind-chill effect because the skin evaporates slight amounts of water from the sweat glands and thereby provides cooling through the skin’s surface.
This will redirect the warm air from the ceiling and down the walls and into the living space where the people actually are. Then, I would pull the cord all the way the other way (so the blinds are still closed, but facing the opposite direction), and dust the other side of the blinds that way.
We’ve been here one month, and I just removed a thin layer of dust from these 2-year old blinds.
Now I’m wondering if every 2 years would be a reasonable timeframe for dusting mini-blinds. Plus, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to replace it whenever the dusting arms eventually get full of dust. That was the biggest problem with this type of ceiling fan duster, as I saw it… not touching every part of the blade with a soft enough material to actually grab the dust. I worked in Higher Ed several years until switching gears to pursue things I was more passionate about. In a house, you would run the fan at a low speed so that you don’t actually cool the warm air that you are moving downward. I feel like every inch of my apartment is filled with dust bunnies from the window shades, to the top of my hall ceiling fan to literally every corner.
No flimsy window blind cleaner is going to work on mini-blinds that haven’t been cleaned in years!
You may find that you can turn your thermostat down a degree or two and save more money on energy costs. If you have a high ceiling, or are trying to heat a hall or a church, you may want to increase the fan speed so that the warm air will reach the living space as long as the fan speed does not create an unwanted downdraft at the people below. The air blowing down won’t actually cool the room though, so you should turn the fan off when there are no people (or animals) in the room.

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