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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sandra from your Maroochydore store most professionally solved a problem we had with lighting in our kitchen by giving us a practical trial option before committing to the next stage of the project. I would like to heartily recommend the customer service from Beacon Lighting (specificially Osborne Park, WA). A very big thank you to Aly at the Taylors Lakes store for her lovely, friendly and professional service today. I would like to recognise the consistently professional and friendly first class service and advice received from Sonia at the Shellharbour shop. Hi, just a thank you to Kris at your Sunshine store for helping me select my lighting fixtures while giving excellent customer service.
We would like to thank Judi at the Ballarat beacon lighting store for her professional guidance in assisting us with our lighting challenges.
I set up the table lamp and I'm absolutely thrilled with it, it looks perfect on our entry hallway table! I have never in my life written to tell a store of such good service but felt it was important to let you know.
Hi there, I wanted to share a small but positive customer service experience at your Sunshine store. Last Saturday I went to a large hardware chain looking for a non-standard light globe, which I could not find, and it was also difficult to find somebody to help me. I went to Beacon Lighting in Sunshine and was immediately greeted by your staff, two of whom searched to find my light globe. Hi there, it is with utmost pleasure that I write this review for exceptional customer service and satisfaction! We popped in to the South Wharf store a couple of weeks ago to get some lights for our apartment and were fortunate to be served by Sean. Staff are friendly and courteous and we enjoy spending time at the store for a chat as well. Many times the proof of good customer relations is when there is an issue post installation.
In ringing Cannon Hill re these issues I was basically told I was out of luck and should have also purchased $100+ noise one suppressors at the time of purchase.
I had been discussing my order with Matt to ensure I could take advantage of the free delivery for online orders over $100, but also ensuring the store had the items in stock and could deliver asap in the lead up to Christmas.
Just wanted to put out a big thank you to Graham at the Beacon lighting Melville Square store for helping me in a recent purchase of home lighting.
Graham is a real asset to the Beacon lighting brand - if possible please forward this to head office as he deserves recognition for the outstanding job he does representing the Beacon lighting name. After seeing the Advertising on fans on sale we went to the West Gosford store to have a look.
After a HUGE hail storm hit the Central Coast we had to have massive repairs done to our home. Beacon Lighting at Port Macquarie have a great team with Sharon and the sales team there to assist in any possible way they can. If you’re energy savvy, and have a fan that has reversible mode you’ve probably been using your ceiling fan all through winter to save on heating costs. For summer use, make sure you’re NOT on reverse mode and check to see that the blades are now moving clockwise when you’re looking up at them.
Beacon Lighting has Australia’s largest range of ceiling fans, and it’s here you can see just how many designer options are available. When choosing your ceiling fan, keep in mind the decor of the room and the mood you want to create. If you love the contemporary look of Scandinavian style, check out the Akmani or Woody fans. The uber-chic Minka Aire Artemis and Aviation (DC) fans take ceiling fan design to new heights. With power costs going through the roof, it’s no wonder some of us are limiting the use of energy-hungry air conditioners, choosing instead to sweat it out during those long hot days and steamy nights. Even better, on those really hot days when you need air conditioning, you can reduce its running cost by up 40%* if you use it in conjunction with a ceiling fan. Beacon Lighting has Australia’s biggest range of ceiling fans, and here’s 6 of our favourites. You can’t go past a fan with a DC motor, which uses 40% less electricity than standard ceiling fans.

Check out our Airfusion Climate, a sleekly styled fan available in White, Brushed Chrome and Antique Brass, with 6-speed remote control. The Woody fan is considered one of the most energy efficient on the market today, and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and coastal areas (fan must be fully undercover). The Airfusion Airlie boasts a real value-for-money price, while still delivering great energy efficiency and style.
LED is one of the most efficient light sources on the planet, so when it’s combined with the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan, you know you’re onto a winner. Our Futura Eco LED fan with 17W LED (1100 lumen, warm white) light is brand new to the market, and is suitable for use in indoor and alfresco areas. The Bordono fan with LED compatible light operates by a pull cord system, eliminating the need to run extra wiring or use a remote.
One of the most crucial elements of interior design is lighting, the importance of which should not be overlooked. As Australia’s foremost lighting specialists, Beacon Lighting has created a architectural lighting design service to work one-on-one with businesses and homeowners to design a lighting plan tailored to their unique needs.
We’d like to introduce the latest addition to our Architectural Lighting Design team, Obaid Popal. Many years of specialist training has given Obaid a keen eye for innovative, high-end design. With summer just around the corner, staying cool during weeks of hot days and sticky nights can be shockingly expensive. But by using a ceiling fan together with your air conditioner, you can reduce your air conditioning bill by up to 40%^. Not only are ceiling fans one of the most effective ways to save money and keep cool, they’re also a stylish addition to any room. Even though I did not purchase anything, the team members were able to fix my problem to avoid my getting an electrician. Whilst discussing a problem I was having with some fan remote controls I was impressed by their customer friendly attitude and immediate solution.
Your consultant rang and said it was out of stock but would endeavour to obtain it somewhere else. Special thanks to electricians Milan and Tony who were able to repair a lamp that had fallen. I needed to purchase some fans for my investment property in Queensland, even though they were not getting the sale as the order will have to come from the closest QLD Store. I don't think I have ever come across anyone in any kind of store who was so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. You went out of your way to help me out with a replacement LED driver and fitting and it was very much appreciated.
I was in your store today (Jan 11th at around 10:30) and was served by two absolutely fantastic women. As i entered your store i had my 1 year old in a baby pouch and was basically dragging my tantruming, overtired, emotional 3 year old screaming into your store. They both deserve to be recognised for their great customer service but more importantly just being lovely human beings! He was very knowledgeable about the products in the store, was very honest about his opinion on seeing pictures of our flat and in general was approachable and friendly.
For our new home I purchased very expensive fans to ensure that the was no operating noise level which in fact did occur. Nat was very helpful and set aside the lights we needed before her day off, which enabled us to get everything much faster.
Great idea, but now that summer’s in full swing, it’s important to maintain that energy efficiency by making sure your ceiling fan is running in the right direction. To check that you’re using your ceiling fan correctly, turn it on to low speed and look up at the blades. Running the ceiling fan on high speed in this mode creates a downward column of air that makes you feel degrees cooler. Once considered to be more functional than fashionable, today’s ceiling fans are designed to be a real feature in your home. The Akmani fan from the Josh & Jenna range fuses traditional Scandinavian elements of warm wood with Industrial touches of brushed chrome or bronze. The creation of renowned designer George Kovacs, the distinctive profile of the Artemis fans has earned it a place in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.
The Bordono (LED globe sold seperately), Futura Eco LED and Altitude Eco LED fans feature an energy efficient LED light, helping to cut your power costs even more.

Featured in the summer issue of House & Garden magazine, the Artemis was created by renowned designer George Kovacs, and is actually featured in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design (how cool is that!). That’s why ceiling fans are fast becoming the must-have accessory for every home – if not every room. The breeze from a ceiling fan can make you feel degrees cooler*, while using the same amount of power as a 60 watt light globe. Available in 132cm or 152cm in White or Brushed Chrome with ash wood blades, this distinctive fan includes a 6-speed remote. Available with or without an energy efficient light, you can choose White, Brushed Chrome or Antique Brass in 122cm or 132cm. Much like the colour on the walls, lighting has an enormous impact on how a space looks and feels. Today’s new look ceiling fans are available in a variety of designs and colours, with or without lights. A swirl of cool white or timber evokes the feeling of a relaxed tropical paradise in your living areas. Outstanding service, happy, helpful, knowledgeable staff and now we have lovely products to enjoy. Danielle still provided great service and helped out with all the model numbers for the fans and accessories, very much appreciated!
Even though the store did not sell what I needed, meeting Simon was a real pleasure and he pointed me to other stores which sold my product, which I was able to purchase later, thus solving my problem.
Your staff members just treated me so well, the older staff member (Jenelle?) took over by distracting my daughter giving her a pen and took her to a section of the shop to draw funny faces in a spare catalogue whilst your younger staff member walked me through the fan section helping me select the best option for my home. It's a small thing but it was nice to walk into a store and be greeted pleasantly by friendly staff who genuinely wanted to help.
To Allan, Michael (at Belrose) and Beacon Lighting - your professionalism and business customer values are second to none! We were assisted by Erin in Nat's absence and she was extremely patient with our queries and very thorough in ensuring our large order was completed correctly.
Paul excelled well above the bar thats for sure, he guided us on products that were energy efficient , the use to suit our daily needs, spoke about the pros and cons of each product and prices to suit well within our budget.
And the gentle breeze gives your room a relaxed, resort-like feel – perfect for a long, hot summer. Darker woods and bronze hues accentuate other timbers in your home, or alternatively, provide a striking contrast against light interiors. The Woody fan is considered to be the most energy efficient ceiling fan on the market, and with hand finished pale timber blades and unique aerofoil design, it’s certainly one of the most stylish.
Create a highpoint of conversation with a cutting edge aerodynamic design, or show your discretion and choose the innovative Fanaway retractable blade ceiling fan. This was not a huge purchase by any standard (i spent just over $200) but both staff members made my shopping experience so rewarding. It was also nice that you had enough staff rostered on, which meant customers could receive personal attention. That is your defence for online trading, Bricks and mortar will survive with staff like that. Paul made our decision on what product to use so much easier after he shared his deep knowledge into the products that interested us.
Compare that to your average air conditioner, which uses 15 - 60 times* the amount of electricity, and you can see why a ceiling fan is such a great energy-efficient option.
Perfectly at home in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor room, isn?t it time you became a fan?
The staff member who helped me with the fans then carried my fans to the car and placed them in my boot (as I had my 1yr year old strapped to me) and the older staff member walked my daughter to the car - keeping her calm the whole time and even opened the door and helped her into her car seat. Tina and Kim at the head office for inquiries were also very helpful - making Beacon one of the best stores I've experienced for online ordering. I don't normally bother to write this type of review but I thought Beacon should know what a fantastic employee they have. I fully recommend anyone to this store and Paul needs to be highly commended on his knowledge on all products.
I have already told numerous people of my positive experience (my mother is about to start renovations- and remarked based solely on my experience how she will go to your shop to give you her business).

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