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All we gotta do is control our turnovers and i think our defense gives us a good chance to win. We need to start hitting Ft's and prepare for the playoffs, we will never win a 7 game series if we can't make behind the line (Tmac especially).
Please don't have discriminations on me even though I'm really a little bit retarded .I mean , lower intelligence doesn't mean lower love for the Rockets .
Bickerstaff is looking right at Mo's foot and he didn't motion to the refs that it was out of bounds or anything. Pretty sure if Social Media Guru homeskillet put this team together, he'd be getting a little more lenience in this department too.
I've kinda made my name so to speak, even though many don't know who I am, with the Rockets twitter account by being more edgy and pushing the envelope a little bit and trying to be funny.
People who were upset, saying I advocated violence towards animals, it wasn't what I meant at all. But I had a feeling this would happen - I have reached out to him as we are looking for a social media person - so you never know. The problem with running a team social account instead of your personal account, it's taken like it's the view of the organization.
It's a weird call, but it's all about business, branding and perceived class (as opposed to someone being sensitive or anyone being PC).
I say that because it wasn't a classy tweet, but I can't see a "PC" side of it, because sick and lame horses DO get shot. A man lost his job over something small because someone behind the Mavs twitter account was sad about their season ending and couldn't handle the final, painful nail after the Rockets came out on top in their rivalry. Overall they both have similar stats, good on all fronts although Sura was better in assists, understandable considering the height and position difference. So there was this thing called the Cuttino Mobley Clutch City Shootout for Houston area high school bball players and it was a three point shootout tourney thing.

I have a hunch that Clutch's the Bear's costume was ruined during the filming of the Clutch commercial.
When are we going to look past his passive-aggressive BS and accept that Cuban actually called Harden the MVP?
I do think he will make a play for one or more Rockets free agents this summer, because he's probably even more pissed off now. If NBA teams were cars, the Warriors would be a McLaren P1 and Rockets would be a 2014 Toyota Camry. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. A user had reacted prematurely to T-Will?s rough first half against the Spurs only to get clowned by the community for the rest of the game as Williams hit 7 of his last 9 shots in the second half.
We lost this game because of that, cause we had 2 point lead, the ball and under 24 seconds in the game.
When they see something they don't agree with (on TV, on facebook, on twitter), they feel "Finally, this is the moment where I can enforce my values on the world!" The result is someone losing their job for an innocent comment, and thousands of people feeling fleeting vindication for 30 seconds. There's nothing inherently offensive about referencing that fact, with respect to a horse mascot.
For PR purposes I would have put the otherwise excellent and nice person on "suspension" for a few days and then buried the whole thing. I can think of some offensive tweets for our mascot, but it brings up very sad times, with loss of life, so I don't think it's equivalent at all.
The tweet wasn't that funny but I still liked it and felt it was banter to go along with the rivalry and win. Anyhow, I made it to the semis one year (fancy trophy yay) and was shooting with my back to the Rockets bench during a timeout. If Morey were to actually somehow get LaMarcus down here, I think Cuban might tear his own skin off.

Screw Cuban and his crybaby coach and that group of panty wearing floppers they call a team, their flopping in this series was an embarrassment to the NBA.
His best out would be injuries (Parsons and Rondo's poor back) but considering our injuries (Beverley and Motiejunas) that would be just pathetic. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
I'm not that worried about rebounding as long as hayes at least tires to stay out of foul trouble. The Mavs response just seemed like a somewhat desperate attempt to get a jab in there on their way out. So the buzzard sounds and I hit five on the first rack while someone is yelling "Go White Boy Go!" in my ear. My theory is that they filmed the commercial, ruined the costume after spraying it with silly string and with water!
I cant believe people here actually wanted to sign Dirk, he is a black hole now any offense he gives you is quickly cancelled out by his pathetic defense. I take comfort in knowing the Rockets players don't give a damn how the Mavs twitter guy feels. I was trying to make a playful jab at the Mavs and the only people I wanted to be upset about it were Mavs fans.

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