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I am installing an exhaust fan in a 1st floor bathroom and I am trying to decide on the exterior vent to use.
When you vent a bathroom, the window should at least be cracked so the fan can do its thing (pull and then push air). If your bathroom window were cracked open as it should be, and your exhaust feeds down from above, it will (at least some) be pulled back into bathroom. But in my opinion Venting out the side wall would be better for air movement as you have no turns.
No bathroom door is going to be so tight as to require opening the window to operate the fan. As for the vent, like anything else, there's the potential for maintenance when you dump conditioned air to the outside.
You want to have your exhaust so that the exhausted moist air is not blown towards the house.

Fantech PB270-2 PB 270 2 Bathroom Fan Exhaust Ventilation Fantech PB270-2 Bathroom Ventilation Fans help protect your bathroom from harmful steam moisture and odors, all with a quiet and efficient Energy Star Rated motor.
This rugged plastic bath fan vent offers the ideal properties for increased efficiency in bath ventilation applications: adjustable 360 rotation, easy installation and long term durability. Based on where the bathroom is and what it would take to vent through the roof, that route is not feasible due to its location.
This vent with screen is used as an undereve outlet for venting bath fans to the outside in housing applications.
As a result, I plant to run the 4 in vent pipe parallel in the floor joist to the side of the house. For clarity there are no air intakes on the overhang as the 2nd floor bedroom overhangs the 1st floor bathroom. I live in a condo and I wanted to avoid the hassle of petitioning for permission to cut a hole in the eve, so I did a ninja installation.

The vent is made of white plastic, so be sure to paint it with paint that adheres to plastic.
I first had to paint it black with paint made to adhere to plastic, then I painted over the black with paint that was a perfect match for my trim. I would have given it 5 stars if the flange was a little bigger and the screen was a little finer.

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