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I finally had someone explain to me why we were getting staining on our ceiling around the exhaust vent in the bathroom. After the bathroom ceiling fan starting to rattle on the weekend I decided it was time to replace the exhaust fan.
When I was there purchasing the new exhaust fans I was told why our current fans and ventilation is leaving a stain on the ceiling. Then I install the new bathroom exhaust fans I will be insulating all the exhaust vents in the attic with either spray foam insulation like in the photo from the Ask the Builder article about bathroom fan ventilation, or by wrapping it in standard pink batt insulation. The basement vent so far has proven difficult to put in as I need to work from underneath between the basement ceiling and the main floor.
I think I would go for the pink batt insulation as it is known to reduce transmission of noise. I'd go with the spray foam over batt insulation, something like GREAT STUFF Big Gap Filler.
Your Comments on this Product: good heat, conpact, the light level is pretty low, fine if it's not your main light. I have not done research yet on companies today that replicate these appliances, which seem to have been not-uncommon.
My house was built in the 60s, and we have a wall heater in our master bath — but that’s part of an addition put on the house in the 80s!
When my sister and I were around 10 or 12, we tried roasting marshmallows in front of a bathroom wall heater.

Some idiot on the housing code committee decided that a bathroom with an opening window didn’t need to have a vent. Came across your site while trying to research my (probably 1960) round Nutone bathroom ceiling heater model #9290.
I figured while I was replacing one fan I might as well replace them all as they are all old and they don’t actually clear the steam from the bathrooms during showers. A fiberglass batt insulation can also be a smart choice since it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to install. You most likely keep the vent on long enough to clear the room but you have to give it time to clear the pipe also. Most people turn the fan off when they leave the room--Best to let it run for a few minutes. After considering a number of options, we decided on a contractor's suggestion to reroute the troublesome bathroom vents to soffit exits on the back side of the house. Would have saved alot of time and money, but that's what ya get when you get a contractor through a job-lead website I guess.
We ate them before they were fully browned because we were afraid our mom would catch us and get mad. I’d like that person to shower at my house in the middle of Winter and have the window open to let out all the moisture. Perhaps you can find this info from a company that specializes in vintage appliances…I recommend you find a professional to help.

Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.
This causes condensation to form on the outside of the pipe and run down the pipe to the bathroom ceiling. If I understand correctly you calculate your CFM and find out how long it takes to exchange the air in the room 8 times and then double that time.
They are from Nutone and Rangaire — and oh my goodness, those ceiling models in particular are awesomely atomic, don’t you think? As with all vintage appliances, I caution anyone dealing with these to know what you are working with. So I can’t say for sure that a wall heater is a great cooking device, but, we did love it for warming up the bathroom.
I, being a sane person who doesn’t like to freeze when I step out of the shower, leave the window closed.
I am interested in replacement housing and ceramic coils , or how to restore the frontal facades . That window gets so much ice buildup that it’s almost ruined the wood and prompts mold growth.

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