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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I've done some research (codes, read internet discussion, etc.) and it is recommended and required in some cases that any electrical receptacle in the bathroom close to a water source be protected by GFCI.
I'm a bit confused on what you are asking but I'd suggest using a combo GFCI receptacle and switch instead of a regular switch. There is a light switch in the bathroom that controls a combo light and receptacle over the sink. There is an existing receptacle in the bedroom in which the power cable continues on to provide power to the bathroom light switch (both on the same circuit). I am visualizing a two gang box with one switch for the light and a GFCI switch for the fan.
Ray, I agree that a separate switch for the fan is a better idea, but that will require wall board work, new switch box, etc. As I study your diagram and compare it to the diagram in the Leviton instructions I note a difference. Take the other switch lead and connect it to the black conductor that runs to the light and fan. The new bathroom fan is temporarily installed but I ran into a number of foreseen complications that resulted in a less than optimal installation.
I wasted time making a repeat trip into the attic to re-inspect my wiring job and fiddling with the electrical panel trying to diagnose the problem when the problem was at the switch!

I cannibalized an old failed PC heat exhaust system project for parts so I didn’t have to buy a new switch, flexible hose, pipe clamps or rigid duct couplings.   Yay!
On the other hand, centrifugal fans (they look like plastic hamster wheels) move less air than propeller fans but they do so with greater pressure.   This makes them far more effective when air ducting is involved. Knowing this, I might just resurrect my PC heat exhaust system project for use next summer! I just have to find the mid-way point between the two rods and that should roughly indicate where the middle of that wall’s top plate is located and where I can drill through to run the wiring for the new switch. I know from reading the installation instructions for a GFCI outlet that outlets downstream of a GFCI outlet (on same circuit) are also protected if wired appropriately at the GFCI outlet.
So if I replace this receptacle with a GFI receptacle the downstream light switch and all other loads controlled by this switch ought to be GFI protected.
Just connect the power to the combo GFCI switch line side and the fan switch to the load side. I would replace the single gang box with a 2 gang box (usually easy to do) and put the light on a separate switch not protected by the GFCI for two reasons.
The Leviton combo switch and receptacle has the line terminals at the top and the load terminals at the bottom (assuming the switch is at the top of this combo). High performance extractor fans are designed for use in all types of bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and are suitable for Commercial places like  workshops, restaurants , large and medium sized warehouses. The main reason for that location within the bathroom is that it benefits the ducting run in the attic and the shower is the main source of humidity.

Pigtail the power in to both the GFCI combo switch and the bathroom light switch and only the fan will be on the GFCI. The Horror that is Gangnam Style Problematic Kingston DT111 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Up and Running? If you agree with this, then my only option is to replace the bedroom receptacle with a GFCI receptacle and connect the light switch to the load terminals of the GFCI receptacle. The fans are high performance with condenser bearing motor for long and quiet operation the fans are fitted with 100% copper motor, ABS material with metal back panel, advanced blade design for high air suction . There is a receptacle (plug) in the bedroom immediately upstream of the light switch (same circuit) that will control the fan.
The cable from this GFI receptacle to the light switch will be connected to the load terminals of the GFI receptacle.
A junction box will be installed in the cable from the light switch to the existing combo light & receptacle to bring power to the fan. It show all receptacles on the same circuit downstream from the GFI receptacle will be GFI protected. I'd like to know if I have to do anything special to these downstream loads to insure they are GFI protected.

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