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BATHROOM FAN HEAT RECOVERY - CONTENTS: can you use a heat recovery ventilator system in a bathroom?
This article series explains how to install bathroom exhaust fans or vents, the vent ducting, the vent termination at the wall, soffit or roof, vent fan wiring, bath vent duct insulation, bath vent lengths, clearances, routing, and we answer just about any other bathroom ventilation design or installation question you may have.
Have you any views on whether the ceiling exhaust valve should be located directly over the shower area or more centrally in the bathroom?
Eugene, I think we're discussing ceiling exhaust vents; placing one directly over the shower is fine and probably increases the ease with which it picks up moisture. An exhaust fan system that could not tolerate moisture would be one I would toss in the trash.
As an example we looked at Panasonic's installation manual for their ceiling mounted ventilating fan models FV05Q3 - FV15Q4. But there is no mention of NOT locating the fan where it is in fact most needed and most effective - over the moisture source. You are discussing a different piece of equipment, not a bath vent fan but a heat recovery ventilating fan.
If you want to give us the brand and model we (or you) ought to be able to find the manufacturer's installation instructions to see what constraints apply.
There are some installation restrictions that I quote here, none of which mentions a shower installation. Now I read that as rather clear that the manufacturer anticipates handling moisture generated by a shower.
Some common sense about unit location to protect it from water, say from shower splashing, would of course be pertinent. If you are considering the smaller Renovent you might want to review the features I've described with the manufacturer directly to see if they are needed for your installation.
The optional PCB with moisture, CO2 and other features is something I might consider in the future.

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Find out the reasons why everyone ought to own a bathroom ceiling fan and how to choose one here! A reader questions handling the high moisture level created by the shower and whether or not this will be a problem for a conventional heat recovery ventilation system.
I am installing a HRV system and I read on one company's web site that the exhaust valve should not be directly over the shower area. Certainly I could *imagine* that a HRV fan that has to handle high levels of moisture might not be designed for that application. The unit is a Renovent made by Brink Climate Systems with a heat recovery efficiency of about 90%.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.

Free shipping on most ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, Hunter, & Casablanca ceiling fans. How should a HRV system be selected when used in a bathroom, over a shower, or in other moist or humid areas.
I have not come across this view anywhere else and I don't see why it should be an issue but I would be interested in your opinion. In terms of space to access the unit this will not be a problem as it is going into a store room rather than the attic as the latter is little more than a crawl space. There are no electrical connections at all associated with the valves as the air handling unit does all the work.
I put the exhaust valve in today more or less centered over the shower tray (it turned out to be trickier than expected in part because for some unknown reason the ceiling there had two gypsum boards doubled up).
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