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Before we indulge in this topic, watch me “un-box” my EXO albums haul that I bought from Korea! Oh no, album packaging for korean pop albums are WAY more complicated and interesting than that. Not only was the photocard a “school ID” type, the albums were designed to looked like NOTEBOOKS!
Obviously, it is entirely up to you if you want to get your hands on physical albums of your favorite kpop groups. Thus, the more people buy, the higher their chances in winning no.1 in music shows, which is really BIG for these idols.

There’s just much more excitement in purchasing Kpop albums because there’s more to it than just the cd and the lyrics booklet! Advertorials, Collaborations, InvitationsI'm a huge fan of Korean cosmetic products, fashion, hair dyes, hair treatment, skin care, accessories and all things girly! SM Entertainment albums likes to hide symbols and fancy cryptic writings all over their albums.
While some likes to mystery concepts on their albums, some companies just want to get artistic.
Last and definitely not the least, one of my most favorite artist and also album packaging goes to Kim Junsu’s Tarantallegra.

It gives me that feel of accomplishment when I purchase the album and somehow supported them in the simplest way I can.
They are worth the money they cost because of the well-thought conceptualizing and packaging of the albums.

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