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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Table fans are small electric appliances petite enough to sit on any desk or table, and circulate air evenly through a motor turning a series of blades on a rotating shaft.
If the blistering sun has left you scouting for a robust table-fan that can ventilate your space efficaciously without eating too much of space, the Bajaj Ultima PT-01 Personal Table Fan remains your best bet. The Bajaj Ultima PT-01 Personal Table Fan is an affordably priced strapping and expedient moveable table fan perfect to fill small spaces with a whiff of clean and cool air. In this product power consumption is given in watts but kindly update about the unit of electricity consumption in per hours?
This Bajaj Little Mermaid Disney Fan comes with 70W Power with Complete metal broad 3 blades.
Provided with attractive colours, the Bajaj Little Mermaid Fan has terrific artistic appearance that can be a wise choice for you to keep your children happy in their room.
This Little Mermaid Disney fan of Bajaj comes with 3 complete metal broad blades and scratch proof surface finish. The Bajaj Mermaid Disney Fan comes with super clean, scratch proof finish that remains like new for a long period of time. MelAus PartnersCEILING FANS INDIA ONLINE partnership deed sample pakistan, In india best ceiling fans industrial.

The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. For small shops, cabins and low ceilings a fan with 600 mm sweep is enough and For large halls, auditoriums, offices fan with 1500 mm sweep .
They essentially work in the same way as a ceiling fan or a floor fan, with the spinning blades forcing air ahead of it in a forward direction, creating a cooling effect. The makers offer a nifty array of table fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, wall mounted fans, exhaust fans and fresh air fans. Rotating at an impressive speed of 2300 RPM, this pristine white beauty is ideal to fill your room with a gentle caress of fresh air. Also, it is as quiet as a mouse and is bound to make your cherished summer afternoon siestas truly serene and relaxing. They love to see fairy cartoons and always want to see them around and therefore they even paste stickers on their copies, walls etc. The blades of the fan boasts of attractive pictures of Mermaid and some space is also given to other characters too like Sebastian and Flounder, friends of Little Mermaid, to catch the attention of Kids.
The portable size and ultra-light weight of most table fans allow easy movement and manoeuvring .These fans are also referred to as desk fans or portable fans, and are usually made of either metal or plastic, or a combination of both. Of late, the company has also successfully forayed into the arena of air-circulators, heavy duty exhaust fans (for industrial use) and pumps and motors (for domestic use).

Additionally, the Bajaj Ultima PT-01 Personal Table Fan functions with minimal noise, thus ensuring a calm and tranquil cooling operation. Keeping in mind the children love, Bajaj has introduced its new ceiling fan, which is designed with Disney's Mermaid and other characters of this cartoon show.
The fan has 1200mm of air sweep, which means, it can easily fit in your kids large room ceiling. This fantastic fan comes with complete metal broad blades and super clean, scratch proof surface finish.
Furthermore, the 200mm sweep size makes it ideal for fanning very small areas populated by one or two people at a time.
Bajaj Little Mermaid Disney fan consumes 70 watts of power and requires 220-230 V AC power at 50Hz. Bajaj Little Mermaid Disney fan will not only produce and circulate air appropriately, but also beautifies you kid's room too. Apart from a reliable performer, this beautiful ceiling fan consumes less electricity as compared to other ceiling fans available in the market.

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