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A beautiful pattern of red and pink sakura blossoms is the stand-out theme of this resplendent Asian wall fan. ShippingAll Asian wall fans ship the same or next business day via 2-day priority mail or UPS ground to the U.S.
As direct importers from Asia, we can offer you the best Asian handicrafts at excellent prices, stocked in the US for immediate delivery.
This beautiful hand-painted Chinese wall fan depicts cherry blossoms amid an all-red background, which is symbolic of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. ShippingAll Chinese wall fans ship the same or next business day via 2-day priority mail or UPS ground to the U.S.
The cherry blossom, also known as the sakura, is a floral favorite in Asia and many places around the world.
This captivating Asian wall fan features a motif of red and beige blossoms against an all-black background, creating a beautiful contrast. Just to say a BIG thank you for the speedy delivery of the items I ordered for my son for Christmas. This classic oriental wall fan Handcrafted in bamboo and handpainted on heavy paper.Oriental fans has a history of two thousand years in ancient China. ShippingAll Oriental wall fans ship the same or next business day via 2-day priority mail or UPS ground to the U.S. The all-black background creates a magnificent contrast that really showcases the sakura blossom design. The Chinese were the primary influence in bringing the cherry blossom to Japan, which occurred around 700 AD. The background of the fan is solid black, accentuating the spectacular color of the bamboo and the moon. Hand-painted in the land of smiles (Thailand), each of our Oriental wall fans is truly an original work of art.

The sakura flower is generally considered to be one of the most precious, prized and attractive flowers in Asia.
For the Chinese, the cherry blossom tree represents beauty and the feminine or yin side of life. Red is a very auspicious color in Chinese lore while black is seen as either neutral or the color of heaven.
The large size of this fan spans five feet in length and nearly three feet in height, making it ideal as a centerpiece over a couch, bed or table. They were very prompt in returning the call and extremely helpful and courteous in answering my question.
The Japanese, however, look at the cherry blossom, or sakura, as symbolizing the transient nature of life. Chinese people also believe that fans are good for Feng Shui- the art of placement may bring you good luck.
The smaller size will make a great addition to any bathroom or wall where there is limited space. They decorated their Chinese wall fans with various designs, such as flowers, landscapes, people, dragons, phoenixes and nature scenes. This is due to the short blooming season of the pink cherry blossoms.Additionally, it can be said that the Japanese see the sakura as being a living metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. Our Japanese Autumn fan is painted in the Thai style, which is evident from the brushstrokes - unique to painters of Thailand. This concept has a strong tie-in with Buddhist beliefs and the Japanese call it ?mono no aware? Due to its combination of strength and flexibility it is one of the most resilient plants in nature. While autumn is a season that does not make itself known in Thailand, the winter can cause foliage to turn a brownish color, as is evident in this scene.

Bamboo survive all types of harsh conditions, such as freezing temperatures and hot, humid weather. It means a transient life and a bittersweet feeling for the passing or death of something and was coined in the 18th century. The water is an important element in Asian paintings and can be seen here in the waterfall and meadow. The dramatic blooming of a Japanese cherry blossom flower with its extreme beauty, short life and unfortunate demise have made it something the Japanese like to use in their films, manga, anime, artwork and musical performances.Cherry blossom are celebrated in Japan and are a sign of love, affection, prosperity and good fortune.
So important are sakuras to the Japanese, that during World War II, their pilots would paint them on their planes before embarking on kamikaze missions.
Perhaps that is why the Chinese have included bamboo in many of their architectural structures and art.
The Japanese government told its people that downed soldiers or warriors would reincarnate as beautiful cherry blossom flowers. The material attached to the slats is rayon and acrylic paint is used to design the motif of the fan. Bamboo is also considered, by the Chinese, to be one of the four noble ones, along with the orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum.
The attractive pink cherry blossom tree written about here still continues to dazzle people today. There is little doubt that the sakura tree will remain a favorite of people all over the world and marveled for its brilliant pink flowers.
Most cherry blossoms reach full bloom in early spring and they endure throughout the year in the myriad number of art pieces that portray their stunning beauty.

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