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Smart buy: A view of the electronics market at Ritchie Street in Chennai, in this file photo. The critical difference in the first case is that Anchor came out on top only after fighting a long, expensive and risky battle to weed out fakes and win and retain customer loyalty. Indian-made cables are of a poorer quality, said a trader; besides each of them costs Rs 40.
But what really takes the cake is the buzz in trade circles about the recent surge in the sale of unbranded upper-end Chinese mobiles.

E 90 was additionally equipped with speakers, GPRS and the ability to send and receive e-mails. Yet, incredibly, the word on the street is that though it is still too early to arrive at firm conclusions about prospects, mobile shops on Ritchie Street are doing a brisk business in Chinese mobiles, because you can buy for Rs 2,700 an unbranded Chinese equivalent of a warrantied Nokia model costing Rs 12,000.What about quality differences? A couple of computer vendors on Ritchie street (the shops on which are tightly segmented across product categories such as computers, mobiles, dish TV, VCDs) believe that there are no significant differences between the Nokia and Chinese mobiles, either in the quality of the product - or in the quality of anyway-notional ‘after sales services’! Well, they might not, but the sales tax people have serious problems with it.Whether unbilled (or billed) versions of unbranded Chinese mobiles will stay the course is an open question.

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