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Product Information: Indicate which products you need price or information for, please include the Part# and the quantity. You'll find a removable cover on top of the case with mounting holes and a fan grill pattern to accommodate as many as four 120 mm fans. Corsair installs a Hong Chen fan at the back of the case, which looks similar to the company's AF140, but isn't quite as high-quality. What Corsair does 100% correctly is decoupling its fan from the chassis, right from the factory, using rubber grommets.
The purpose of these lids is obvious: they facilitate quick access to installed hardware without needed to remove the massive side panels.
You have option to remove the Four plastic mounting pegs, or leave them on throughout the entire modification process. Using Jigsaw with 18 TPI bi-metal cutting blade to remove the center of the plate you measured out. You'll need to wear Latex gloves, when using the ScotchWeld DP-190.*You can manually push the two cylinders of Epoxy in DP-190 Cartridge onto a piece of cardboard.
I'm painting the backside of the mesh first, starting with coat of SEM brand self etching primer. You can use this technique to attach Modder's Mesh to create cooling vents in other panels. So we played around with different test pieces until we nailed down the right steps to mill the factory plate without splintering or cracking the plastic panel on the back.

If you want a cheap keyboard that serves well for gaming and looks somewhat impressive, this is a great solution. Rather then have the hotswap bays or silly dual fan space, the front will be able to house 3 120mm fans and also provide spacing for a triple 120 radiator for watercooling - what the 800D was all about.
The entire front of the case will once again be removable just like it's predecessor and have a beautiful black finish(although not colored black in image). In honor of Memorial Day today, I've made a video of my this project as tribute case mod to WWII Memphis Belle Bomber with help from my friends, Frickin Bill, Anthony Reynolds and FannBlade.
Behind that, but in front of the coolers, you'll find a hinged air filter that snaps open and shut. The lids are hollow, which means that they can suck air from the bottom into the case, as long as the enclosure's interior pressure is lower than the outside pressure.
I prefer not to mount additional fans or radiators there, as air flow through the bare fabric is rather negligible. Too bad the 900D is still unavailable in France (at least a 2-3 weeks wait), it looks like the case to own.
It's removed for accessing and cleaning the Corsair 900D's three 120mm front cooling fans and filter. You'll want to remove the masking tape, so you can better view your progress with the file. This is to help prevent any ScotchWeld DP-190 epoxy from running off the Modders Mesh onto the plate.

I wanted to make something with more watercooling capability then any previous corsair case. I was going to go for the exact one with the 120mm fan, but instead I went with an 80mm fan to only tie up 2 bays. The correct way to remove this cover is moving it from left to right, ignoring significant friction that might suggest you're doing it wrong, until the cover pops off.
Similar in appearance to Corsair's excellent AF120, I'm adding them to my replacement list as well.
You can also install radiators for liquid cooling in the lids, though the designated mounts for those are found up on top of the case. Don't try to lift the piece up without first sliding it over to the right; the plastic hooks will shear off otherwise. Again, the fan does exactly what it's supposed to, I'm just very particular about acoustics. With that said, I've seen plenty of premium vendors bundle junk fans with expensive cases, and I wouldn't call the Obsidian 900D's fans junk. If you try to reduce the speed of a poorly-built fan with a controller, its air flow falls to nothing.

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