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Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #1 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and Switches. There are a multitude of ceiling fan manufacturers and there are as many methods of ceiling fan light combination wiring. Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #2 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and Two Switches. The replacement of a four-wire ceiling fan switch is a very How to Wire a 3-Speed Ceiling-Fan Switch. A ceiling fan requires a neutral wire (white), a ground wire (green), a hot wire for the fan When wiring a ceiling fan for use with a remote control, My experience with the multipurpose switches If you go to HomeDepot to purchase a 4-wire switch. This fixture on the Hunter fan is controlled with pull chains or a remote that mounts at the wall switch but is mobile.
How can empty sockets read 0.1V OFF, then change to 8.0V when an LED is screwed into one socket? Another possibility is that you have a dimmer for the lighting side of the ceiling fan and it is giving you wonky voltage readings.. My opinion is that your neutral is being made through one of the incandescent lamps therefore you are seeing no voltage being dropped across hot and neutral because you have no path to neutral when the lamps are not installed. I have been known to check for voltage with the back lead wirenutted to a known grounded conductor somewhere else.
Additionally you might want to take the hunter remote fan control out of the picture and then see what things look like. Apparently the receiver is hidden in the fan body, it’s not in the area where the wiring for the light kit is.
Can I just hook the light module direct to black and white and be done with the remote unit? When you get to a computer you can view the pic in it’s original size and see everything in detail. The capacitor that I removed is laying beside the light kit on top of the case for my cordless screwdriver. The Hunter fan is model 23928, but I cannot find any schematics or diagrams that are helpful. I tried the wiring diagram I asked about on the picture…direct wiring the light to the black and white wires from the connector.

Went into the connector with my DMM and got a 9V reading on what was supposed to be the light wiring, Red and White. And while I’m being so careful, constantly being careful what I touched and keeping wire nuts on the wires I disassembled I got all the wiring done and went to put a light it the socket with the light kit hanging and the light came on! There’s a different capacitor on the fan, does the one I took off the light kit interfere with the fan’s operation by it not being there? In the area under the fan that houses the light switch, there is also a fan switch…pullchain. I need to know how to wire two ceiling fans together in the same Do it yourself wiring diagrams for a ceiling fan with light kit.
I put one of the LEDs in the fixture opposite the incan bulb and it truly is a very close equal to that bulb.
This light has always been sort of odd in that any flicker of the electricity from a storm or whatever and the light comes on, possibly the fan.
One incan and one LED burn fine together and it’s hard to tell which is which with the diffuser on. The house was built by my dad in 72, all electric and wired by a company that dad used in all the houses he built…and he built a LOT, for over 35 years. The wireless remote only activates the sensor within the fan housing, how could it be any different?
It (the case) has a red tag on it which happens to be right beside the red wire that was cut. Nothing shows anything that might be that receiver, just the bare wires running through the vertical tube and connecting at the junction box. Stick a candle in there or something lol But seriously, I’m heading in there with my DMM again to check the connector and see what’s what.
The fan hums loud (hi) sort of loud (med) and barely audible (lo) but will not run in any speed. 4-Wire Fan Switch – 16 results like the SATCO 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Brass, Ceiling fan switch wiring.
Westinghouse 77021 Ceiling Fan Switches 3 Speed 4 Wire Unfortunately the only way to match up the wiring configuration was to take note of the original wiring If you want to install a ceiling fan but don't know how, Cover each connection with a wire nut.
When a ceiling fan stops working 9 times out of 10 it is usually the ceiling fan I need to know the wiring for a westinghouse ceiling fan.

There are 2 CBB61 resistors in there, or there were, I took out the one that’s inline on the light kit. Or, (thinking as I proceed here) could the receiver be at the ceiling where the fan connects to the house wiring? The white wire on the capacitor was in the orange wire nut with the white wire from the light, the white wire from the reverse switch, and the white wire main lead for a total of 4 white wires in the orange wire nut.
I even wised up a wee bit at some point in the day and put deck shoes on…had been standing on an aluminum stepladder barefoot messing with this dang light. First thing, while the incan was burning by itself with an empty socket opposing it, the LED will not burn with the opposing socket empty.
I wired up a new fluorescent fixture on the other end of the house 2 days ago and the direct power leads (Romex) were reading 123V. I pulled the one on the lighting side and am considering a direct wiring connection for the light.
I removed the capacitor and connected the white light wire to the red wire from the quick-release plug that goes to the receiver.
Unless it’s a ramping feature that works if you hold it down…it’s been in there for several years and we’ve never had it dim on us, even when my kiddo played with the remote. So I went shopping for candelabra base LEDs that are the equivalent of 25 watt incandescent bulbs. Not much way for me to mess up the installation, black to black and white to white, not any other choices. I didnt have a wiring diagram and the previous switch had fallen apart and the wires were out.
I did find some Utilitech Pro bulbs styled like the ones I’m replacing at Lowe’s that are 4 watt 2700K. And for more weirdness, replace one of the LEDs with the incan and there’s no glowing when off.

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