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This 2 Speed Fan Control Switch allows fan control between Low Speed, High Speed and OFF for Master Flow Whole House Fans (NOT WHFTAN1 Model). This question is from 2 Speed Fan Control Switch 1 answer dose this come in ivory color ?
This question is from 2 Speed Fan Control Switch 1 answer could this used for Master Flow roof fan? Please call out Technical Services Group at 800-211-9612, M-F 8-5 ET, with any assistance needed. When over-heated air in your home or attic is vented and fresh air is pulled in to replace it, that’s air exchange. Two of the most widely used are the attic fan and whole-house fan.An attic fan, which costs less than $100 at most hardware stores, draws hot air out of the home and discharges it to the exterior.
In either case, the fan requires an electrical circuit, and more than one fan can be installed depending on the volume of air involved.
You cool your home and attic at the same time, and get added benefit of fresh air.The louvered-shutter intake system of a whole-house fan is typically installed in the attic floor at a central location of the home such as a hall.

Before buying a fan, estimate the volume of living space in your house so you know how much air the fan will have to circulate.
So a house that has 12,800 cubic feet of space will need a fan with a rating of 4,224 CFM.Your attic may already have some roof vents, but with a whole house fan you may have to add more. The WhisperLites can ventilate up to 190 cubic feet of air a minute, or a room up to 500 square feet, depending on the model.
They work by drawing air from open windows in the house into the attic, where it is released through enlarged vents to the exterior. The air flow in the house can be controlled by the number and location of open windows, as well as the speed of the fan, which usually has several settings. ATTIC FANS: Attic fans, mounted on the roof, keep the home cooler by reducing the temperature of trapped warm air in the attic. If the attic is cooler, the house temperature will be lower and air conditioners will not have to work nearly as hard.
These fans are inexpensive and run by a thermostat which turns the fan on automatically whenever the attic temperature goes up.

ATTIC VENTILATION: Drafty attics, not drafty houses, make for very efficient heating and cooling.
In fact, a well-ventilated attic should be as close to the outside air temperature as possible.
The ridge vent, mounted along the entire peak of the roof, will allow trapped warm air and moisture to escape to the outside. To make this happen however, lower vents must be added at the soffit, which is at the underside of the roof overhang.

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