How to bet on hockey

How to bet on hockey

Hardly meet a true hockey fan who has never bet on 22bet on his favorite team. Additional charge of emotions, excitement, adrenaline and, as a rule, financial losses over a long distance. In order to make a profit, the first thing to do is to give up betting on your favorites. And the rest of the recommendations on how to bet on hockey and win are collected in this material.


Features of betting on hockey

In betting on hockey, as well as in betting on any other sport, there are a large number of nuances. Consider the key features of hockey that deserve attention when playing in betting shops.

Willful victories are common in hockey. The current advantage of the team is not yet a reason to bet a large sum on it in play. It is possible that the losing opponent will get angry, gather his strength, and then throw a few pucks.

Bets are usually accepted without taking into account overtime, this is the difference between hockey and basketball. But there are exceptions. Be sure to find out before betting whether overtime will be taken into account in calculating the result.

Games are played quite often, so you can make objective statistics. For example, after several away games the team usually gets tired, so the probability of winning is reduced. Sometimes before a principal game, the team can save strength, and the factor of its field significantly increases the chances of winning.

For a quality pre-match analysis of the team's form, you need to take into account injuries and disqualifications of individual players, the success of away games, the statistics of personal meetings and the factor of "uncomfortable opponent".

In hockey, the goalie can be replaced by a sixth field player, this feature attracts a lot of fans and keeps the intrigue of the match. It is necessary to take this feature into account when betting in play.

In hockey, there are bets on long-term statistics, such as winning the NHL. Sometimes it is not difficult to predict the outcome of the championship, and the odds can be very decent.


The main types of bets on hockey

Hockey is the second sport after soccer in terms of the width of the spread, which can also be attributed to the advantages and features of this sport described above. Below I will look at the main types of hockey bets in bookmakers.


Bets on penalty time

Betting on penalty time in hockey is betting on the number of penalties in a match. Variety of bets on this statistic bookmakers offer a lot: the main outcome, double odds, total penalties total, penalty time handicap, individual total, outcome and total by period; whether there will be a 5-minute suspension, mutual suspension and others.


Betting on both goals

In hockey, this bet is not as popular as in soccer because of the low odds, since it is not often that there are matches where one of the teams does not score the puck. However, the attractiveness of the bet greatly increases if you bet on "both score" in a single period.


Betting on a draw

The world outcome in hockey is not uncommon. Yes, the percentage of draws is much lower than in soccer, but also noticeably higher compared to basketball. It is worth noting that not all bookmakers accept bets on the draw - only on the victory of one of the teams, and if at the end of three periods will be fixed a draw result, it is registered return bets with odds 1.


Outcome Bets

Betting on the outcome means the line 1-X-2, that is the market where there is a "draw" position, indicated by X. So, if a player bet on the victory of the hosts, P1, and the match ended in a draw with the victory of the hosts in overtime or by shootout, the bet will be a loser. In this case, it is required to win in regular game time.


Betting on hockey with overtime

When the line has the form 1-2, it means that it is a two-way event without a draw. Such a market is usually called Moneyline (moneyline). The player can bet either on the victory of the first team - P1, or on the victory of the second - P2. To win a bet it is necessary that the chosen team wins the game, it does not matter how - in regular time, in overtime or by shootout.

Does overtime count in hockey betting? Every novice player who wants to bet on hockey needs to know that there are different types of bets on the winner - including overtime/bullets and on the outcome of the main time without taking into account overtime and shootouts.

Remember a simple rule: if the market consists of two outcomes, bets are accepted taking into account overtime and shootouts, and if there is a position with a draw - overtime is not taken into account.


Betting on handicaps

A handicap or Asian handicap is an advanced version of betting on a win, only with a certain preponderance. The handicap can take a positive or negative value.


If it is a plus handicap, it is necessary that the selected team does not lose with a difference that is greater than the set handicap. For example, f2(+1.5) - the bet will play if the second team does not lose with a difference of more than one puck. Suppose the final score is 5:4. Add the handicap and we get 5:5.5.


Bets on total

Total in hockey is the number of goals scored. The main market is the total more or less. Bookmaker offers a certain value, for example, 4.5, and the player should predict whether there will be more or less goals in the match. Bets are denoted as TB(4.5) and TM(4.5). There are also bets on individual totals - the performance of a particular team.

In betting on hockey statistics the total refers to the number of shots, penalties and other indicators depending on the selected market. In brief, the total is always the number, the total total.


Even and odd bets

A subspecies of betting on the total - it is necessary to predict whether the total will be even or odd in a match or a separate period. By and large, even or odd is purely a lottery, although many bettors are trying to study statistics and track patterns.


Additional coverage

Besides the above mentioned bets, there are other types of bets in the additional coverage of online bookmakers: exact score of the match or period, first goal, last goal, combined options like P1+TB(4.5). In addition, long-term bets on the winner of the tournament and others are also accepted.