HCL Campaign SOAP API Overview

The HCL® Campaign SOAP API specification defines version 3.0 of the Application Programming Interface, also referred to as CampaignServices. This specification is delivered as part of the CampaignServices Software Developer's Tookit (devkits) installed with HCL Campaign.

The <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/devkits/CampaignServicesAPI directory that is provided by the installer includes examples, build and text scripts, Javadoc for public classes and interfaces, and release notes.

The CampaignServices SOAP API is designed to:
  • Provide fine-grained create, discovery, read, and update access to HCL Campaign components, while insulating clients from underlying implementation details.
  • Work along side the existing HCL Campaign user interface with minimal effects.
  • Guarantee the validity of data.
  • Meet the required security services of HCL Campaign.
  • Support industry-standard SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), including secure authentication.