Trigger administration

HCL® Campaign allows you to define inbound and outbound triggers that can be used in all flowcharts in a partition.

Best practice is to provide trigger-level rights, such as Run triggers, only to restricted privileged users. Trigger permissions are available under Global Policy or by creating a custom role and adding that permission to it.

The trigger runs in the context of the user that runs the Campaign listener. Therefore, the user from whose login the Campaign listener is executed must have:

  • restricted access to system files/ directories
  • restricted execution rights on system level commands

Stored procedures are run with the same privileges as the user. Therefore, the Campaign administrator should judiciously provide the add/edit stored procedure to users who need to perform this activity.

Note: For performance advantages, use the HCL Marketing Software Scheduler to send triggers to Campaign. To learn more about the Scheduler, see the HCL Marketing Platform Administrator's Guide.