Quick start: How to build flowcharts in HCL Campaign

Quickly learn how to use the flowchart workspace, see examples of flowcharts, and learn how to add, connect, and configure processes in a flowchart.

You want to See

See a complete list of flowchart topics

Designing flowcharts

Managing flowcharts

Learn what each process does and get instructions on how to configure a process

List of Campaign processes

See examples of flowcharts

Example: Contact and response flowcharts

Quickly learn how to use the flowchart workspace, toolbar, and menus

Flowchart workspace overview

Adjust flowchart layout

Adjusting flowchart layout

Add a process to a flowchart

Adding processes to flowcharts

Connect process boxes to control data flow

Connecting processes in flowcharts

Align process boxes

Aligning process boxes

Annotate a flowchart

Annotating flowcharts

Do a test or production run of a process, branch, or flowchart

Testing and running flowcharts

Learn about session flowcharts

Session flowcharts