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As I said, I’ve started to implement various protocols that I learned about while in Austin, TX last month.
As I mentioned in my previous post on Paleo FX, I was able to speak with Dr Jack Kruse about using cold thermogenesis (CT from here on out) to help in my quest to treat my epilepsy without the use of medication. Every morning within 30 minutes of rising, I have been eating a large, protein and fat laden breakfast, usually containing at a minimum of 50g of protein and around the same amount of fat.
After my large ketogenic breakfast, in the style of Tim Ferriss from his chapter on CT in The 4 Hour Body, I have been taking cold showers for 10 minutes. For the past few weeks it’s been relatively cold here in LA (high of 55 degrees on some days), so I’ve also made it a point to wear as little clothing as possible (shorts, t shirt and flip flops) and drive with my vent turned to cold on full blast with the windows down. At night after work, I started with the face plunges in cold water that Dr Kruse talks about. I also started utilizing ice packs strapped to my torso (while wearing a compression shirt)  for about 20 minutes at first and over time lasting up to an hour. In order to get my bathtub to below 60 degrees, I found that I needed about 30-40 lbs of ice as well as a few frozen ice packs and frozen water bottles.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m definitely feeling a positive difference since starting the CT and Ketogenic Paleo regimen. I know I mentioned that I don’t have a bathroom scale at my house so I’m using my weigh ins when I visit my doctor. One more thing to note is that since I’ve been utilizing CT, my persistent ankle injury has less chronic pain. 4)      Full Thyroid Panel- A balanced thyroid is critical for fertility.  Even suboptimal levels can present problems with becoming pregnant. 5)      Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- For this, the doctor must check your free testosterone levels, total testosterone levels, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S) levels, and fasting insulin and glucose levels. As you are going through these tests, please keep in mind that the health of the father-to-be is a factor as well.  Make sure he also visits a physician for appropriate testing.
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The first spine x-ray shows slight narrowing of the L5-S1 intervertebral space without other significant abnormality. The second spine x-ray, done one month later, shows a small exacerbation of the intervertebral narrowing at L5-S1 with slight sclerosis of the vertebral plateau.MRI was suggested because of the symptoms (fever and backpain) to rule out spondylodiscitis. This diagnosis was suggested on the base of plain films (progressive narrowing of the intervertebral disc space).
This finding is probably related to medullary reconversion in responses to the infectious process.

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